How to see which folder an Outlook email is in

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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find an email's folder in outlook

The Outlook search results don’t always make it entirely clear what folder an email message is in. Some users might need to check what folders there emails are in so they can be sure they’re in the right folders.

There are a couple of straightforward ways you can see what folder an Outlook email is in.

How can I check what folder includes an Outlook email?

1. Open the properties window for the email

Users can discover what folder an email is in by opening the properties window for it. Double-click an email message in Outlook to open it. Then press the Alt + Enter hotkey to open the properties window for that message.

That window’s Location detail displays the folder title for that email.

Additionally, if Outlook won’t search all emails on Windows 10, you can check out this simple guide to solve the problem in no time.

2. Find the full folder path via the Advanced Find window

  1. You can find the full folder path for an Outlook email via the Advanced Find window. Double-click an email in Outlook to open the message for it.
  2. Then press the Ctrl + Shift + F hotkey to open the Advanced Find window shown directly below.Advanced Find window outlook how to see which folder an email is in
  3. The In field for that message will already display the folder title for the message that was open when you pressed the Advanced Find keyboard shortcut. Click the Browse button to open the Select Folders window.
  4. You can then see the folder for that email, highlighted with a selected check box, as well as the full path for it within the folder hierarchy. Click the OK button to exit that window.

So, Advanced Find and the properties windows for email will tell you what folder an email is in. Then you can move an email to an alternative folder if needed when you’re clear what folder currently includes it.

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