4 software to create newsletters that gain traction

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Best Software to Create a Newsletter

There’s a software for almost everything these days and the newsletter software is one of them.

These type of software programs add to the efficiency of a business system and help promote their brand.

A newsletter is one such important aspect of a business and it vastly helps with brand’s email marketing. And, the best software to create a newsletter helps accomplish that effortlessly.

There are a wide number of powerful tools available these days that can help create and manage email newsletters easily.

While users may choose any tool for regular needs, there are certain features specific to only certain tools.

So, instead of choosing a tool a blindly, we suggest you check our recommendations for the best email newsletter tools.

Here’s a quick list of some of the best software to create a newsletter.


Create enticing email newsletters with these tools


SamLogic MultiMailer 2014

SamLogic MultiMailer 2014 Best Software to Create a Newsletter

For those looking for a convenient tool, SamLogic MultiMailer 2014 is one of the best software to create newsletters.

While it creates newsletters seamlessly, it also sends the newsletters to the desired recipient easily.

As a part of the process, it creates HTML messages in graphics editor that looks like a word processor. This makes the entire process easy to use even for those with no knowledge in HTML scripting.

It comes with a native newsletter wizard that enables users to build a basic template which can be later customized based on needs.

The program helps users create notable HTML or plain text newsletters that may include images, tables, colors, fonts, and more.

In addition, users can also add sound and attachments to the HTML newsletters. Users can also data fields in the message that may help in creating personalized messages.

Besides, the integrated database manages the mailing lists just right. It also allows users to import email addresses and contact information from platforms like Oracle, Outlook, MS Excel, etc.

Users can also get the email delivery status from the status tab in the software. While the statistics tab in the software offers detailed data about the mailings, the software also handles the email bounces efficiently.

Price: starts from $49.

Download SamLogic MultiMailer


Email Platinum Customer Bulk Emailer

Email Platinum Customer Bulk Emailer Best Software to Create a Newsletter

While the Email Platinum Customer Bulk Emailer does not exactly create a newsletter, but it does sort your email addresses. Moreover, it can help users enhance other aspects of the newsletter.

This means that it automates the search engine marketing process by automatically submitting the email addresses and the URL entered to the different search engines, live.

All that the users need to do is to enter the email address and the URL and it directly submits them to the separate search engines using a browser format.

Send out your newly-created newsletter with these email clients

Users receive the feedback from the format ensuring that the recipient indeed received and accepted the URL and the email address. The status is displayed live on the special browser pane.

In addition, it offers free ads through free web ads helping users to list their offerings. Users can submit endless URLs and webpages to all the possible search engines using the power submitter.

Meta tag generator is another feature that activates the meta tags such as, keywords, title, and description that can be formatted in HTML source code.

These codes are then ready to be copied and pasted into the webpage. While the submission log keeps a record of the data submitted, the code wizard offers a range of tools to create amazing JavaScript effects.

Popup magician and sitemap maker are among its other significant features.

Price: free trial available, upgrade available at $29.97.

Use Email Platinum Customer Bulk Emailer


PIMEX MailExpress

PIMEX MailExpress Best Software to Create a Newsletter

For those looking for a free alternative to the best software to create a newsletter, PIMEX MailExpress is the answer.

This tool offers a robust and effective method that helps reach customers and contacts through email.

This free program is just the right solution for an individual as well as for businesses helping them send newsletters and other important details.

What’s interesting is, users can personalize every message using plain text or HTML templates.

Since each message can be personalized, this ensures that all recipients receive the letters that are especially sent to them.

The software also helps import the complete lists email addresses in addition to the optional guidelines in either text or CSV format.

Price: free

Download PIMEX MailExpress


Newsletters form a critical aspect of the email marketing process of a business. Doing it the right way in and in an attractive manner, prove to be beneficial for the business in the long run.

Therefore, make a choice of your email newsletter software from the above list and get going with the marketing campaign.