Windows 7 KB4093108, KB4093118 fix memory issues and stop errors

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KB4093108 KB4093118 patch tuesday windows 7

April’s Patch Tuesday brought two new updates to Windows 7 users. Security update KB4093108 and Monthly Rollup KB4093118 include a series of bug fixes that make the OS more stable and also add some security improvements to various Windows components.

As expected, these two updates don’t bring any new features. It is worth mentioning that the Windows Update service will install these updates on all computers, whether computers have the HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionQualityCompatcadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc registry setting or not.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what’s new in these patches.

Windows 7 KB4093108 changelog

  • Improves kernel reliability
  • Fixed the issue that caused apps to have unexpected memory contents on multi-processor systems.
  • The update fixes a stop error that occurred when applying previous updates to a 32-bit (x86) computer with a Physical Address Extension (PAE) mode disabled.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft scripting engine, Microsoft graphics component, Windows Server, Windows datacenter networking, Windows virtualization and kernel, and Windows app platform and frameworks.

Windows 7 KB4093118 changelog

Update KB4093118 features all the improvements and fixes brought by KB4093108, as well as the following three bug fixes:

  • The issue with printing content generated by ActiveX in Internet Explorer has been fixed.
  • Access violation on certain pages in IE when rendering SVGs under high load should no longer occur.
  • Internet Explorer can now identify all custom controls.

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KB4093108, KB4093118 known bugs

Unfortunately, these two updates also bring two issue of their own. The good news is that Microsoft is aware of these problem and its engineers are working on a resolution that will be deployed in an upcoming release.

So, keep in mind that SMB servers may leak memory after you install this update. Also, if you install the latest Windows 7 updates on computers that don’t support Streaming Single Instructions Multiple Data Extensions 2, you may experience stop errors.

If you already installed the latest Windows 7 patches on your computer, use the comments below to tell us more about your experience.


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Time to go to Mint. Seriously, time to dump this junk. I have been thinking about this for years. If I add up all the time I spent on fixing update issues and other problems, I would rather not pay for it.

Please ignore my last post as this one is the latest and most up to date post. I have been trying repeatedly to get KB4093118 to install on my computer,
but nothing I try works. You try to install it from Windows Update
which says it’s only 31KB big and after it says it’s successfully
installed it comes back over and over again in Windows Update. I tried
to download and install it from Microsoft Update Catalog just the .msu
file and it installs instantly and says it’s successful I presume or
installed and then again it’s right back in Windows Update. Basically
no matter where I install it Windows Update or Microsoft Update Catalog
it keeps coming back as if it’s not installed in Windows Update and as
only 31KB when on Microsoft Update Catalog it says 200MB something big!?
Why is Windows Update only reporting it as 31KB big and not installing
it? Why is Microsoft Update Catalog reporting it as 200MB big and
still not installing it even when downloading just the .msu file and
trying to install that. KB4093118 is the only update I’ve ever had a
issue with ever on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64. Please help if you can.
Today is 4/17/18. I did install KB4093108 and KB4093113. KB4093118 is
the only one I’m having issues with and there must be a bug for it to
only show up as 31KB in Windows Update when Microsoft Update Catalog
says it’s 200MB big or so, but both Windows Update version and Windows
Update Catalog .msu still don’t install period. Should I just ignore
that update for now? Is there going to be a fix for KB4093118 later on
that will finally remove it from Windows Update or at least let you
install it or something I mean it’s crazy and driving me crazy know I
have an update that’s uninstallable at the moment and my Windows Update
is driving me crazy saying it’s there, but I can install it as much as I
want, but it won’t go away and acts like it installs even though it
doesn’t as if it did it wouldn’t be showing up over and over in my
Windows Update. I now have a Windows Update icon by my clock also
driving me crazy because it’s saying hey there’s KB4093118 waiting to be
installed, but it won’t install just keeps coming back and says it’s
only 31KB big. I mean I could hide it, but it’s a Monthly Rollup update
which is important. The cab files won’t install basically. I also
have KB4099950 installed. I’ve been searching for solutions, but none
prevail. Sorry this was long. Please help.

I have the same issue. Must be a MS bug issue. I Googled this and there are now many who are in the same situation as you and me. I “hid” the update for now so I don’t keep getting the icon and prompt to repeat the insanity. Give it a few days and I’m sure MS will resolve or give instruction to. You can always unhide it easily if need be.

Update KB4093118 keeps showing up as 31KB in my Windows Update and when I install it keeps coming back in Windows Update again and again and even when downloaded from Microsoft Catalog it says it’s 200MB something big, but when I install it installs instantly as if it wasn’t that big and then it still keeps showing up in Windows Update over and over as 31KB and won’t go away. It’s acting as if it’s not installing the update properly or the right files from the update. I notice from Microsoft Update Catalog there is two updates included with this update one called PCIClearStaleCache which is 31KB big then there the main file that’s windows6.1-kb4093118-x64 which is the main file. I’m believing that the PCIClearStaleCache is what’s being installed over and over and not the windows6.1-kb4093118-x64 for some reason or something’s going on. I’ve tried everything and still can’t get KB4093118 to install. I’ve tried multiple time and it says it’s successful, but keeps coming back over and over and as only 31KB. Help…