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  • Browser notebook extensions are an excellent alternative to full-fledged document editing apps for quickly jotting down notes or saving web content.
  • In-browser note-taking extensions come in multiple categories ranging from full-blown annotation apps to basic text noting tools.
  • A browser notepad extension with a smartphone and desktop app offers more flexibility and freedom to use the notes anywhere, on any device.
  • Check out the list below to learn more about the top note-taking extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers. 
browser notepad extension

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There are multiple desktop note-taking applications for Windows and other platforms. However, having to open a desktop app every time you want to take a quick note is not ideal.

Notebook browser extensions can make the task easier as they are available just a click away and sit on the bookmark toolbar.

When looking for a notebook browser extension, it is important to look for apps that can help you take creative notes and are supported by a reputable company, thus improving its sustainability. 

In this article, we have compiled the list of best browser notepad extensions Chrome, Firefox, and popular browsers. These add-ons should be available irrespective of the platform you are using.

Quick Tip

If organizing tab groups in a separate customizable workspace, taking snapshots, editing and sharing your screenshot from webpages and sending files, links and notes between your devices is something you are looking for in a notebook browser extension, try Opera browser.

Opera browser comes with some must-have features built into the browser for faster, smoother and distraction-free browsing. Additionally, it comes with a built-in web tracker and ad blocker, and a free VPN.



Take advantage of a browser that contains most of the elements that you would only get as extensions in any other software option.

What are the best notebook browser extensions?

Evernote Web Clipper

Save Notes Extension

Evernote is a popular productivity app and the king of note-taking extension available for all major browsers.

It can take full-screen capture or just the parts you want to remover without cluttering the pages with ads or headlines.

All the clipped contents will be available in your Evernote account, which can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Other features offered by the extension include screenshot annotation, add tags and remarks, edit tile and save content.

Get Evernote Web Clipper

Zoho Notebook Web Clipper

Notes and Screenshots save

Zoho Notebook Web Clipper may not be as feature-loaded as the Evernote alternative, but if you don’t need too many features, it is a good extension to consider.

Clipping content from the web to your Notebook, saving as Note Cards, and immediate synchronization across your devices are some of the handy features offered by the extension.

Using the Meeting Notes feature, you can take quick notes on an online meeting using Zoom and other apps.

You can also convert any links to Smart Card, add tags, reminders to note cards and even annotate images and screenshots before adding them to your Notebook.

Get Zoho Notebook Web Clipper

Google Keep Extension

Save Notes Extension

Google Keep Extension for Chrome and other supported browsers is a browser notepad extension that offers similar functionalities as its Android app and web app.

It is a basic note-taking app with a simple user interface that can help a lot. 

Users can add a web page, image or quote and sync across the devices of all the platforms that you use.

You can also add additional details and labels to categorize your note for later retrieval.

Get Google Keep Extension

Scrible Toolbar Extension

browser notepad extension

Scrible Toolbar Extension is another lightweight browser notebook extension that offers the best way to annotate, tag or share online articles and webpages.

You can save the content to your Scrible account as well, which makes it extremely portable. 

Furthermore, you can add sticky notes that anchor to particular parts of the article, categorize your annotations with a dynamic legend or share your saved articles on social media and via email.

Get Scrible Toolbar Extension


browser notepad extension

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Having to track sources manually when collecting for research can be a tedious tak.

With Citable, you can save quotes and notes from the web into Google spreadsheets.

All the notes saved in a spreadsheet in your Google Docs account to enable collaboration with colleagues and friends. It also includes a printing template to simplify printing notes directly onto sticky notes.

Get Citable


browser notepad extension

Most of the notebook extension opens in the same tab, which can feel a little cluttered.

Dashnotes effortlessly takes quick notes on your new tab. It can also save HTML videos directly from Youtube and other sources.

Furthermore, you can also add your own notes and customize them with new themes.

Get Dashnotes


notebook browser extensions

Instead of capturing screenshots, you want to save text from a web page, use Beanote.

It allows you to highlight any text and then save it in multiple formats. You can also color-code notes for better organization, write comments, and create sticky notes anywhere on the web page. 

Get Beanote


notebook browser extensions

Remindoro is a Chrome productivity extension. You can set one-time/repeatable reminders to receive notifications for links to read, notes and activities.

Alternatively, you can also use this extension as just a note-taking app. Use the save pages to read later feature to save the current web page to the Remindoro.

Get Remindoro


notebook browser extensions

Harvest is not a note-taking app but a productivity extension for Chrome to track time from your browser.

Using the app, you can track time from the desktop app, web, Basecamp, Trello, GitHub, and mobile devices to keep track of projects.

Each task page consists of project details and a start/stop button. 

Get Harvest

Sticky Notes

notebook browser extensions

If you want to spice up your in-browser note-taking app, check out Sticky Notes.

A browser notebook extension with animated themes, fonts, and backup features.

While the basic features are free to use, access to additional features requires a premium subscription.

Get Sticky Notes

The browser notebook extensions are an excellent alternative to full-fledged document apps like Google Docs.

These extensions are simple to use and offer only the handful of features you need from a note-taking app, including sync support.

Explore the list and let us know your favourite app in the comments below.

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