Intel drivers are ready for Windows 10 May 2019 Update

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Intel recently rolled out new graphics driver updates for the 64-bit version of Windows 10 v1903. The company released these updates in order to avoid another October 2018 Update bug episode.

Last year, many Windows 10 users who tried to install the latest OS version update experienced some really nasty issues with Intel drivers.

Intel DCH Drivers version

The latest Intel driver update addresses some major problems introduced by the previous release. Users reported they experienced graphics anomalies while playing various game titles.

Intel addressed the issue for three popular games including Arma 3, Dreamfall the Longest Journey, and Re-Legion.

Secondly, the company also fixed a bug with Devil May Cry 5. The bug was causing crashes and hangs for gamers while playing the title with DX11.

Last but not least, some users reported an error message while playing Rise of the Tomb Raider with DX12

As always, the update came with some issues of its own. Intel acknowledged that gamers who play Apex Legends, Generation Zero, Devil May Cry 5 (DX12) and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (DX12) may experience some minor graphics anomalies.

Furthermore, World War Z (Vulkan) and Anno 1800 (DX12) may cause hangs or crashes. Your videos may get corrupted if you are using Cyberlink screen recorder.

Intel upgrade block in place

The majority of Windows 10 users reported audio issues because of the Intel Smart Sound Technology driver version Furthermore, Microsoft avoided some major problems caused by the graphics drivers by putting an upgrade block in place.

Microsoft has yet to remove the upgrade block for systems that are running versions of Intel display drivers. According to Microsoft, some OEMs accidentally received these drivers.

Microsoft warned users to expect audio playback issues after installing these drivers. The bug affected Windows 10 users who connected their PC to a television or monitor with the help of a DisplayPort, HDMI or USB-C cable.

Intel released the new drivers to address audio playback issues. However, the tech giant will not release an update for PCs running the October update.

Download Intel Graphics Driver

You can visit Intel’s website if you want to download the latest driver versions. Unlike previous versions, this time Intel launched both the .zip and .exe formats at the same time.



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