How to edit, delete or archive a Slack channel

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  • If you’re working with a team, Slack is one of the best tools that you can use in order to organize and communicate with your team.
  • Channels are an essential part of Slack, and in this article we’ll show you how to edit, delete and archive channels on Slack.
  • Slack is one of the best tools for team management and organization, but if you’re looking for a similar tool, be sure to check our productivity software section.
  • We covered Slack extensively in the past, and if you’re looking for more how to guides on Slack, head over to our Slack hub for more information.
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Slack is one of the best alternative instant-messaging apps to Skype that you can utilize on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

You can set up various different chat channels within Slack’s Windows desktop app. Then you can also edit, delete, and archive those channels a little later if required.

How can I edit, delete, or archive a channel in Slack?

1. Edit a channel

  1. Select the channel to edit on the left of Slack’s window
  2. Click the Conversation settings button shown directly below
    Conversation settings menu slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel
  3. Select Additional options on the menu, which opens the options shown directly belowAdditional options menu slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel
  4. There you can edit a channel by renaming it
  5. Click the Rename this channel option
  6. Then enter a new title for the channel
  7. You can also convert a Slack channel to a more closed private alternative
  8. Click the Change to a private channel option
  9. Then click Change to private to provide further confirmation
    • However, note that you can’t revert the channel back to a public one.

Want to set up a shared channel in Slack? Check out this guide and learn how you can do it.

2. Delete a channel

  1. To erase a channel, open the Additional options menu as outlined above
  2. Click the Delete this channel option
  3. Select the Yes, permanently delete this channel checkboxDelete Channel button slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel
  4. Press the Delete Channel button

3. Archive a channel

  1. Open the Additional options menu again
  2. Select the Archive this channel option
  3. Then select the Yes, archive this channel option to confirmArchive the channel button slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel
    • As the channel is archived, you can restore it
  4. Click Channels at the top of the channel listChannels option slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel
  5. Click All channels on the Show drop-down menu, and then select the Archived channels optionBrowse Channels search box slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel
  6. Select an archived channel to open
  7. Click the Conversation settings button
  8. Select the Un-archive channel option on the menu

Un-archive option slack how to edit, delete or archive a channel

So, that’s how you can edit, delete, and archive channels within the Slack Windows desktop app. You can also do the same in the Slack web app.

Note, however, that only Admin users can edit, delete, and archive channels within a Slack workspace.

Do you like to edit, delete, or archive the Slack channels that you manage? Tell us what do you usually go for in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, once you delete a message on Slack it’s completely gone and unrecoverable.

  • Only channel owners and channel members can see a private channel. However, owners can legally request all Slack data, including private messages and channels to be delivered to them.

  • After you’re added to a workspace, select Channels from the left pane and click on the channel you want to join. Now click Join Channel to join.

  • Yes, you can delete your Slack history manually. If you want to delete it completely, check out the Slack Cleaner project on GitHub.

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