10 steps to fix wireless adapter or access point issues on PC

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Many Windows 10 PCs access the Internet using the wireless adapter. Still, wireless adapters can cause problems, especially if you don’t configure them properly.

One issue that users reported is the Problem with wireless adapter or access point error message, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to fix it.

This issue mainly shows up on certain laptop models. That’s not surprising at all, as laptops mainly use wireless networks after all.

Also, these are laptop brands that are most prone to this issue (although it may occur on basically any laptop): HP, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo, Acer.

How can I fix the problems with the wireless adapter?

  1. Update the wireless drivers
  2. Switch to wired connection
  3. Remove antivirus
  4. Delete your wireless profile
  5. Check if your password is correct
  6. Use some Command Prompt solutions
  7. Check if your wireless adapter is disabled
  8. Change the name and password for your WiFi connection
  9. Reset your router
  10. Check for Windows Updates

We’ve written extensively about wireless adapter issues before. Bookmark this page in case you need it later.

1. Update the wireless driversSearching and downloading drivers manually can be a long, risky and tedious process. Therefore, you might want to use DriverFix, an awesome tool that automatically downloads and installs the necessary drivers.

After several tests, our team concluded that this is the best-automatized, hassle-free solution.

It’s extremely easy to use too but you can judge that by yourself. Start by downloading and installing DriverFix, then just start the program.

The software doesn’t need any command since it will start the automatic scanning of your system, looking for missing or problematic drivers.

After this short process, you will receive a list of recommended drivers to install.

DriverFix automatically update driversAll that’s left now is to install them separately or as a whole, by checking the Select All box from under the Updates Center.

Of course, it’s easier to install them all together but if you have any reasons not to, you can still choose one or several by checking the corresponding box to the left of their names.

The install buttons are to their right side, after the Info column.



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Install the drivers manually

We started with the easy and comfortable way but you can also install the drivers in the old-fashioned way, by using Device Manager.

Open Device Manager, look for your network adapter, right-click on it, and select Update Driver. Next, click on Search automatically for drivers and see if the system finds a new one.

There is also the option to visit your network adapter manufacturer’s website, locate your device, and download the latest drivers for it.

You can also try installing the drivers using the CD you got with your wireless adapter. Installing drivers from a CD is a great solution if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Still, bear in mind that those drivers probably aren’t the latest.

2. Switch to a wired connection

Using a wired connection on a laptop really kills the vibe. Still, if you’re unable to connect to a WiFi network, you really have no choice, at least until the problem gets resolved.

So, connect your laptop to your router with the LAN cable. If the WiFi connection is the only problem, you should connect to the internet without any problems.

Also, since some of the upcoming solutions require the Internet connection, we advise you to keep that LAN cable by your side, until we find a proper solution.

If you’re still unable to connect to the Internet, even though you’re using the wired connection, something is wrong with your router. In this case, we recommend you to check out this article.

3. Remove your antivirus software

Antivirus software is important for your online safety. Unfortunately, some antivirus programs can interfere with your wireless connection and cause the Problem with wireless adapter or access point error.

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To fix this issue you need to temporarily disable or remove all third-party antivirus tools from your PC. Users reported that McAfee is causing this problem.

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4. Delete your wireless profile

  1. Type cmd in Windows Search and click on Run as administrator to open Command Prompt.
  2. Enter the following command and press Enter (replace WirelessProfileName with the actual name of your wireless connection): netsh wlan delete profile name="WirelessProfileName"problem-wireless-adapter-access-point-netsh
  3. Reconnect and reconfigure the network in order to fix wireless adapter problems.

The WiFi network is not showing up on your laptop? Fix the issue with this expert guide

5. Check if your password is correct

You should always protect your Wi-Fi network with a password. Sometimes, you might accidentally enter the wrong password while trying to connect to the wireless network.

To fix this problem, disconnect from your network and reconnect again, but be sure that your password is correct.

Users reported that in some rare cases your keyboard might enter different characters, especially if you use different input languages on your PC. Therefore, be sure to double-check your password.

Also, you can use a password manager from this list to remember all your passwords.

6. Use Command Prompt

  1. Start Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. Enter the following lines:
    • netsh winsock reset
    • netsh int ip reset
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
    • ipconfig /flushdns

7. Check if your wireless adapter is disabled

  1. Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager from the list of options.
  2. Locate your wireless adapter and double click it to open its properties.
  3. Go to the Driver tab and look for the Enable button. If you don’t see the Enable button, it means that your device is enabled and working.

8. Change the name and password for your Wi-Fi connection

According to users, you can fix this issue simply by changing the name and password of your wireless network.

This is a pretty simple procedure. If you don’t know how to do it, check your router’s instruction manual for details.

9. Reset your router

This error can be caused by improper router configuration.  According to users, you can fix this problem by resetting your router.

To do that, just press the reset button on your router, or open the router settings and select the reset option.

Before resetting your router you might want to save and export your configuration so you don’t have to enter it manually.

For more information on how to reset your router or how to export your router’s configuration, be sure to check your router’s manual.

You don’t know how to configure your router? We have a list with the best software for that

10. Check for Windows Updates

Microsoft partners with many hardware manufacturers. Therefore, there’s a legit chance you’ll get your wireless adapter update through Windows Update.

So, connect that LAN cable, and check for updates. In case there’s a new update for your router, the system will install it automatically

Other common network errors on Windows 10

This isn’t by far the single problem in Windows 10 when it comes to Internet connectivity. You might have encountered other similar ones, and we have solutions for quite a few of them:

Note: These solutions are not only for Windows 10 PC. You can try them for Windows 8 and 8.1.

Let us know in the comment section which one worked for you. We will be glad to recommend them in the first place.

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