Chrome automatically changes between dark and light mode on PC

by Milan Stanojevic
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Good news for Google Chrome users: the new version for Google Chrome 74 will come up with a series of improvements that you’ll definitely love.

Also, for those who use Windows 10, there will be a few special features included.

New Chrome features on Windows 10

  1. Dark Mode support for Windows

The browser will automatically update when the default app mode. This means that you enabled dark mode on Windows 10, the browser will also automatically switch to dark mode.

This also works for the Light theme. It will be quickly applied for tabs, for bookmarks, new tabs and different menus.

  1. New options: Reduce motion or Remove animations

This feature will help a lot the users that get motion sickness when they will look at WebPages with zooming effects, parallax and transition animations.

While many users enjoy such animations, some users dislike them because they feel distracted or slowed down from them. In the worst case, users may even suffer from motion sickness as if it were a real life experience, so for these users reducing animations is a medical necessity.

  1. Better protection against malicious downloads

Google Chrome 74 it will offer also solutions for better protection against malicious downloads. Besides the well known flag that that is available already, Google wants to provide users with additional protection.

Even though additional security checks are done in Chrome and the operating system, we feel blocking downloads in sand-boxed iframes also fits the general thought behind the sandbox. Apart from security concerns, it would be a more pleasant user experience for a click to trigger a download on the same page, compared with downloads starting automatically when a user lands on a new page, or started non-spontaneously after the click.

The final version of Google Chrome 74 is expected to land on April 23. The beta version is already available and you can test these improvements before they hit the general public.


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