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Some users have stated in forums that a Server execution failed error message appears when they try to open File Explorer. Consequently, those users can’t utilize File Explorer.

Are you seeing the Explorer.exe Server Execution Failed on your computer? Fix it by setting up a new Admin account. That should promptly deal with the issue, seemingly caused by the corruption of your current profile. Alternatively, try editing the registry entry or rolling back Windows 10 to an earlier point.

Read about instruction in detail below.

Why does my computer say Server execution failed?

  1. Set Up a new Admin Account
  2. Edit the Registry
  3. Roll Back Windows 10
  4. Reset Windows 10

1. Set Up a new Admin Account

The Server execution failed error is usually due to a corrupted user account. Some users have fixed the issue by logging in to Windows’ built-in admin account. This is how users can activate the built-in admin account.

  1. Open the Cortana app with the Windows key + Q hotkey.
  2. Enter the search keyword ‘cmd’ in the text box.
  3. Then right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  4. Enter net user administrator /active:yes in the Prompt, and press the Return user administrator /active:yes
  5. Close the Command Prompt, and restart Windows 10.
  6. Log in to the new Administrator account.
  7. Then try opening File Explorer in the new admin account.

2. Edit the Registry

Other users have fixed the Server execution failed by restoring the Personal string value in the registry to its default %USERPROFILE%Documents value. However, set up a system restore point before editing the registry just in case. Then follow the guidelines below to edit the registry.

  1. Press the Windows key + X hotkey, and click Run to open that accessory.
  2. Then input ‘regedit’ in Run’s Open box, and select the OK option.
  3. Enter this path in the registry editor’s address bar: Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software  > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Shell Folders.Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software  > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Shell Folders
  4. Then double-click Personal to open the window shown directly below.edit string %userprofile%Documents
  5. The Value data box for the Personal string should include the path for your Documents folder. Enter ‘%USERPROFILE%Documents’ in the Value data box.
  6. Then click the OK button.
  7. Close the Registry Editor, and restart Windows.

3. Roll Back Windows 10

The System Restore utility might fix the Server execution failed error for corrupted user accounts. System Restore might provide a resolution if users can restore Windows to a date when File Explorer opened ok. Users can roll back Windows 10 as follows.

  1. Open Run’s Window.
  2. Enter ‘rstrui’ in the Open box, and select the OK option.
  3. Click Next and select Show more restore points.system restore
  4. Select a restore point to roll Windows back to.
  5. Press the Scan for affected programs button to check what software gets deleted for a restore point.system restore check affected programs
  6. Click Next to select the Finish option.

4. Reset Windows 10

As a last resort, try resetting Windows 10. That will reset Windows 10 to its default settings, but users will also need to reinstall the software that didn’t come bundled with the platform. Users can reset Win 10 as follows.

  1. Press the Windows + S hotkey.
  2. Enter ‘reset’ as the search keyword.
  3. Then click Reset this PC to open the Settings window as shown directly below.reset windows 10
  4. Click Get started to open the window shown below.reset windows 10 keep my files
  5. Select the Keep my files option.
  6. Then press the Next and Reset buttons to confirm.

That’s how users can fix the Server execution failed in Windows 10. Users who have fixed the same error with any other alternative resolutions are welcome to share those fixes below.



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