How to change the resolution in Paint 3D?

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If you’re wondering if you can change the resolution in Paint 3D and how to do it, you found the perfect article.

Resizing your images in Paint 3D is a very important feature to have. You can use this to reduce the size or increase the size.

The latter option is applicable when you want to reach a set resolution that can be accepted by print shops.

In this article, we will tell you exactly how to do this. Please follow the steps we presented here and let us know if you found this guide helpful.

Here’s how to change resolution in Paint 3D

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1. Inside Windows Explorer -> navigate to the location of the image you want to modify.
2. Right-click the image and select -> Open with.. -> Paint 3D (this will automatically set the canvas size to the size of your image).
3. This will open your image inside Paint 3D.
4. Click the Canvas button found in the taskbar in the upper part of your screen.
5. From the menu that appears on the right-side -> enable the options Lock aspect ratio, and Resize image with canvas. (the Lock aspect ratio box should be ticked only if you want to keep the proportions of your image as they were originally).
6. Modify the values either manually by dragging the squares from the corners of your image, or select a specific width and height by modifying the values in the respective boxes.

Note: You can also select if you want your image size to be calculated in Pixels or Percentages by clicking the drop-down menu inside the Resize canvas section.

Need to resize an image in Paint 3D? Here’s how to do it


These are the most efficient steps you need to take in order to change the resolution of your images inside Paint 3D, on Windows 10.

We would love to know if this guide managed to make you understand how the resizing process works inside Paint 3D.


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