Fix: Windows 10 Update Deletes Microsoft Edge Favorites and Settings

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Windows 10 Update Deletes Edge Favorites
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Since Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users it’s no wonder that many users have switched to Windows 10. However, some users have complained that after upgrading to Windows 10 their bookmarks and favorites aren’t available in Edge, so let’s see if we can fix that.

Many of us like to bookmark our favorite websites so we can access them later, but after the Windows 10 upgrade users report that their bookmarks from Internet Explorer aren’t available in Edge, even though Microsoft has said that files and favorites will be transferred from older versions of Windows when you upgrade to Windows 10. So what has happened with our favorites, are they lost, and is there a way to restore them?

How To Restore Missing Internet Explorer Bookmarks After Windows 10 Update

Missing favorites can be a big problem since you won’t be able to access your favorite websites. In addition to missing favorites, users reported the following problems as well:

  • Internet Explorer favorites missing Windows 10 – Many users reported that their Internet Explorer favorites are missing after Windows 10 upgrade. This can be a problem, but you should be able to restore your favorites using one of our solutions.
  • Where are my favorites in Windows 10 – Many users have problems finding their favorites on Windows 10. However, you can find your favorites simply by going to your user directory.
  • Internet Explorer 11 favorites disappeared – According to users, their Internet Explorer 11 favorites disappeared on Windows 10. This is a strange problem, but you should be able to restore them by going to the Favorites directory.
  • Internet Explorer bookmarks registry – Sometimes this problem can occur due to problems with your registry. To fix them, you need to manually make a few changes to your registry.
  • Internet Explorer bookmarks to Edge – If favorites are missing in Edge, you might be able to fix the issue by importing Internet Explorer bookmarks to Edge. This is rather simple, and in this article we’re going to show you how to do it.
  • Edge favorites missing – Your Edge favorites can become missing due to various reasons, but you should be able to fix that problem using our solutions.

Solution 1 – Select Open with Internet Explorer option from Edge

If your favorites are missing after Windows 10 upgrade, you might be able to access them from Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer aren’t the same application, and if favorites are missing from Edge, they are most likely available in Internet Explorer. To access Internet Explorer, you need to do the following:

  1. Start Windows Edge.
  2. In the top right corner click the more actions button represented by three dots and select Open with Internet Explorer option from the menu.
    Internet Explorer favorites missing Windows 10
  3. Now Internet Explorer will open and you’ll have access to all of your bookmarks.

Now you should be able to export your favorites and import them to Edge with ease.

Solution 2 – Import favorites from Internet Explorer

Using Internet Explorer every time when you want to access your favorites isn’t the most practical solution, and this is why it could be a lot better that you import Internet Explorer favorites to Windows Edge.

  1. Start Edge browser.
  2. Select Hub > Favorites.
    Internet Explorer 11 favorites disappeared
  3. Now click on Import favorites button.
    Internet Explorer bookmarks registry
  4. Select Internet Explorer from the list and click on Import button.
    Internet Explorer bookmarks to Edge

Now you just have to wait for a couple of moments while your favorites are imported from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. After the importing is done, you should be able to access your favorites again.

Solution 3 – Check you Favorites directory

If your Internet Explorer favorites are missing, you might be able to access them by going to the Favorites directory on your PC. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Now enter %userprofile% in the input field and press Enter or click OK.
  3. Now go to Favorites directory and you should be able to find all your old favorites.
    Internet Explorer favorites missing Windows 10

You can also quickly access this folder simply by navigating to the C:Usersyour_usernameFavorites directory in File Explorer. Once you find your favorites, you should be able to open them in Microsoft Edge and save them once again.

Few users reported that you might be able to fix this problem simply by restoring the previous version of Favorites directory. This is relatively simple, and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Locate the Favorites directory by following the steps from above.
  2. Right click the Favorites directory and choose Properties from the menu.
    Where are my favorites in Windows 10
  3. Now navigate to Previous Version tab. Select the older version and click on Open or Restore.
    Internet Explorer 11 favorites disappeared

After doing that, you should be able to see all your old favorites.

You can also try to restore the default location for the Favorites directory. This is quite simple and to do that you need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Favorites directory, right click it and choose Properties from the menu.
  2. Now navigate to the Location tab and click on Restore Default. Click on OK to save changes.
    Where are my favorites in Windows 10

After doing that, check if the problem still persists.

Solution 4 – Check your registry

According to users, if your favorites are missing after Windows 10 upgrade, the problem might be related to your registry. Sometimes certain values aren’t pointing to the correct directories, and that can cause the problem to appear. However, you can fix that by doing the following:

  1. Press Windows Key + R and enter regedit. Press Enter or click OK.
    Internet Explorer bookmarks registry
  2. In the left pane, navigate to ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell Folders. In the right pane locate Favorites and be sure that the path to your Favorites directory is correct. By default it should be C:Usersyour_usernameFavorites. If it’s not, double click it to change it.
    Internet Explorer bookmarks to Edge
  3. Now navigate to the User Shell Folders key and check the Favorites value. It should say %USERPROFILE%Favorites. If the value is different, feel free to change it to %USERPROFILE%Favorites/.
    Edge favorites missing
  4. Optional: Make the same changes in HKEY_USERS.defaultSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionExplorerShell folders and HKEY_USERS.defaultSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionExplorerUser Shell folders keys.

Several users reported that sometimes Favorites string can point to the wrong drive or directory causing this error to occur, but as you can see, you can easily solve this problem by using one of our solutions.

That’s about it, now you know how to bring back your bookmarks to Microsoft Edge, even if the system deleted them by accident.


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None of this works for me.
None of my lost favorites were ever saved in IE. I never touched that piece of crap.
None of my lost favorites are in the directory and said directory doesn’t have any previous versions.
My registry doesn’t even have a key for the favorites directory.

So I’m being forced to use microsoft edge to watch some videos that chrome is being temperamental with – i tried to change the search engine to google but the ‘more actions’ button doesn’t seem to exist on my browser. It’s literally not there. any help?

Great customer services Mircosoft. Why won’t you address this issue? At least say something. Hell, I’d be happy if you even said, “sorry, but we ain’t gonna fix it.” At least I know you don’t have your heads up your a****.

I agree. I have received many unsolicited updates for W10 and often have lost my favorites. Also I have imported them from IE more than once but the facility does not give the option of saying certain addresses already exist – replace them or not. Instead I have about 3 repeats of my IE favourites all strung out one after the other. It is a mess.
Frequently I also try to add a new one into an existing sub-folder using the star icon. It appears to be successful but is nowhere to be found when I try to call it up again using the Hub icon (3 horizontal lines)

For me…it happens on Tuesday nights. When I come to work on Wednesday mornings…I have to reset my Favorites Bar.

I prefer my iMac over any Windows based PC, but that is a desktop and I use a Windows Laptop while in travel status. Before I go on the road, I copy my bookmarks from the iMac to a bookmarks.html file and copy this file to my PC desktop. That way I have the most updated bookmarks available to use. Problem is we should not have to find some alternative solution to work around Microsoft’s failure to correct the disappearing bookmarks issue when using Microsoft Edge browser. I have used the import from IE fix a number of times with the same outcome, the bookmarks disappear and I lose any new bookmarks that I added prior to the mysterious disappearance act. One could always export the Edge bookmarks on a routine basis to minimize loss of newly created bookmarks but again why should we have to do any workaround? Those who are way more tech savvy than this old fella are probably going laugh at my work around, but it is what If find useful in the interim until and if Microsoft ever fixes the disappearing bookmarks issue.

Sorry, but this article IS NOT HELPFUL BECAUSE EDGE DELETES MY FAVORITES AND SETTINGS AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH! Microsoft has given us a really poor replacement for IE and seems not to even acknowledge the problem. Hard to know who is worse, Microsoft or Apple any more…

None of this shows options for fixing the problem and having to import my favorites from IE into a subfolder called Imported is not an answer. Microsoft get your $h1T together!!

All well and good here, but this does not bring back any favorites you saved while using Edge. There is clearly a bug here with Edge favorites being erased every time Windows 10 does an update. Anyone home at Msoft with this issue? Getting tiresome to come in on Monday morning find all favorites and history deleted