iCloud on Windows 10 is ‘Stuck on waiting for approval’

Andrew Wafer
by Andrew Wafer
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iCloud stuck on waiting for aproval

Keeping all your files safe and secured all the time is not very hard as you can pick backup and restore solutions from various cloud storage platforms. Depending on which device and OS you are using, you can choose to sync your personal files with online platforms such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or iCloud.

The Windows system also supports all these services at once, which means that on your computer you can simultaneously use the Apple, Google and Microsoft cloud clients. And, since the goal is to have your data synced without any problems it’s important to make sure that all these clients are running properly.

The Apple iCloud software for Windows 10 is, in that matter, a great utility through which you can easily access your personal info, data, accounts and files. For being able to import / export your files through this service you must first sync your data from your Apple device to the iCloud. Of course, afterwards the iCloud app for Windows 10 must be installed on your machine. And, finally, you have to run the iCloud tool, enter your credentials and obtain an approval from your iPhone, iPod or any other i-gadget.

So, if you already completed these steps you should be able to access the files that are stored on the iCloud right from your Windows 10 computer. However, you might also end up in experiencing some issues, among which we can include the iCloud on Windows 10 gets ‘Stuck on waiting for approval’ error.

As you will see, this particular issue can be easily addressed. But, before heading towards the troubleshoot solution maybe it will be better to understand what is causing the error in the first place.

Thus, let’s take it from the beginning. You launch the iCloud app on your Windows 10 computer, you enter your credentials and then you take your i-gadget where you need to enter your password, submit ‘approve’ (for the virtual Windows 10 connection) and wait for the desktop client which must now access your data. But, at this point the iCloud app hangs at ‘Waiting for approval..’.

As you can tell, something went wrong somewhere between the approval process. Shortly, the desktop app cannot obtain permission from your device – something is blocking the network access. Good; now that we understand how the sync process works, let’s see how to fix the iCloud on Windows 10 gets ‘Stuck on waiting for approval’ issue.

Fix: iCloud is ‘Stuck on waiting for approval’ on PC

The first step to take is to make sure that the iCloud installation process for Windows 10 was applied correctly. If you set up the program without completing the steps properly, you can afterwards experience different problems, like the one that’s discussed now. So, right from the start, make sure you know how to install iCloud on Windows 10.

Since there is a connection problem, you must remove everything that might block the iCloud from accessing the approval from your, let’s say iPhone. In that matter you need to access your Windows Firewall settings and add the ‘iCloud.exe’ exception. This is what works almost every time. Here is how you can add an exception on Windows Firewall:

  • First of all access Control Panel – right click on the Windows button and select ‘Control Panel’.
  • In Control Panel switch to ‘category’ tab and then click on the System and Security field.control panel system and security
  • Select Windows Firewall from next window. Or, you can just select ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’.control panel windows firewall
  • Click on Change Settings and just follow on screen-prompts for adding your iCloud exception to the list.add icloud windows firewall
  • Save your changes, reboot your computer and retry to use the iCloud desktop client as everything should be working like a charm now.

Hint: if an antivirus is running on your Windows 10 computer then you might also have to enable access for iCloud within the antivirus program.

Hopefully, we managed to fix the iCloud on Windows 10 gets ‘Stuck on waiting for approval’ issue. If you are still having problems using this software, you can use our previous tutorials on this subject. Also, you can use the contact form below if you want to share your experience with us and with other users who might be dealing with the same issue.