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Transport Fever is a railroad­-focused tycoon game that challenges players to build up a thriving transport company. Gamers need to construct stations, airports, harbors and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services.

The game allows you to experience 150 years of transportation history. As you meet the people’s transport needs and supply industries with freight, you can use the subsequent economic growth to build up a transport empire.

As it happens with every newly launched game, Transport Fever is also affected by many bugs. The good news is that most of these issues can easily be fixed. Urban Games, Transport Fever’s developer, listed a series of workarounds for the most common game issues that players may encounter.

Workarounds for common Transport Fever bugs

1. Wrong game language

1. In the Steam client, go to the games library
2. Right-click Transport Fever in the list.
3. Under Properties > select Language tab.
4. Choose your preferred language.

2. The game crashes at startup or during initialization of a new game

Most likely, this issue can be solved by installing the latest graphics card drivers. Use the links below to install the latest drivers:

3. The game doesn’t work on your laptop

If you are using a laptop with two graphics cards, select the more powerful card as the primary device in the graphics card settings.

4. You see black textures

This bug may be caused by third-party software. Deactivate these programs before starting the game. In addition, on some systems with Intel graphics, the following hotfix has proved to work:

  • Extract the content of this zip file
  • Overwrite the existing base_config.lua file which is located in this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Transport Fever\res\config\

5. The main menu is not or only partially visible

Press ALT-ENTER to switch from full screen to window mode. The window mode will then display the main menu and you can adjust the settings.

6. The mouse cursor movement is restricted

  1. Close the game > Right click on Transport Fever in the Steam library
  2. Under local files, click “Browse local files” to go to the installation directory
  3. Right click TransportFever.exe > select Properties
  4. Under the Compatibility tab, check “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
  5. Under Windows 10, go to System > Screen and set the size of text and apps to 100%.

7. The main menu is gray

This happens when you are signed in to your Steam client, but the internet connection is unavailable. Restore the internet connection or launch Steam in offline mode before starting the game.

8. The message  “OpenGL context creation failed” appears on the screen

This means that your graphics card or driver doesn’t meet the system requirements to run the game (support for OpenGL 3.2 is needed). If your graphics card meets the minimal system requirements, install the latest graphics card drivers and this should solve the issue.

There are still many issues that Urban Games needs to solve in order to offer a smooth gaming experience. Apart from the bugs listed above, Transport Fever gamers also complain about the following issues:

  • the game uses too much RAM. One player reports that the game used 4.7 GB of RAM out of 8 GB. It appears that the longer gamers play, the worse this situation gets
  • many users complain they’re stuck at 30 FPS
  • once the map finishes loading, a bright white screen appears.

Have you played Transport Fever? Tell us more about your gaming experience in the comment section below.



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