How to fix Adobe Reader error 14 on Windows 10

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fix adobe reader pdf error 14

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How can I fix Adobe Acrobat Reader error 14?

  1. Update Adobe Reader
  2. Repair the PDF File
  3. Extract Pages From the PDF
  4. Open the PDF With Alternative Software

Adobe Reader error 14 is an error message that pops up for some users when they try to open PDF documents. The full error message states: There was an error opening this document. There was a problem reading this document (14).

Consequently, users can’t open PDFs in AR when that error message pops up. Here are a few resolutions that might fix Adobe Reader error 14.

SOLVED: Adobe Acrobat Reader error 14

1. Update Adobe Reader

The Adobe Reader error 14 will often be due to outdated Adobe software. PDF documents set up with the most recent Adobe software won’t always open in earlier AR versions. Thus, updating your AR software to the latest version will probably fix the issue if there are updates available.

You can check for updates by opening Adobe Reader and clicking Help > Check for updates. That will open an updater window from which you can update the software. You can also get the most update AR version by clicking Install Now on this webpage.

2. Repair the PDF File

The Adobe Reader error 14 error message might also pop up if the PDF file is in some way corrupted. Thus, you might need to repair the file to open it. You can repair PDF documents with the DataNumen PDF software. Alternatively, follow the guidelines below to repair the PDF document with

  • First, click here to open the web utility in your browser.

  • Press the Select the PDF File button on that page.
  • Then select the document that doesn’t open in Adobe Reader.
  • You can enter some optional PDF properties in the text boxes.
  • Click Repair PDF to repair the document.
  • Then you can click Download PDF to save the repaired document.

3. Extract Pages From the PDF

Some users have confirmed that extracting pages from PDF documents can fix Adobe Reader error 14. Then you’ll need to open the pages separately in Adobe Reader after extracting them. This is how you can extract pages from PDFs with the Sejda PDF extractor.

  • Click here to open the Sejda PDF extractor in a browser.

  • Press the Upload PDF files button to select a document on HDD.
  • Or you can click the small arrow to select to a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Then select the pages to extract from the document by clicking their thumbnail images.

  • Press the Extract pages button.
  • A window then opens from which you can click Download to save the extracted PDF.

4. Open the PDF With Alternative Software

This resolution might not exactly be a fix, but there are plenty of alternatives to Adobe Reader. The document might open ok in alternative PDF software and browsers such as Edge. Foxit Reader is notable freeware alternative that you can open PDF documents with. Click the Free Foxit Reader button on this webpage to check it out.

Universal file opener (UFO) software also opens a wide variety of files. Thus, a universal file viewer might also open the PDF document that you can’t open in AR. This software guide provides further details for UFOs.

Some of those resolutions will probably fix Adobe Reader error 14 so that you can open the PDF. Some of the tips in this article might also fix PDF documents that don’t open in Adobe software.



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