How to set up a Dropbox slideshow

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  • Dropbox has plenty of built-in tools besides the fact of being a cloud storage tool.
  • For example, the guide below will show you how to create a slideshow using the files of your Dropbox.
  • For more great tutorials like the one below, check out our dedicated Dropbox Guides hub.
  • If cloud apps are what interest you, then why not visit our Storage page as well?
dropbox slideshow
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Dropbox is one of the world’s foremost cloud storage services. Paper is a Dropbox feature that enables users to set up and edit documents within the web app.

The Paper editor includes a Present option with which you can display basic image slideshows with captions within Dropbox. Then you can flick through your picture slides within the presentation.

How do I create a Slideshow on Dropbox?

  1. To set up a slideshow, first open Dropbox within a browser.
  2. Next, click Paper on the left side of the Dropbox tab.
    Create Paper doc button dropbox slideshow
  3. Click the Create Paper doc button.
  4. Then enter a title for the slideshow document, and press the Return key.
    A slideshow title dropbox slideshow
  5. Left-click the mouse to open the toolbar shown directly below.
    The Paper toolbar dropbox slideshow
  6. Press the Add images button.
  7. Select an image to add to the document.
  8. Click the Open button to add the image to document.
  9. Click under the image to add a caption to it.
  10. Repeat the previous four steps to add multiple images to the document with captions.
  11. To add images from Unsplash, click Add media on the Paper toolbar.
    Add media button dropbox slideshow
  12. Click Unsplash on the media window.
    Media window dropbox slideshow
  13. Enter a keyword to search for images with.
  14. Select an Unsplash image to add to the presentation.
  15. Click the Add to doc button.
  16. To adjust image alignment, right-click a picture within the document to open the toolbar in the shot directly below.
    Alignment options dropbox slideshow
  17. Then you can select Full Width, Left align, Right align, and Center options for an image.
  18. You can add horizontal rules between pictures by typing in the document for each slidebreak position.
    Horizontal rule between images dropbox slideshow
  19. When you’ve finished adding pictures, click the More button to open the menu shown directly below.
    The More button dropbox slideshow
  20. Click Present to open a new tab that displays document.
  21. Click the Enter fullscreen mode button shown directly below to expand the display.
    Enter fullscreen mode option dropbox slideshow
  22. Then press the Space keyboard key to flick through the document’s pictures in slideshow fashion.
  23. You can also switch the slideshow to dark mode by clicking the Enable dark mode button at the top right of the window.
  24. You can share the slideshow presentation when it’s done.
    • To do so, click the Share button.The sharing options dropbox slideshow
  25. Enter an email address to share the presentation with in the To box.
  26. Select the Can view option.
  27. You can enter an optional message in the Add a message box.
  28. Press the Share button.

So, that’s how you can set up a picture slideshow with Dropbox’s presentation mode. Dropbox only includes very basic options for slideshows. However, setting up presentations within DB Paper documents is still a quick and straightforward way to showcase your favorite photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dropbox is a free cloud-based storage service that you can use to keep your files safe without filling your own disk space. You can get similar results by also getting a bigger HDD.

  • Dropbox is available in 3 different subscription models, one of which is free-of-charge.

  • The free version of Dropbox offers less storage space than Google Drive, but the transfer speed in Dropbox is a bit higher, so it all boils down to what you want. Despite this, both as some of the best cloud storage services in the world.

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