How to make emails go to a specific folder label in Gmail

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Gmail doesn’t exactly include folder options. However, Gmail users can set up labels to organize emails in, which are basically the same as folders. Then users can set up filters that automatically move messages from specific email addresses into folder labels. Users can open those filtered messages from their folder labels instead of the inbox. Follow the guidelines below to set up folder labels in Gmail and filter emails to them.

This is How Users can Filter Emails into Folder Labels

How to Set Up Folder Labels for Gmail Emails

  1. First, set up a folder label for Gmail emails to go in. To do that, drag the scroll bar on the left of Gmail’s tab down to the Create new label option (click More to expand the options) shown directly below.The Create new label setting gmail how to make emails go to a specific folder
  2. Click the Create new label option to open the window shown directly below.The New label text box gmail how to make emails go to a specific folder
  3. Enter a title for the label in the first text box.
  4. Press the Create button. Users should then see a new folder label on the left of Gmail below Drafts.Folder label gmail how to make emails go to a specific folder

For the best online Gmail experience, we highly suggest using the extra-private UR Browser.

How to Set Up the Email Filter

  1. Next, users need to set up a filter that will move messages from a specific email address into the new folder label. Open a message in the inbox from an email address that you need to include within the folder label.
  2. Click the three-dot button shown directly below.Three dot button gmail how to make emails go to a specific folder
  3. Select Filter messages like these to open the options in the snapshot directly below.Filter settings gmail how to make emails go to a specific folder
  4. Click the Create filter button.Filter settings for custom filers gmail how to make emails go to a specific folder
  5. Select the Apply the label check box.
  6. Then click the Choose label drop-down menu to select the new folder label for the email.
  7. Next, select Also apply filter to X matching conversations option to include all other messages with matching email addresses within the folder label.
  8. Users can also select the Skip the Inbox option to ensure emails from that address don’t show up in the inbox. Instead, all emails from the address will go in the selected folder label.
  9. Then click the Create filter option.
  10. Now the new folder label will include all the emails from the filtered email address, and those messages will disappear from the inbox. So, click the folder label on the left of Gmail to open the emails within it.

Folder labels can come in handy for organizing messages. Instead of searching for messages from specific email addresses within the inbox, users can open them from folders set up for specific email addresses (or senders). Thus, it can be easier to find emails from specific senders when they’re organized in folders.


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