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In an average corporate/business setting, the major sources of power consumption are usually servers/data centers (if any) and computer systems (laptops and desktops). There is also the issue of negligence (of energy saving) on the part of employees, while using their computers.

The end result is heavy monthly power bills, which are not cost-effective. To address this issue, an employer needs to be “power-conscious” and to do this, he/she can easily adopt the services of a durable power management software.

Power management solutions offer different features, which are primarily designed to grant users more control over the energy use of their computers. Two prominent features, in this regard, are report analysis and automated controls.

In this post, we are going to be reviewing five of the most durable power management software for Windows PC.

Best power management software for Windows 10

1E Night Watchman

power management software1E Night Watchman is a top power management software that has been in existence for about two decades now. The software is among the pioneers in the power management industry (for computers), and it is, without doubt, one of the most reliable. Recognized as one of the best in the industry, 1E Night Watchman offers a wide range of energy saving features for users.

The software provides detailed analyses and reports on your computers’ power usage and energy consumption. These analyses can be executed collectively or on individual basis. Either way, you are able to gain more control over your computers’ power options. Also, the reports generated by these analyses are derived from accurate algorithms, which monitor your PC usage.

In addition, 1E Night Watchman offers you a set of customizable power management options, which can be modified according to the functionality of your device(s). It also offers you a set of functions, which enables you to execute certain tasks on your computer system while in sleep (energy saving) mode.

To employ the services of 1E Night Watchman, you would be required to fill an online form, detailing certain information about your business. Shortly after filling the form, a quote would be sent to your email.

Once the set up is complete, you can go ahead and enjoy the innumerable benefits of the power management software.

Download 1E Night Watchman

Verdiem Surveyor

power management softwareVerdiem Surveyor is a power management software developed by Aptean, and it is specifically designed Windows PC. Verdiem Surveyor was developed more than 17 years ago, in 2001. Today, it can stand toe-to-toe with any power management software, with respect to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

This power management software is built with algorithms that enable you to accurately monitor and detect the power consumption of each computer system on your network.

The software is fairly easy to use. It relies on an integrated interface, which facilitates the effective power management of all connected systems from a central location. Verdiem Surveyor allows users to accurately evaluate their energy expenditure (in multiple currencies) to ascertain the cost (value) of energy saved. It also hosts certain features that can be configured to further enhance your devices’ power saving capability.

Furthermore, the software affords you the opportunity of automating certain functions like; “when the PC is put to sleep”, “when the system wakes” and a host of other power saving options. Schedules can also be created for multiple and customizable groups of systems. Also, with the software’s EvokeIT function, users can wake remotely linked system(s) and execute certain security functions.

Lastly, Verdiem Surveyor offers custom pricing, and you will be required to fill a form, in order to get a suitable pricing (quote) plan for your business.

Download Verdiem Surveyor


power management softwarePowerHawk was developed by Tangent, a leading provider of specialized computer-based solutions. The software is a server-based solution which enables the control of power and energy management options from a centralized device.

One major benefit of PowerHawk is that, you don’t need to install the software on individual computers; power settings are sent directly to every computer on the network, via the “Active directory .msi package”. Furthermore, it can be used on virtually all computer systems due to its relatively low system requirements. This makes it ideal for managing power consumption on old PC versions.

Additionally, PowerHawk allows you to create a schedule of power settings. This can be on hourly, daily or weekly basis. Also, the software allows for flexibility in power consumption, as different set of instructions can be modified to serve the needs of different groups of PCs on your power management network.

You can also override a set of default power commands on your computer or modify it, as you see fit.

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Nevertheless, PowerHawk offers a free version, specially designed for personal use on a single computer. Also on offer is the premium version, albeit at an affordable price. To enlist the software’s services, simply fill the form on their website.

Download PowerHawk

Powerpro Manager

Powerpro Manager software

Powerpro Manager is one of the most prominent power management software in the market. As claimed by the software’s developers, Powerpro Manager saves up to $35 per computer, in energy cost, every year. The software is compatible with different versions of Windows, from Windows 10 down to Windows 2000.

In addition, Powerpro Manager is server-based utilizing a central server console to control the power settings of all computers connected to the network. With this, you are able to save time and optimize your power management process.

Also, configuration updates on power management are automatically deployed, even when your computer is in sleep mode or outrightly shut down.  Statistical analysis on power consumption is carried out by the software, detailing the power usage of each computer on the server.

Furthermore, basic power options like “turn-off monitor”, “standby”, “shutdown”, “hibernate” and so on can be executed directly on the software, and it promptly sends out a confirmation message before shutting down the target computer.

Powerpro Manager is compatible with Wake-On-Lan, which can be adopted to wake any computer on your power management network.

Powerpro Manager offers a free version, which is equipped to support up to fifty computer systems. This makes the software ideal for small and medium scale businesses. The premium version, on the other hand, requires a paid subscription, and it comes with special support services.

Download Powerpro Manager

PwrSmart Software

power management softwarePwrSmart Software is an effective energy saving software that helps users control the power settings of their computers. It minimizes power consumption by automatically powering down computers when not in use. This energy saving software hosts a user-friendly interface, which provides instant control upon installation.

In addition, PwrSmart hosts a set of power packages, which have been created for different scenarios. This makes the software fairly easy to use for new users, as you can easily draw out any package from the pool of available power management packages to serve your needs.

Furthermore, the software is compliant with relevant power management standards, thereby ensuring that you get the best of energy saving experience. Also, users are notified of upcoming power schedules like system hibernation or standby, and you can easily customize such notifications.

Lastly, PwrSmart is compatible with different versions of Windows, and it can be accessed from remote locations. It offers a custom-pricing plan, which is dependent on the number of computers on your network. However, you can use the software on a free trial for a brief period, before subscribing to a paid plan.

Download PwrSmart Software

Have you made use of any of the aforementioned power management software above? Let us know by commenting below.


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