Power BI total doesn’t add up? Try these solutions

by Tashreef Shareef
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Power BI table total error

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Power Bi is a powerful data visualization BI tool from Microsoft. It offers companies the ability to present data in new ways with interactive data visualization. That said, sometime, in Power Bi total measures may not add up. Multiple users have reported “Power BI total doesn’t add up” issue.

Several users have reported similar issues in the Power BI community. According to the users, the totals don’t add up the table after applying filters.

I have this measure -> GP = – 1800 + SUM(vw_PivotVisitsInvoiced[Income Generated])
Calc Column -> Income Generated = vw_PivotVisitsInvoiced[Visits_NoHrs] * 6.25
Why is my total below not right?

This error is usually caused due to the incorrect table relationship or calculation formula. If you are also troubled by this issue, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to fix Power BI total doesn’t add up error.

How to fix Power BI table doesn’t show total

1. Check table measures

Power BI total doesn't add up

  1. If your issue is similar to what is in the quote above, then try using SUMX().
  2. Since your GP is a measure, at the grand total, first it will just sum all the data together and then subtract by a given number.
  3. By using SUMX(), you can evaluate the expression on each row. Check the example below:
    GP =SUMX(vw_PivotVisitsInvoiced,vw_PivotVisitsInvoiced[Income Generated]-1800)
  4. Use the SUMX() and check if it helps resolve the issue.

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2. Check your table relationship

Power BI total doesn't add up

  1. If you are trying to add the filter to the table and the total doesn’t add up, it can be related to your table relationship.
  2. One way to fix this is to change the cross filter direction between tblProjects and tblEvents from SIngle to Both.
  3. Once you have changed the cross filter, the result should be as expected, and the table should add up.

3. Other solutions to try

Power BI total doesn't add up

  1. One issue with Power BI problems is that the solution for each problem can be different depending on the problem and the expected result. However, the tablet doesn’t add up usually occurs if the formula you are using is incorrect.
  2. Go through the measures again and check if everything is right. If you are unable to find any issue, ask for help in the Power BI community.

The solution for Power BI total doesn’t add up can vary for each user. However, most of the time, the issue is due to incorrect measures. Follow the steps in this article and try to make changes to your measures accordingly.

If the issue persists, use the Power BI community link given above to get more help. The Power BI community can help you with your problem.