What are the best software to open WPS files on Windows 10?

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WPS file is a document created using Microsoft Works word processing software. The file format is similar to .DOC of Microsoft Word but lacks some advanced formatting options that a Word document usually contains.

The default software used to open WPS files was Microsoft Works 9 but the software was discontinued in 2010. However, there are many software programs like MS Word and MS Publisher that can open WPS files but you would need to select older file format which can be tasking.

Here are some of the best software that you can use to open WPS files today.

Open WPS files on Windows 10 with these tools


File Viewer Plus (recommended)


how to open wps files in windows 10File Viewer Plus is one of the best file viewers available. You can use the software to convert documents, images, and files to other file formats. In addition, you can also modify and save images using the inbuilt image editor. For every file, you open you can access hidden features as the tool allows access to secured file paths..

Meanwhile, File Viewer supports over 300 file format types and supports WPS file type. With File Viewer Plus you can open, edit and modify the information contained in your WPS file format. Hence, you can use this software to open WPS files on Windows 10 computer.

Lastly, this tool comes with a user manual which gives you clear tutorials on how to use the software effectively. File viewer supports all Windows operating system most especially Windows 10.

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how to open wps files in windows 10LibreOffice is an excellent open source office suite usually used as an alternative to Microsoft office. The suite contains applications similar to Microsoft Office such as “Writer” which is the word processor, “Calc” which is similar to excel, and “Impress” which is a presentation application.

This software has an easy-to-use graphical user interface and you’ll find it easy to adjust from MS Office as their applications have similar settings to Microsoft Office. The writer application is a good substitute for MS word and can open many file formats including WPS formats.

With the writer application, you can edit, modify, and open WPS files in Windows 10 PC. This makes it ideal software for your WPS file formats as other formatting options such as fonts, table insertion are similar to Microsoft works.

Although the software is limited in overall functions when compared to office, it is still a nice alternative to have as you can open WPS files and it’s free to download as well.

Download LibreOffice


Microsoft Works

how to open wps files in windows 10Although Microsoft Works is no longer maintained by Microsoft, it is still available for download on various third-party websites. Microsoft Works is a smaller version of Microsoft office suite as it is a productivity suite developed for personal use at home.

This office suite contains a word processor for creating resumes, letters, and other documents, a works spreadsheet which is for recording and analyzing data such as inventories, and a works database which is used to store information such as emails and contacts.

In addition, the Works word processor default file format is WPS and users can open, edit and modify WPS files with tools available to customize contents contained in the file. Other format such as Microsoft Word DOCX format is also supported.

However, Works is a great alternative to Microsoft office suite for your personal use; hence, it combines all the qualities of the office suite in a smaller package. Meanwhile, you can use Microsoft Works to open WPS files on Windows 10 computers.

Download Microsoft Works

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NCH Doxillion

how to open wps files in windows 10This software is a free document converter which converts file formats from one format to another. The software enables you to access files before converting them and is a handy software to have on your Windows 10 PC.

NCH Doxillion supports many file formats from DOC, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, WPD, ODT, and most especially WPS file format. You can open your WPS file formats and view contents in it, although editing tools are limited in this tool. Also, minor adjustments to the WPS documents such as change of fonts can be made.

Since NCH Doxillion is mainly a file converter, you can convert batches of WPS files into whatever format you want for further use. However, the software uses a simple drag and drop mechanism to convert file formats and is available for Windows 10 operating system.

Download NCH Doxillion

Have you used any of the software we mentioned above to open WPS files on Windows 10 PC? Share your experience with us. Feel free to comment below.



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