How to repair your Surface Laptop cracked screen for free

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by Don Sharpe
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  • You can fix a broken Surface Laptop screen at no cost.
  • Microsoft Surface Laptops come with a limited hardware warranty.
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fix a cracked surface laptop display
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A cracked laptop screen can be a source of never-ending nightmare to the user. Depending on the extent of the LCD damage, the device may be essentially useless as it may not show anything on the screen.

Yet, writing off your Surface Laptop that cost hundreds of dollars is not an option here, especially if the display is the only problem.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to fix a broken Surface Laptop screen at no cost.

How do I fix a cracked Surface screen?

1. Assess the damage

  1. Connect your Surface to an external monitor to ensure that the graphics card is working alright.
  2. Be on the lookout for issues like dimming or brightening of the display.
  3. If a physical crack is causing your Surface Laptop screen to malfunction, repair, which usually means replacement, is necessary.Cracked laptop display

The point of assessing the damage is to ensure that you are looking at a cracked screen and not less serious display issues. For starters, you may want to establish that there are no graphics card problems.

2. Repair under warranty

  1. Contact Microsoft Support: This may include calling a Microsoft Store representative. Describe the problem, and if possible, send them a picture of the cracked screen.
  2. Send the Surface to Microsoft: The company’s technicians will assess the damage to see if it is covered under the warranty.
  3. Take the device to a Microsoft Store: This is always an option when you contact Microsoft support about repairing a Surface Laptop.

Usually, a Surface laptop comes with a one-year hardware warranty. Likewise, Microsoft offers 90 days of free technical support.

So, if the screen cracked within the warranty period, you can try to have it fixed for free.

3. Repair at own cost and seek compensation

  1. Have an expert repair the laptop screen for a fee.
  2. Contact Microsoft about reimbursement. This option is for damage covered under the Surface Laptop warranty.

Microsoft can repair your cracked Surface Laptop screen at no cost. Just be sure that the device is under a valid warranty.

If you have any hot-button questions or recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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I actually have Surface Pro 7 not a Surface laptop, I don’t know if this can be the difference with the free screen replacement.

I dropped my surface pro yesterday, it’s only 90 days old. Everything is working just the screen is cracked the left corner is dented. I don’t have accidental warranty. Do you think Microsoft can repair under one year limited warranty?

I have purchased my ms surface go on 17 feb 2020 but when i checked my warranty today on 8-november 2020 it says your warranty ended on 17 feb 2020 it was suppose to be 1 year starting from the day i purchased. Calculating the date i still have 3 more moth. Would you please help me solve this issue? Thank you.