You get what you pay for; isn’t that how it goes? More often than not, a hefty price tag acts as a quality benchmark. Hence, it’s only natural for gaming fans with a thing for Microsoft consoles to want to put their hands on the most expensive Xbox headsets.

Price plays a vital role in determining the quality of features in a gaming headset. Nevertheless, there are many factors to consider apart from the price, and the ultimate goal is to achieve an improved gaming experience. 

So, why are gaming headsets so expensive in the first place? These elements increase the cost of a gaming headset, from durability to comfort, noise-canceling, multi-connectivity, clear microphone, and broader frequency. 

Furthermore, the most expensive gaming headset for Xbox that delivers high quality must be fully equipped to accommodate all versions of the famous console.

With compatibility being such a big deal, you need to ensure that the most expensive Xbox One headset you pick will also be the best premium Xbox Series X or S headset that your money can buy.

Our selection includes not only the most expensive Xbox headsets but, overall, the best headset in the world for Xbox with excellent both extended compatibility and great features.

What is the world’s most expensive gaming headset?

When writing this article, the most expensive and best gaming headset in the world is the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal, currently selling for $499.

It is crafted to improve the immersive gaming experience on consoles and is ideally suited for PC and even mobile gamers, with tailored modes for each device. 

Its most appealing features include crystal clear sound and advanced noise-canceling with lower latency. Using the Dolby Atmosphere technology, the audio quality it boasts is unmatched. 

Furthermore, its dual-mode compatibility enables smooth wireless connectivity and a USB-C dongle. If you’re looking for the most expensive wireless headset for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, the Beoplay Portal is a worthy investment that will level up your gameplay thanks to its fine-tuned features.

What are the most expensive headsets for Xbox?

K712 PRO Over-Ear

  • Ergonomic design for enhanced comfort
  • High-quality materials (soft velour pads)
  • Sophisticated Open Technology for precise sound
  • Flat-wire voice coils for improved performance
  • Powerful sound imaging and spacious soundstage
  • The ear cups' straps are a bit flimpsy.

The AKG Pro Audio K712 Pro offers the most comfort for a fatigue-free gaming session with maximum wearing.

If you were wondering what is the best headset in the world for Xbox, you just struck gold as this product crafted from genuine soft leather will guarantee a comfortable and lightweight fit.

Its compatibility with all Xbox consoles and more makes it a fan favorite. What’s more, its sophisticated open technology ensures an improved and powerful sound quality with excellent performance.

The flat wire voice recall coupled with the 3 DB guarantees bass reproduction and impulsive response. This helps perfect the immersive gaming experience.

QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset

  • Fully compatible with all Xbox generations
  • Acoustic noise-canceling technology
  • Advanced controls for mic volumes
  • Comes with a Discord-certified mic
  • Detachable gaming module
  • Sound-cancelling does not apply when the battery is drained (wired mode).

What headset do pro Xbox gamers use? You wanted to know; we’re here to deliver – it’s this 2-in-1 Xbox headset with options for wireless gaming or wired experiences and excellent battery life.

You can game freely and go unplugged for up to 40 hours in wired gaming and 20 hours for wireless connection gaming sessions. What more can you ask for?

Also, this headset’s noise-canceling feature is second to none. The headset and the built-in mic have a noise-canceling feature that ensures a clear and crisp gaming experience.

It eliminates all external noise that may disrupt your gaming session, and that’s just one of the reasons why pro gamers appreciate this headset so much.

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Last but not least, the lightweight materials used and the soft-padded earpads ensure enjoyable and comfortable long hours of gaming.

Kraken Tournament Edition THX 7.1

  • Adjustable mic volume, noise sensitivity, and more
  • Accurate THX Spatial Audio for the ultimate surround sound realism
  • Custom-tuned drivers for immersive gaming
  • Comfortable oval design with heat dissipation and anti-pressure cushions
  • No Razer staple lighting effects

If you’re after the best surround-sound experience, the Kraken THX Tournament Edition cannot go unnoticed.

This is head and shoulders above other headsets in terms of audio quality. It delivers an enhanced ultra-realistic gaming sound beyond imagination that immerses you completely in the gaming world.

The Kraken THX 7.1 is universally compatible with all devices. From the latest Xbox series S and Ps5 to the old gens. All gamers can use it. Although, the new gens are guaranteed much-improved quality in use.

Its soft padding makes it suitable for medium to long hours of comfortable gaming without wear out or pain.

Extra tip: which is the no one gaming headset? While it does not provide the most expensive Xbox headset, Razer is one of the most potent manufacturers out there with a focus on gamers’ needs.

If the THX 7.1 Tournament Edition is not you’re cup of tea, the Razer Blackshark V2 – arguably the best headset Razer has yet produced – will catch your eye (or should we say your ear?)

Cloud Flight S - Wireless Gaming Headset

  • Sturdy build + breathable leather material
  • Best battery life (30 hours wireless gaming) + wireless Qi-charging
  • Custom-tuned virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • HyperX Ngenuity software with ear cup controls
  • The app does not allow much sound editing and mostly serves for ear cup adjusting.

This could easily be the most expensive Xbox headset based on battery life and backup. It back sets a 30 hours battery life when used for wireless connections.

HyperX Cloud Flight S’ surround sound feature is powered with a custom-tuned 7.1 sound for a surreal gaming experience. It’s compatible with all Xbox series and PlayStation consoles.

The mic features crystal clear sounds with noise cancellation and a LED mute indicator, and the Qi wireless charger provides a comfortable charging option.

Speaking about comfort, you will enjoy its large ear cups made of plush memory foam.

These are the most expensive Xbox headsets that you can get your hands on for an equally immersive gaming experience. Each has particular features that make it stand out from the rest, so don’t be shy to take a closer look.

How about the most expensive Turtle Beach Xbox One/S headsets? You can always expand your area of interest and dig deeper into what the market has to offer.

As always, we’re more than glad to help out, so don’t miss out on our best Turtle Beach headset selection. On this note, we wish you a happy gaming and crystal-clear sound!

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