Fix: The password won’t be encrypted when sent Power BI error

by Tashreef Shareef
Tashreef Shareef
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Client certificate authentication Power Bi error
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Power BI is a popular data visualization BI tool that allows the companies to present their data in a new way. Sometimes, while working with the API in Denodo, you may encounter “The password won’t be encrypted when sent” error.

This error is not common hence there are not many resources on how to fix it. The error seems to occur when the users try to connect to an API in Denodo to Power Bi or similar function as reported in the Power BI community.

I am trying to connect to an API in Denodo to Power BI. I have specified the Authentication as HTTP Basic and have given a login and a Password in Denodo.
While connecting to the Power BI using the HTTP BasicAuthentication I am getting the error as -The password won’t be encrypted when sent

If you are also troubled by this error, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you resolve “the password won’t be encrypted when sent” error in Power Bi.

Steps to fix Power Bi Denodo API encryption issue

1. Check if the action is supported

The password won't be encrypted when sent Power BI

  1. As of writing this, Power bi did not support encrypted password for the web API call.
  2. So, when trying to access the Web API in Denodo to Power Bi, it will reject the request.
  3. Client certificate authentication option in Power Query is one of the most requested option, but Microsoft is yet to include it in Power BI.
  4. You can vote for or check the status of the request for Client certificate authentication on the official page.

2. Use third-party BI tools

The password won't be encrypted when sent Power BI

  1. If the Client certificate authentication is a must, have a look at other BI tools.
  2. Tableau is one of the popular BI tools to offer Client certificate authentication.
  3. Tableau comes with a free trial to test the tool before making a purchase.


To fix the password won’t be encrypted when sent error in Power BI, either you need to wait for Microsoft to add the feature to Power Bi or opt for other BI tools like Tableau. Do let us know which BI tool you prefer the most in the comments.


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