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A drive partition is a separate region of a hard disk. By default your hard disk is one C: drive, but you can split it up into smaller ones with partition manager software. The advantage of partitioning a C: drive is that you can separate user files from the OS files. Additional partitions can be handy for multi-boot setups with alternative operating systems on separate partitions. Although Windows 10 does include partitioning tools, third-party partition manager utilities have more extensive options. These are some of the more notable partition manager software packages for Windows 10.

MiniTool Partition Wizard (recommended)

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MiniTool Partition Wizard’s website boasts that this utility has had more than 16 million downloads. Even though it provides a plethora of advanced disk management tools, the program is surprisingly straightforward to use with its Actions & Wizards sidebar and color-coded partition indicators. The software has freeware, Pro, Server, Enterprise and Technician editions.

The freeware version has a good variety of options for resizing, splitting, aligning, moving, creating, deleting and formatting basic partitions. However, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version, retailing at $39, to merge partitions and create, delete and format dynamic volumes.

The software’s Partition Recovery Wizard works a charm and enables users to recover all partitions. MiniTool Partition Wizard also supports all hard disks such as IDE, SCSI and external USB disks.

Paragon Partition Manager (suggested)

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Paragon Partition Manager 15 (recommended) is a good all-in-one choice for partitioning hard drives. Aside from all its partitioning options, it also includes backup and restore tools so that users can back up files and clone entire hard disks. The software has a freeware, Home and Professional version.

With the freeware version users can create, format, move, resize and delete partitions. If you upgrade to the Home edition, you can split and merge partitions and redistribute free space to increase partition storage. The Home and Pro versions also have a handy boot manager that enables you to choose an OS to boot with and set up OS parameters.

Paragon Partition Manager also has an intuitive UI reminiscent of the Windows 10 Start screen. The Express Launcher has tiles that provide easy access to the software’s wizards and utilities. Partitioning hard disks is a breeze with the Split Partition Wizard.

EaseUS Partition Master

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EaseUS Partition Master is a highly rated utility for partitioning hard disks. This also has a Standard version you can add to Windows 10 by clicking Free Download on this page. The Pro version is retailing at $40.00, and that includes extra options for resizing dynamic volumes, migrating OS, converting dynamic disk and more besides.

However, the freeware version alone packs a lot in. With that you can resize, merge, move and split partitions. It provides you with recovery tools to restore lost partitions with. You can copy partitions to new disks with the program’s Partition Copy Wizard. EaseUS Partition Master’s defrag option is also a good system tool to include.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant is another third-party package that provides a great alternative to Windows 10’s Disk Management tool. It has a fairly extensive freeware version, but you can also upgrade to Professional, Server, Unlimited or Technician editions if required. Click Download Freeware on this website page to save its setup wizard to Windows.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is chock-a-block with partition management wizards. For example, users can select Disk Copy, Partition Copy, Partition Recovery, Migrate OS to SSD and Extend Partition wizards from the software’s sidebar. Below those you can select a variety of options for copying, merging, creating, splitting, moving, formatting and deleting partitions. Its Quick Partition option is a great addition that enables users to re-partition a hard disk in just a few clicks. This software also enables users to queue multiple operations that you can then execute simultaneously.

Those are four recommended partition management utilities for Windows. With those software packages you can partition your hard disk quickly and efficiently. Some of them also include additional backup tools.


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