Gmail account not receiving emails? Here’s how to fix it

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  • If Gmail is not receiving emails, that be caused by many issues, including your browser.
  • Other reasons for not getting emails in Gmail can be filters, antivirus firewalls, or insufficient account storage.
  • A clever solution would be to try and use good third-party email client software.
  • Another good idea is to try your Gmail account on a different browser.

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Some users have said on Google forums that their Gmail accounts aren’t receiving any emails. Those users might still be able to send emails, but they don’t receive any.

Why can’t I receive emails on Gmail? I’m not getting my emails! We’ve heard your questions and cries for help, and we solved this problem.

In some specific cases, even though you receive emails, the loading speed is slow.

Gmail users might not receive messages due to filters, insufficient account storage, antivirus firewalls, or even server outages.

In other more extreme cases, these same elements have been reported to cause Gmail not to load at all.

These are a few potential fixes for Gmail accounts that aren’t receiving emails.

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If you’re tired of Gmail’s lack of stability, we suggest that you try a third-party e-mail client instead since this service is far more stable and features less downtime.

This third-party email client acts as a general hub for all of your email addresses (Yahoo, Gmail, etc), allowing you to have better control over your emails.

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How do I fix Gmail accounts that aren’t receiving emails?

1. Try Gmail in a different browser

If your Gmail account isn’t receiving emails, open it in a different browser and check if the problem is still there. You can use any other browser for this purpose, but we would recommend the one below.

This browser is built on the Chromium engine, but unlike Chrome, it won’t send your data to Google.

It’s worth mentioning that this browser has built-in adblock, VPN, privacy, tracking, malware protection, so it’s one of the most secure browsers online.



A web browser that will guarantee fast webpage loading speeds and an error-free Gmail experience.

2. Is Gmail down?

Gmail outage page gmail account not receiving emails

It might be the case that the Gmail service is temporarily down. To check if that is the case, open the Downdetector website in a browser.

Enter the keyword Gmail in that website’s search box and press the Return key. Then click Gmail to see if there’s a Gmail outage. If so, wait for Google to fix the outage.

3. Check the Gmail storage quota

  1. Click Upgrade Storage in Google Drive to open the tab shown directly below.
  2. The maximum freely allocated storage space for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos is 15 GB combined.Google storage page gmail account not receiving emails
  3. Users who have reached the 15 GB storage mark will need to free up some space. To do that, open Gmail in a browser.
  4. Then select some emails to delete and click the Delete button.
  5. Click More on the left of Gmail’s tab.Gmail Bin gmail account not receiving emails
  6. Then click Bin to open it.
  7. Click the Empty Bin now option to erase the emails there. Thereafter, users might start receiving Gmail emails again.

Users can’t receive emails when they no longer have any free Gmail space. To check storage, open your Google Drive page (which Gmail users should be registered with as part of a Google Account).

4. Delete Email filters

  1. Users can delete filters by clicking the Settings button and selecting Settings.The General tab gmail account not receiving emails
  2. Click Filters and blocked addresses to open the tab shown below.The Filters tab gmail account not receiving emails
  3. Select all filters listed on that tab.
  4. Press the Delete button to erase the filters.
  5. Gmail users not receiving messages in their inboxes can be due to filters rerouting emails to alternative folders, such as All Mail.

5. Turn off email forwarding

  1. Click the Settings button in Gmail.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP to open that tabThe Forwarding tab gmail account not receiving emails
  4. Then click the Disable forwarding option there.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

6. Turn off or configure firewalls

The Start-up tab gmail account not receiving emails

Some antivirus software also includes firewalls that can also block Gmail emails. So, try removing antivirus utilities from the system startup, which will stop them from running when users start Windows.

Users can remove antivirus utilities from the system startup by right-clicking the taskbar, selecting Task Manager, clicking the Start-up tab, and selecting antivirus software on that tab.

Then click Disable to remove the antivirus utility from startup.

If users then receive Gmail messages after restarting Windows, the antivirus software must have blocked the emails when it was running.

Users can uninstall their antivirus utilities to ensure their firewalls don’t block emails.

Alternatively, users can configure their antivirus utilities’ settings to stop them blocking emails as outlined within the article below.

Those are the most probable resolutions for fixing Gmail when users don’t receive emails.

Users utilizing client software for Gmail emails might also need to check the incoming/outgoing server settings for those applications to ensure they receive the emails.

The problems that you users have reported regarding using Gmail can be extremely varied, including emails disappearing, or seeing the more common Something went wrong error.

Feel free to share your experience with us and if you have any suggestions by using the comment section found below this guide.

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