Add Xbox Games To Steam: Complete Guide

Easily add games using the built-in method and a third-party app

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  • Steam is a popular digital game distribution service for Windows 10 that allows users to add games from the Microsoft Store.
  • There is a specific option to add non-Steam games that you need to access.
  • You can add game shortcuts from the MS Store using an open-source software.
  • You can then launch MS Store games from your game library successfully.
How to add xbox games to steam

Steam is the biggest game client software for Windows and is the preferred choice for many users. Steam had close to 69 million registered users in 2021.

It provides a library interface primarily for Steam games but offers support for Microsoft Store and Xbox games as well.

The process to add Xbox games to Steam is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Read the following sections to find out how to add Xbox or Microsoft Store games to Steam.

Can you play Xbox games on Steam?

Yes, you can easily add and play Xbox games as well as those downloaded from the Windows Store on Steam. The gaming platform allows users to seamlessly add non-Steam games using the built-in method and a third-party app.

Remember that you might have trouble playing a few of these games due to compatibility issues. But things sure will improve in the coming days.

Can I add Xbox Game Pass games to Steam?

Again, the answer would be, Yes! You can add Xbox Game Pass games to Steam using a dedicated third-party tool like UWPHook.

It’s simple to use and has a pretty straightforward interface. If you face any trouble with the app, we have the steps listed in the next section for linking the Xbox Game Pass to Steam.

How can I add Xbox games to Steam?

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1. Select the Add a non-Steam game to my Library option

  1. First, find the folder path for the game to add to Steam by pressing Windows + E.
  2. Paste the following path in the File Explorer’s address bar and hit Enter:C:\Program Files\WindowsAppsPaste path to open add xbox games to steam
  3. If that folder has denied permission, right-click it and select Properties.Properties
  4. Navigate to the Security tab, and click on Advanced.Advanced to add xbox games to steam
  5. Next, click on Change.Change
  6. Enter the title for your user account listed in the Principal column on the Permissions tab. For example, if the Principal title is Users, enter that, and click OK.OK
  7. Select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.tick checkbox
  8. Thereafter, open the WindowsApps folder and search for the folder that includes the Xbox game you want to add to Steam. Note down the full folder path for it.
  9. Next, open the Steam software, and go to the Library.
  10. Click on Add a game, and then select Add a Non-Steam game option.Add a non-steam game to add add xbox games to steam
  11. If the Add a game window that opens lists the Xbox game app, select it and click the Add selected programs button.
  12. If the Xbox game is not listed, click the Browse button.Browse
  13. Select the Xbox game at the folder path noted down for it previously.
  14. Click the Open button.
  15. Select the new game listed on the Add a Game window, and click the Add selected programs option.Add selected programs 

Steam includes an option that allows users to add Xbox app games to Steam.

If you can’t open a certain path because File Explorer crashes, fixing it wouldn’t take much time.

2. Add Xbox games to Steam with an open-source tool

  1. Download UWPHook software. This is an open-source tool under the MIT License.
  2. Open the UWPHook installer, click the I agree check box, and then press the Install button.
    UWPHook setup window how to play microsoft store games on steam
  3. Open the UWPHook window.
  4. Click the Load installed UWP Apps button.
  5. Then select the UWP game apps listed to add to Steam.The UWPHook window how to play microsoft store games on steam
  6. Click the Export selected Apps to Steam option.
  7. Then open the Steam software. It should now include the Xbox apps selected in UWPHook.

Alternatively, users can add Universal Windows Platform (UWP) MS Store and Xbox games to Steam with the UWPHook software. Then they can launch these from their Steam game libraries.

Note, however, that users can’t download updates for the UWP games or play them online through Steam. Nor will Steam controllers and overlays work with UWP games added to the gaming client with UWPHook.

You now know how to add Windows Store Games and Xbox games to Steam and can play these directly from the best gaming platform. Also, find out what to do if Steam doesn’t recognize installed games.

We hope that these solutions helped you to add Xbox games on Steam. For more suggestions or other questions, please access the comments section below.

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