Groove Music ‘Can’t play’ error gets fixed in latest Windows 10 build

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Listening to music can be very relaxing, especially when you can listen to your favorite tracks. It can be very annoying when you can’t play a specific song because of an app error, as many Groove Music users have recently experienced. The issues seem to manifest mostly on Windows 10 devices.

Groove Music could not play the tracks because of the following error message: “Can’t play – Another app is controlling your sound right no.w” However, users confirmed they were not using another app to play the respective tracks.

Microsoft managed to fix this issue in its Windows 10 build 14342 and assures users that Groove will work smoothly now:

We fixed the issue where Groove Music might show an error saying “Can’t play – Another app is controlling your sound right now”.

This is not the only problem Windows 10 phone owners encountered when trying to use the Groove Music app. Another frequent issue is the 0x1010036 error code:

i have uploaded all of the music i had on my lumia 920 to my onedrive – groove music fond the music but it doesn’t play most of the songs claiming error 0x1010036 – couldn’t find this error anywhere and since i am not in the US – it won’t let me sign in either – again very annoying with a phone i have had for less than a week.

A growing number of users also complain that Groove Music simply stops after playing two or three tracks:

I’ve been using the Groove Music App on my Windows 10 phone (550), and it stops playing after a few tracks when I physically have headphones plugged in, but it is perfectly fine when I connect with Bluetooth headphones.

I have to then turn on the screen, roll the track back and then select the next track. It’ll only seem to work for 2 or 3 tracks before I have to repeat the process.

The weird things are that it doesn’t happen if I connect Bluetooth headphones, or, if I’m selecting music within a single artist or album, it only seems to affect me when I play all or shuffle all.

We suggest you check out our article on how to fix Groove Music crashes and see if our fix works for you.

However, Groove Music issues should be less frequent now because Microsoft also fixed an issue where multiple UWPs might start crashing on launch after getting stuck on their splash screen. Since Groove Music is a UWP app now, it is possible it could have been affected by the aforementioned bug.