ChakraCore: Everything you need to know about it

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What is ChakraCore?

ChakraCore is a part of the Chakra JavaScript engine that is used in Microsoft Edge and Windows applications written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ChakraCore supports JIT compilation of JavaScript, garbage collection and other latest JavaScript features.

What is chakracore.dll?

Chakracore.dll is a Microsoft Chakra file and it’s usually used by Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. This is a Win32 DLL file, and since it’s developed by Microsoft, it doesn’t pose any security risk to your PC.

How to use ChakraCore?

why use chakracore

To use ChakraCore, you’ll need the following files:

  • ChakraCore.h, ChakraCommon.h, ChakraCommonWindows.h and ChakraDebug.h from the libjsrt directory. These are called headers.
  • ChakraCore.lib and ChakraCore.dll from the BuildVcBuildbin[platform+output] directory

If you’re a C# user, then you’ll only need ChakraCore.dll.

To use ChakraCore with C++ projects in Visual Studio, do the following:

  1. Copy the headers into your project.
  2. Include #include “ChakraCore.h” in your project.
  3. In Visual Studio, go to Your Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies.
  4. Now add a reference to lib.
  5. Copy ChakraCore.dll to the output directory for your project.

To use ChakraCore in C# projects, do the following:

  1. Copy dll to the project output directory.
  2. Use PInvoke to call JSRT APIs.

Why use ChakraCore?

ChakraCore allows you to use the React Native framework on Universal Windows Platform. This is incredibly useful for web developers that want to develop Universal Windows Platform apps.

ChakraCore vs V8

ChakraCore offers better performance on some workloads and better standard support in some cases. In addition, there’s better ES6 support.

ChakraCore also has a smart and high-performance interpreter with intelligent heuristics. This Interpreter can determine if your code needs to be compiled or interpreted. In addition, this interpreter is faster and it uses less memory, so it’s perfect for low-end devices.

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