Convert cassette to MP3 using these 5 software to save your favorite music

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convert cassette MP3 software
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People from the cassette era would have never imagined that one day they would need to convert their favorite records using a cassette to MP3 software. Just like a popular music format in the current times, cassettes were the leading music format back then.

The  advancement of technology, brought a complete metamorphosis to the entire music scenario. Cassettes transformed into digitalized versions and that gave rise to the digital audio files.

Soon the audio cassettes were taken over by MP3s, and the latest with USB drives and external hard disks. So, how to protect the priceless audio cassettes? Well, the cassettes can be converted to MP3 format so that the favorite records can be played in future. Although the original cassettes can be saved, they can’t be preserved for long. Therefore, a digital copy of the songs becomes a must.

There was a time when the converting the cassettes to MP3 was not an easy task, but as technology evolved, even that is possible now. There are dedicated apps that can easily convert the cassette tapes to MP3 format either using a computer, or a USB flash drive. Here is a list of a some of the best cassette to MP3 software for your review.

What software can I use to convert cassette to MP3?

NCH Software

Top convert cassette to MP3 software

NCH software is one of the leading technologies in the category of audio, video, and business. The company offers different software for different needs, and the Golden Records Vinyl and Cassettes to MP3 or CD is one of them.

This software allows users to convert their favorite cassettes to CD or MP3 format with the help of Windows or Mac computer. It’s a user-friendly software that ensures your classic favorites sound their best using restoration tools that automatically clean-up broken audio.

Among its other major features are:

  • Extracts hiss, clicks, and pops from old or damaged tapes;
  • Adjust the volume of the audio while converting to CD;
  • Implement dc offset correction while converting analog to MP3;
  • User-friendly wizard automatically identifies silence to help break audio into tracks;
  • Eliminates the need of pre-amplifier and replaces the same with phono RIAA eq;
  • Encodes cassettes to MP3 or wave formats;
  • Transfers to portable devices like PSP, or iPhone;
  • Allows users to edit tracks and create custom audio mix.

The software works with all major platforms including Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, and tablets.

Price: starts from $9.99.

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Magix/Sound Forge

Top convert cassette to MP3 software

Experience advanced audio editing with Sound Forge (by Magix) that offers state-of-the-art technology, 64-bit fuelled efficiency, and flawless high-definition audio. The software is known for its art of digital audio manufacture.

With some robust editing tools, quick processing ability, and cutting-edge workflows, it’s a converter worth a try.

For those who want to convert tapes to MP3 files or CD, Sound Forge audio studio is the solution. It generates high-definition, 32-bit audio, and allows users to boost using more than 30 professional filters and effects. Users can also digitize, repair, or rebuild the cassettes to create MP3 files or CDs. The easy to use software is specially designed to create audio with ease.

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Leawo Music Recorder

Top convert cassette to MP3 software

Leawo Music Recorder is one of the leading music recorders that offers the easiest and safest method to record music and audio on Windows. This is also a powerful cassette to MP3 converter.

The software comes along with a host of handy features like recording Task scheduler, automatic addition song album cover, and more that’s a boon for the music lovers.

Among its other main features are:

  • Records any audio file from computer storage and from online channels like AOL Music, YouTube, etc.;
  • Records various in-built audio files such as, Realtek Digital Input, Realtek HD, and more;
  • Schedule audio recording using the built-in task scheduler;
  • Breaks or filter songs automatically based on pre-set time range;
  • Adds the cover of the music album, artists, and song name, automatically;
  • Manages and edits recorded audio streams;
  • Adds recorded music files to iTunes in single click.

Leawo Music Recorder works on Mac and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Price: Free trial available. Full version available at $19.99.

Roxio LP to MP3

Top convert cassette to MP3 software

Roxio LP to MP3 is another great convert cassette to MP3 software that offers all that you need to clean up and convert your cassette audio from LPs to MP3s, easily. It makes converting the cassettes to MP3s in digitized versions a breeze.

Music fanatics can now leverage the benefits of this software to record music albums, and even cassettes or internet radio to their PC.

Moreover, users can also delete any unnecessary noise from the audio (clean audio) and convert it to MP3 files, and for other devices like iPhone, iPad, iTunes, or CDs.

Some of its significant features include:

  • Records from LPs and cassettes to different audio formats, viz., MP3, WMA, Audio CD or MP3 CD;
  • Splits and names audio tracks automatically;
  • Enhances experience by removing hiss, pops, and clicks;
  • Implements special effects with effects like digital hall, fade in/out, etc.;
  • Boosts audio quality using 10-channel graphic equalizer.

Complete cable kit included, Roxio is perfect for music lovers to help them enjoy their favorite numbers.

Price: $49.99 with 30-days money back guarantee.

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i-Sound Recorder

Top convert cassette to MP3 software

i-Sound Recorder is an effective and direct cassette to MP3 software, specially designed for Windows 7 and Windows 10. It allows users to record music for as long as upto 3hours for each recording file.

Best of all, it can be run alongside other software, helping users to record audio as they continue working on the system.

Some of its other features include:

  • Uses default playback of the PC to record audio directly;
  • Allows users to record in top-quality HD music and store it in FLAC format;
  • Supports recording modes upto 96kHz/24-bit;
  • Saves free space on hard drive with real-time audio compression to the highly popular formats such as, MP3, OGG, and WMA, and in loseless formats such as, WAV, APE and FLAC;
  • Automatic scheduling of recording at pre-set time.

Voice activated recording, automatic gain control, and automatic naming systems are among the other mentionable features.

Price: Free to try; $29.95.

Cassettes are a priceless for those in who nurture music as a passion. So, if you want to keep your passion for classics alive, preserve them by using any of these efficient and powerful cassette to MP3 software.


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