Twitch Fix: This Premium Content is not Available in Your Region

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Key notes

  • This premium content is not available in your region and is as straightforward as an error message.
  • Also known as error #1 Twitch, this notification will prevent you from watching your favorite streams.
  • So how do you eliminate the Twitch premium content not available in your region error?
  • It's as easy! Get yourself a VPN or, even better, a gaming-focused browser with a free, built-in VPN to unblock geo-restricted content.
this premium content is not available in your region. (error #1) twitch
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Are you getting the error: This premium content is not available in your region with error #1 on Twitch? If yes, this article will help you solve and learn more about this problem.

Twitch is currently one of the world’s biggest and most advanced online streaming platforms. But is it a global platform if users complain about a message stating that this premium content is unavailable in your region. (error #1)?

In the beginning, Twitch used to be based around the gaming industry, allowing gamers to live stream their gameplay. However, twitch recently developed the IRL streaming section and expanded its access to eSport competition broadcasts.

Error #1 Twitch often frustrates users as it does not allow them to watch live streams. So what to do when you get served the Twitch premium content not available in your region card?

When this error occurs on Twitch, you will usually see the following message:

This premium content is not available in your region. (Error #1)

We have come up with a solution to help you overcome this error. However, before knowing about the troubleshooting methods, let’s learn more about this problem.

These are the best solutions that we found for solving this problem:

  1. Use a browser optimized for Twitch
  2. Use a VPN service

Let’s take a look into these options and acknowledge what each software solution has to offer.

Why does Twitch say content is not available?

Twitch’s regional restriction policy causes the issue.

Twitch uses your IP address to determine your estimated location. If it finds that you are out of the supported region for that premium content, you will get the message: Content not available in your region.

This platform applied geo-restriction to some of its contents. Unfortunately, this is the only reason you may get this error.

screenshot: this premium content is not available in your region. (error #1)

How do you watch region lock on Twitch?

If you want to bypass region lock and watch your desired content on Twitch, you must depend on a VPN or Proxy. However, the proxy is not a recommended solution due to its poor performance and security issues.

Does VPN affect streaming on Twitch?

All VPNs come with a minimal to medium speed penalty due to their nature. But, it can help you to watch better content on Twitch. Keep in mind that not all VPNs will work effectively in this case.

A top-class VPN can improve the Twitch streaming experience if your ISP uses poor routing. If you already have a better connection, top VPNs may come with a very small or unnoticeable speed penalty. But, the fantastic benefit is you can bypass the Twitch region block and enjoy any content easily.

However, If you get the premium content not available error with code #1, we have practical solutions to bypass the restriction and resolve the problem.

How do I fix this premium content is not available in your region Error #1?

Use a browser optimized for Twitch

You can fix error #1 Twitch and dodge regional restrictions by using Opera GX’s built-in VPN feature. This browser is built for gaming and streaming and has built-in Twitch integrations for quick access.

You can stream Twitch in a browser with an incorporated VPN in just a few clicks. Few browsers offer you this luxury, and the built-in VPN is one of Opera GX’s best features.

If you see an error message like Your device does not support playback of premium content, using a compatible and optimized browser like Opera GX can help you.

You need to download the browser using the button below (it only takes a couple of minutes) and then go to the Settings menu to activate the VPN (from the same name category).

fix twitch error 7000

You should know that using Opera GX’s VPN requires no subscription, payment, or additional extensions, and it keeps your location private so that you can surf the web smoothly.

Activating the VPN ensures that your device will always be registered to the desired location. Needless to say, this helps prevent errors such as this premium content is unavailable in your region. (error #1) Twitch.

Don’t worry; there is no data traffic limit! And you can also use the VPN in a private browsing window. Additionally, Opera has customized versions for PC, mobile (including older phones), Mac, or Linux. Besides, you can synchronize the Opera browser across your devices to easily manage all the settings.

Opera GX

Experience a fast and lightweight browser that will speed through the Internet with no interruptions.

Use a VPN service

If you still get the error, we recommend using a decent VPN service that can bypass geo-blocks and perform better while streaming video content. However, if you use a random or cheap VPN, you may get messages like A proxy or unblocker has been detected on Twitch.

So, we recommend you use Private Internet Access (PIA). It has a massive global network that ensures better speed than similar services.

With a good VPN client, you’ll be able to gain a virtual IP address from different locations across the globe.

This will grant you access to geo-restricted content and let you watch Twitch on networks that may have it blocked (school/work). It will appear as you browse from the location of your VPN’s server.

  1. Create an account for a reputable VPN service and download the appropriate application. We picked Private Internet Access.
  2. Open the installer wizard and finish the installation process.
  3. Launch the app and log in with your credentials.premium content not available
  4. Connect to the VPN server depending on your preferred location.
  5. Open the Twitch app or visit its website.

After this, you can stream your favorite content without geoblocking. We picked PIA VPN because it has streaming optimized servers and tons of locations in the whole world.

We hope our quick guide on fixing the Twitch premium content not available error code #1 helped you out. Find more guides on fixing Twitch error codes like the popular Twitch error 2000. Feel free to comment in the dedicated section below and tell us if you can access Twitch now.

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