What email clients can I use with BT Internet?

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Key notes

  • If you're tired of the limited features offered by your favorite email client and want to use your BT internet address, you need the best software options.
  • Our first solution is an email client software for Windows that has a very sleek and user-friendly UI.
  • Another great email app allows you to integrate it with several types of email accounts.
  • You can also choose an email client software that gives you excellent spam filtering services.
Email clients- for BT internet

Have you even wondered if there is any way to use your BT Internet with other email clients?  If the answer is yes, then you are in luck. In this article, we will explore exactly this idea.

The reasons for which you would like to use your preferred email client to use the BT Internet address are varied. You could just have gotten bored with the limited features on offer, maybe you want an UI that’s more user friendly or you might do it just out of practicality.

It is far more efficient to use a downloadable email client because of the advantages that this type of software presents, such as:

  • You can back up your emails to a local storage
  • You can access the email information from a PC that is not connected to the Internet
  • Better looking user interface with easily understandable options
  • Faster processing speeds
  • Quick-view features that offer easy access
  • You can assign different keyboard shortcuts, labels, and color codes to any email

Let’s explore some of the best software options available on the market that allow you to use BT Internet account with your preferred email software.

Top 4 email clients to use with BT Internet


MailBird - email clients for BT internet

Mailbird is a great email client software for Windows that has a very good looking and easy to understand user interface, filled with a great range of useful features, all packed into one small install package.

By using the dashboard found in Mailbird, you get easy access to all of the features easily, while you can also modify the way the main screen looks and reacts to your actions. This app works with a wide range of email providers, and it is also compatible with the email from BT Internet.

Because of the introduction of POP3 support on Mailbird, you can connect a wide range of compatible email providers to it, some of them are : O2, AT&T, BT Connect, BT Openworld, and BT Internet.

You can find more information regarding how POP3 email account works with Mailbird, you can visit this page.

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In order to streamline the process of sorting through a large number of emails daily, you can use Mailspring to customize the keyboard controls. These controls will surely help you reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, and it even allows you to drag and drop elements.

By just touching a few keys on your keyboard, you have the power to manage every aspect of your email client, from creating emails to sorting them, and getting comprehensive delivery reports.

One of the best features of this email client is the fact that you can easily read, reply, and sort through a large number of emails by simply using the pup-up features of Mailspring.

Every time you want to access the information from an email you received, you can use the amazingly useful pop-up feature that gives you quick access to the information, without having to open separate tabs.

Editor's choice
mailbird mail client app logo
  • Social Media Integration
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Free Version Available

Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook - email client for BT Internet

MS Outlook is another great email app that is fully compatible with BT internet accounts. You can easily integrate it with many types of email accounts. It also offers you great spam filtering services, large inbox storage, and social media integration.

Even though Outlook is known for being part of the Microsoft Office suite, they have a free email option available as well.

One of the best features of this software is the fact that it supports incredibly large attachments, and also offers you 1TB of inbox storage. This can help you in many situations in which you need to share a big file with somebody and don’t want to use any other third party software.

Another useful feature of Outlook is the fact that it allows you to import contact information from your social media accounts with ease. This feature saves you time because you don’t have to manually copy them.

Instead of signing into one email at a time, you can use Outlook to import a wide range of email addresses and have access to them directly from one screen.

As in the case of the software options we presented you above, Outlook also allows you to organize your emails by the use of coloured tags and names, and then easily search through them based on any features.

In case you don’t know how to add a BT Internet account to your Outlook software, you can visit this step by step guide.

Download Microsoft Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozzila Thunderbird - email client for small business/ for BT internet

Thunderbird is another great email client software that was designed to look and work in the same way the Mozilla Firefox internet explorer does. You can use tabs for quick access to any information, and can be used with an unlimited number of email accounts – BT Internet, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

By using this software you get the option of customizing the user interface to show you only the information you need, and you can also choose from a wide range of plug-ins available for free download on the Mozilla store.

Because it is a downloadable email client, Thunderbird allows you to back up your entire email database, address book, calendar and customer information on your PC or local storage option of your choice.

This allows you to access all emails even without an internet connection, and also ensures that you are never at risk of losing your important email information.

This ensures that you can never lose work by having a faulty hardware piece or losing your connection to the internet.

If you are not sure how to set up Thunderbird to work with BT internet, you can follow the guide on this webpage.

Download Mozzila Thunderbird


Mailspring - lightweight email clients/ email client for BT internet

Mailspring is a great lightweight email software that helps you sort, manage, send and also customize the way you use email on your PC, fast.

In order to use this software you will need to create a Mailspring account, but after you are done, you can attach any of your favorite email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

This software also works brilliantly well with the email service provided by BT. By using this feature, you can send emails, read email, and customize the way you react to them.

Using a desktop application instead of an online hub provides you with better speeds, and at the same time, you have to option to back up important emails directly to your hard drive or the external storage device of your choice.

Under it’s good looking user interface, Mailspring offers you support for multiple email accounts (IMAP and Office 365), can be used on touch screen devices, and gives you access to a powerful and fast search tool. You can search through your contacts, message contents, by folders, etc.

One of the best features found in Mailspring is its ability to set up custom keyboard shortcuts for different actions. This feature helps you streamline the process of browsing or reading through a large number of emails, and makes it easier for you to reply quickly and efficiently.

Another greatly useful feature that needs to be mentioned is Mailspring’s ability to automatically translate the text found in your email to and also from a wide range of languages – Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, etc.

This feature also applies to when you are using the incorporated spell-check features without needing to modify any settings manually.

If you need a step by step guide regarding how to set up Mailspring to connect with BT services, you can check out this official link.

Download Maispring


In this article, we explored some of the best software email clients that you can use on Windows in 2019, which also have the ability to connect to BT internet accounts and email platform.

The features covered by these 4 software options will surely cover all your needs when it comes to this type of software. You can easily manage a big database of emails coming from one or more email providers and set custom keyboard shortcuts to make the process of responding faster. You can also create templates that help you not waste any time when doing repetitive work.

We would love to find out what software option you chose and how did it work for you. Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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