Here’s how the Fall Creators Update lets you customize Favorites in Edge

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Even though Microsoft released the long-awaited Creators Update only a few months ago, the company is stopping at nothing to provide its consumers with even more goodies. The latest Windows Insider builds have been especially juicy, among them some very interesting details regarding a Microsoft Edge update. One new Microsoft Edge feature in particular sparks interest:

Saving new favorites is a breeze

It’s important to be able to choose the right folder when saving a new Favorite. The new Edge update will make it so Favorites will open the entire directory tree upon favoring a new page. This is highly convenient especially for those that like to organize their favored pages into numerous folders.

URL editing

Favorites also benefit from having their URL edited. This is quite an important addition as users will now be able to update any web address that has become invalid or outdated since the initial save to Favorites.

Favorites are more convenient

Being able to close a tab regardless of any showing prompts or alerts is great. However, Microsoft took it one step further and brought that functionality to Edge as a universal threshold for quality. Now, users are able to enjoy many other features as well in spite of any potential prompts. The list of available functions that no longer feel the negative effects of prompts include settings, Favorites, and others.

As such, favorites received a highly important update which allows it to be of more use to users. People can now favorite web pages even if dialogue boxes pop up, which has been quite the nuisance in the past. That could be quite the understatement as some users have reported that they were downright enraged by the dialogue issue.

It goes further than that

In previous builds, closing a tab proved to be harder than it should due to prompts and alerts via JavaScript. This created quite an inconvenience for many and as such, the Microsoft Edge team made it their business to smoothen out the control users have over the tab X. Now, the X in each tab is always available and users can always close a tab.



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