6 of the best software to fix Album Art issues

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  • Album art is a form of metadata that helps you better identify a song, as well as the album that it belongs to.
  • Unfortunately, songs may sometimes come without album art, or it may get corrupted at some point.
  • That is when a good software solution like Adobe Audition and many more others can come in handy.
  • For more guide slike this one, check out our Audio page.
fix album art
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An important feature of every music album is the Album Art —  this tool helps you to quickly identify different as you browse your music library. An Album Art is usually embedded with most music files.

However, sometimes this may not be the case. This could cause difficulties when surfing your music library on a portable device such as your MP4 player.

Meanwhile, you can always solve this problem by downloading Album Art individually from websites that offer album art. However, when trying to update multiple albums this method is tedious and consumes a lot of time.

The best way to fix Album Art is to use an Album Art downloader. These downloaders search multiple album art website sources to get matching art for your music albums.

What are the best programs that can fix album art?

Adobe Audition

At first glance, those of you that know a little bit about Adobe Audition are probably wondering why it is at the top of our list.

Understandably, an audio editor may seem like the last place you should be looking for if you want to fix an audio file’s album art.

However, Adobe Audition’s toolset is also comprised of several features that have to do with creating, editing, and clearing an audio file’s metadata, and that includes album art.

That being said, if you want all of your songs to be well organized, with their album art placed nicely, then you might as well give this tool a try.

More so, you can use it to do a little remastering or remixing of the songs while you’re at it since Audition has everything you need.

Here are some of the pros of using Adobe Audition:

  • Makes quick and efficient work of an audio file’s metadata
  • Great for remastering and editing songs
  • Efficient at removing background noises and imperfections from recordings
  • Compatible with most other Adobe products
  • Can be tested for free for 7 days

Download Adobe Audition for free


best program to fix album artTarghycardia is a free utility tagging tool which fixes album art and tags in music files. The utility helps users to repair tag problems which may cause your music to be inaccessible on your Windows PC.

In addition, Targhycardia scans your music directories for music files without album art and searches the internet for matching album art which can be embedded in your music file.

The program uses a system which automatically detects corrupt tracks numbers from your music directories and replaces them with correct ones. Targhycardia has a lyric downloader that can be used to download and embed lyrics to your music.

Lastly, this program is an excellent program to fix album art.

Download Taghycardia

Cover Retriever

best program to fix album artThis freeware is quite resourceful in downloading missing album art for your music player. Cover Retriever works by searching for the album art on Google search engine from the music tags found in your music player.

In addition, this tool enables you to save your album art downloaded by clicking on the audio files with the title cover.

Also, the program also searches for album covers by scanning your music folder and saves the correct cover in the audio file. Cover retriever is simple to use and is an ideal album art fix program.

Download Cover Retriever

Album Art Downloader

best program to fix album artAlbum Art Downloader is a popular program to fix album art. The program is free to use and automatically searches for matching album art for your music files.

The program then places the correct album art into their corresponding music file in your music folder. However, Album Art Downloader has a huge list of sources which are regularly updated to ensure the latest Album Art is available.

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The program has a simple attractive user interface which makes it an ideal album art fix program for beginners.

Meanwhile, album art downloaded from this program is easily saved to the music folder which your music player can access.

Download Album Art Downloader


fix album art bliss software

Bliss album art downloader is an excellent application that is widely used to fix album art problems. The software comes with over 300 free album fixes. The software has integration with many music players.

In addition, Bliss is also compatible with iTunes and runs in the background when searching the web for compatible album art. The software only searches a single library at a time and automatically saves the album art to the music file.

Meanwhile, the software has a clean interface that presents a brief tutorial that guides users on the basics of the application. Bliss is free to download and compatible with the Windows operating system.

Download Bliss


best program to fix album artThis cover downloader enables users to easily fix album arts to desired mp3 files. Creevity cover downloader automatically searches your music folder for music without album art and searches for the correct album art on the internet.

After which it downloads the album art and embeds it into your mp3 collection.

Meanwhile, Creevity has an easy to use interface with an inbuilt music player and tag editor. Also, this program is compatible with many popular music players such as Windows media player and iTunes. Moreover, this is an excellent tool to fix album art.

Download Creevity

Conclusively, the programs listed above are the best programs to fix Album Art. Although they may seem to have similar attributes as they mainly search online for Album Art to fix your music files.

They differ in various functionality and compatibility with music players.

FAQ: Learn more about album art

  • Can album art be used freely?

Under normal circumstances, original artwork for album covers is intended to help identify and sell albums for the financial gain of the artists involved, and are therefore usually trademarked.

  • Why did my song’s album art disappear?

Album art is usually the first type of metadata to disappear if you ever convert a song in order to reduce its size.

  • Can I make my own album art?

Yes, with a little bit of image editing knowledge, anyone can create their own album art. Of course, having a good image editor like the ones on this list does help.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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