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A living trust is a very useful legal document that you can create during your lifetime that offers you peace of mind regarding the way your assets will be split up to your heirs, after your death. This type of document is very similar to a will, but the main difference is that a living trust will only become applicable after you die.

This document can be useful in different situations, but it is mostly used by individuals that have a complicated financial situation – complex family with property in other countries, cities, etc. It can be very efficient for unmarried individuals as well, allowing them to make sure that all their assets are taken care of properly after one’s death.

You have two options regarding the type of living trust that you can choose :

  • Revocable living trust – you transfer your assets into the account of the trust, and you keep control over them, with the option to change aspects and revoke it entirely, as needed.
  • Irrevocable living trust – this option allows you to give away all your assets to the beneficiary of the trust, without having the option to change or revoke it

In this article, we will explore some of the best software options on the market that allows you to easily create professional-looking and efficient living trusts, from the comfort of your desk chair and PC.


5 software options to create professional living trusts


Quicken WillMaker Plus 2019

Quicken WillMaker Plus 2019 - Living trust creator

Quicken WillMaker Plus is an incredibly useful software that allows you to create plans for your estates, living trusts, etc. You get step by step assistance, from the start till the end of the process, including all aspects of legal data that allows you to choose the best option.

This software can create a variety of documents for you – wills, living trust, living will, different financial arrangements, and also offer information regarding your chosen caregivers and manage the process of fund allocation.

Let’s explore some of the best features of this software:

  • Can create custom estate plans with a wide range of utilities – will, health care, etc.
  • Interview format of the software allows you to give concrete answers to complicated legal terms
  • Contains a user-friendly legal manual that can help you find answers to common questions
  • Your projects will be sent to a team of lawyer-editors that will customize the papers with the requirements of the laws in your country
  • Offers you a very useful checklist feature – this tool allows you to make sure that you have all the documents needed

This software is a will-writing software at base, but it comes in a package with the Living Trust module. You can get access to Living Trust only if you register your copy of Quicken.

With the Living Trust module, you can rest assured that all your property papers pass the probate easily and in a timely manner. This module allows your family to be taken care of in the event of your death, by naming the person to carry out your instructions and also allowing them to make important decisions regarding your health care requirements.

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Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer - living trust creator

Rocket Lawyer is another great tool that allows you to create all documents needed for creating a professional and all encompassing will. In order to make things easier for you, this app uses a very easy to understand interview format with guidance for every stage of the process.

You can create asset worksheets, progress reports, and also provides you with will templates. These templates can be very useful when you’re not sure how to start creating your documents. Unfortunately, compared to Quicken, you don’t have access to a checklist of documents that you need to complete to produce a legal binding document.

When you are done creating your living trust documents, you can easily export the results in a PDF file format or print it immediately. In order to be able to export your work, you will need to have a license.

You can also use Rocket Lawyer to create a schedule of assets, living will, assign a health care directive, or create documents relating to choosing the caregiver and the instructions for survivors.

Even though this software is easy to use, if you have any trouble understanding the steps needed, you can access the official Rocket Lawyer FAQ page, and also has a legal reference guide, so you always adhere easily to the known legal requirements .

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Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom - living trust creator

Legal Zoom is another great software option that allows you to follow step by step instructions to build a professional looking will, complete with all the documents needed.

This software allows you and your family to rest assured that everything is planned accordingly, and all your needs at an old age are satisfied, while also assuring yourself that your health care giver has the power to intervene in emergency situations and make critical decisions on your behalf.

The user interface of this software is designed to be user-friendly and easily usable, offering you the possibility of adding detailed information regarding the care of your minor children, pets, etc.

Even though you will not find a checklist of documents in this software, Legal Zoom does give you the opportunity to keep an eye on all aspects of the data you’re typing in, by giving you access to useful worksheets. This way you can preview the entire list of documents before actually sending the papers out.

The free version of this software come in useful if you need a bit of guidance, offering you an online environment in which you can create wills, survivor instructions, executor documents, and many other formats.

The paid versions, offer all the features found in the free edition, and add some useful tools like the ability to assign someone that can handle your finances and all aspects of legal matters if for some reason you can not, and the power to create a living will.

If you want to see more information regarding what version of Legal Zoom is recommended for your needs, visit the official Legal Zoom pricing page.

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LawDepot - Living trust creators

LawDepot is a handy software option that offers you a user-friendly interface and help regarding creating your own living trust documents and other additional documents for your will.

Even though this app can’t compare with Quicken or Rocket Lawyer, it still has a great set of features that can make the will making process easier. It lacks the ability to create checklists, to spell check your documents, and also lacks asset worksheets, but it makes up for that because of its ease of use.

You can use great templates specifically designed for estate-planning, and can help you create your last will and testament, a living trust, or a Power of Attorney document.

By using this software you can also create documents that are part of the will, like choosing caregivers and executors in case something goes wrong. Similar to Quicken WillMaker, LawDepot allows you to also create revocation documents.

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Will Writer by Enodare

Will Writer by Enodare - living trust creation

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Will Writer is, as the name suggests, a program that helps you create your will with ease. This software has both downloadable and an online version, so you can access your information from anywhere in the world, with just an internet connection.

This software was designed to be easy to use, with crisp menus and very useful tabs. Besides writing your will, you can use this software to create other important documents such as creating a living will, power of attorney and executor documents, among other.

The step-by-step structure of how Will Writer works helps you understand all aspects of the fields you’re completing, and even offers you a set of will samples, to get a bit of guidance regarding what kind and how much information is needed.

One of the downsides of using Will Maker, is the fact that it doesn’t offer you any spell check features, and for some reason the text font in which all the information is completed, is very hard to read. If you want to check what you wrote you will have to click on Preview, otherwise, the font is too small.

After you completed the entire step by step guide and you have your final document, you can now export it into a Word file on your hard-drive,for safe keeping. You can also print your documents directly from this software.

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Creating your own will, with an entire list of supporting documents isn’t as difficult as it used to be. You can now use specialized will creator software to help you through the entire process of document creation, in a step-by-step manner.

Some of the best options of software that we could find after our research are Quicken WillMaker Plus, and also Rocket Lawyer. Even though the software from Quicken is our top recommandation, both of these software options encompass a large array of features that cover all your needs regarding the easy creation of a living will, executor documents, and other important documents of your estate plan.

We would love to find out what your experience with using this software was, and what option you chose to try from this top 5.

Please feel free to share your opinion with us by using the comment section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2019 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.