Block other Wi-Fi users with these 5 software solutions

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Wi-Fi is an important feature for internet connectivity. Many devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, and smart watches can be connected to Wi-Fi connections. Some major benefits of Wi-Fi include portability, increased internet speed for streaming, gaming and downloading of heavy files.

Although, there are many ways of making your Wi-Fi secured with WPA2 and a strong password. It is possible that your friends might have accessed your password details and shared it with others. This can lead to heavy data usage and/or people having access to your network and confidential shared files on your Wi-Fi network.

However, many Wi-Fi routers enable users to see the list of connected devices on your Wi-Fi connection; some hackers have various ways of connecting without your knowledge. Hence, Windows Report team has compiled some of the best software that can be used to monitor your Wi-Fi connections and block illegally-connected devices.

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Block other users from connecting to Wi-Fi


Advanced IP Scanner

best software to block other wifi usersAdvanced IP Scanner is a comprehensive tool which can perform numerous administrative tasks including scanning your network for connections. The software also enables you to remotely shut down your Wi-Fi connections via HTTP/FTP protocols.

In addition, this tool helps you to set the address ranges for all your connections which are scanned to view active connections. After scanning, the software displays all the information of the connected devices and enables for you to remove unwanted devices from your connection.

Furthermore, Advanced IP Scanner is excellent utility software to block other Wi-Fi users. Also, this tool is compatible with Windows OS and can be executed from a USB device.

Download Advanced IP Scanner


Who is on my Wi-Fi

best software to block other wifi usersThis tool is an excellent program for detecting and removing devices on your Wi-Fi connection. Who is on my Wi-Fi software works by scanning and identifying your Wi-Fi connections for unknown connections.

Firstly, the software scans your connection address range and shows the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi. Once an unknown network is detected, you receive an alert which gives you information about the device.

Also, you can configure the scanning intervals to your preference and it includes 2mins, 5mins, and 10mins.

Although, this tool is free to download but to get more features, you need to upgrade to the paid plan which costs $9.95 a month. This may seem expensive but the main features make it good value for money.

Download Who is on my Wifi


Wireless Network Watcher

best software to block other wifi usersWireless Network Watcher is one of the best software to block other Wi-Fi users. This utility software requires no setting of Wi-Fi address range, as it automatically scans your main network for connected devices. You can also set custom IP address for the tool to search for connected devices.

Also, this tool scans quickly and displays full information about connected devices such as device name, IP address, Mac address, and activity state. The software also uses a cool alert system which gives a sharp sound when unknown devices connect to your wireless connection.

You can easily disconnect Wi-Fi devices and the software can run in the background while running scans on an interval basis.

Download Wireless Network Watcher


Angry IP Scanner

best software to block other wifi usersAngry IP Scanner is a useful Java tool which can be used to manage your Wi-Fi connections. The tool also has a well-arranged menu with necessary features for blocking other people from connecting to your Wi-Fi connection.

In order to use this tool on your Windows PC, you have to install Java Runtime on your computer. After installation, the tool scans your network adapter from a pre-selected list of IP addresses. You can also import your IP list text file for numerous Wi-Fi connections. The program scanning process is very fast due to its multiple thread system.

Lastly, Angry IP Scanner is a useful tool for blocking Wi-Fi connections. Although, you need to have Java Runtime installed on your system to use this tool.

Download Angry IP


Network Scanner

best software to block other wifi usersSoftperfect’s Network Scanner is an excellent program for detecting and blocking unwanted devices from your Wi-Fi connection.  The program scans your network adapter with a simple click on its main window.

After clicking the “Scan Now” tab, it scans all devices connected to your network and displays all devices connected to your network.

Meanwhile, this tool enables you to tick devices found as known devices while any device that is unknown is blocked from accessing your Wi-Fi network. The program can also be preset with scanning intervals from 0 to 60 minutes and runs in the background.

Softperfect Network is an ideal Windows software to block other Wi-Fi users; this unique software is easy to use and utilizes low system resources when scanning.

Download Network Scanner

Have you used any of the software we mentioned above? Comment below to share your experience with us.



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