How to Uninstall Windows 8.1 [Update]

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Important update: Many of you are probably getting bugs and issue with your Windows 8.1 install, this is why I recommend to read this. If you have an official Windows 8.1 update already running on your Windows 8 device, you might want to try the following suggestions, but most likely, just like Microsoft said, there is no way at the moment to uninstall it. Leave a comment at the end letting us know what made you uninstall the Windows 8.1 update.

Windows 8.1 was released a few years ago and those who were anxious to try it for themselves have already installed it and saw what it can do. However, the final product might still have some issues. Therefore, those who don’t want to fiddle with these issues might want to uninstall Windows 8.1 and revert to the plain old Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Uninstalling Windows 8.1 can be done in a few ways, as it depends on what operating system you had before, but it can be done. The amount of work you have to put in is depends on the manner of the installation you made.

Microsoft was kind enough to give us a FAQ on how Windows 8.1 that manages to answer (more or less) most of the questions users might have. In this FAQ, those who want to revert to their original OS  can see exactly how to uninstall Windows 8.1 from their computer.


There are two ways of uninstalling Windows 8.1 from your computer, and, as mentioned before, it depends on how you installed it, or more exactly, if you upgraded for free from Windows 8 or if you did a clean install from Windows XP, Vista or 7.

How to Uninstall Windows 8.1 easily

Microsoft gave a few pointers on how you can manage to uninstall Windows 8.1, depending on what type of installation you did, and the two solutions will be presented as plainly as we can, so you can accomplish this with the least amount of effort.

Method 1: If you upgraded for free from Windows 8

uninstall windows 8.1

If you already have Windows 8 installed on your device, then you most likely upgraded to Windows 8.1 with the free patch (link below).

If this is how you installed it, then uninstalling Windows 8.1 is as simple as doing a System Restore or a System Refresh (Settings->Change PC Settings->General->Refresh or Restore). Keep in mind that you will need a bootable Windows 8 disk, either a DVD or a memory stick to do this.

Method 2: If you did a clean install from older versions of Windows

On the other hand, if you went all the way from Windows XP, Vista or 7 to Windows 8.1, the process will take a while longer and there will be some data loss. Basically, in this scenario, in order to uninstall Windows 8.1, you will need to format and reinstall your old operating system.

If you require additional information about Windows 8.1, feel free to check out our posts about it:

Also, if you wish to see the official Microsoft Windows 8.1 page, follow this link and get whatever information you need. You can use any of these two methods to uninstall Windows 8.1 from your computer. If you had problems with Windows 8.1, remember that it will receive many more upgrades and bug fixes in the near future, so when the final product is released, it will work properly.

How to uninstall Windows 8.1 [Update]

The above guide covers the first version of Windows 8.1 and the Windows 8.1 Update. So we’re going to provide new information on how to delete the Windows 8.1 Update 1. Here are the steps that you need to take:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Control PanelPrograms
  3. There, click the ‘Installed updates’ link under the ‘Programs and Features’ item or you can press Win+R shortcut keys on your keyboard and type the following in the run box: ‘shell:AppUpdatesFolder’
  4. Now, you need to uninstall these KB files: KB2949621, KB2938439, KB2937592, KB2932046, KB2919355
  5. Reboot and that’s it

Also, try this:

  1. Open the command prompt as Administrator
  2. Type and execute the following commands, one by one:
    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2949621
    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2938439
    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2937592
    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2932046
    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2919355
  3. Reboot your PC and that’s it

Let us know if this worked and, of course, as always, leave your angry comment below if you have one.

Install Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest OS version

We know there are many Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users out there who wouldn’t give up using their good old OS for anything in the world. However, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 8.1 in January, 2018. The OS is now on Extended Support until January, 2023. After this date, Microsoft will stop releasing Windows 8.1 security updates.

Windows 10 April Update is Microsoft’s latest OS version. The new OS brings a series of interesting new features and protects your computer against the latest cyber threats. If you want to use the news Windows 10 features, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the Windows 10 April Update.


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omg guys some apps are cannot run because om imcopabilty doe wth I think they csnat cuz they say all WINDOWS 8.1 1 IS CRAP WITHA BING SHT U NEED A HIGH PROCCESOR TO RUN WINDOWS 8.1 FUNCTIONALY

I’m in the middle of a goddamn contract and this piece of shit windows decide to freeze my fully working computer, to reboot it AND FUCKING INSTALL 8.1 without my consent. I have lost 1 hour just to wait for this shitty installation to finish since I did not wanted to screw my hdd (full of important stock), and now everything that worked well before IS FUCKING MESSED UP! THANK YOU SHITTY WINDOWS.

Gosh im so glad to find this rant here!!! Microsoft is a piece of shit the list of problems with them NEVER EVER stops, Im completely blocked on my Surface Pro 3 having that stupid 8.1 after coming back from a FORCED windows 10 upgrade (once u accept to have it, u cant come back and u MUST accept uploading ALL YOUR COMPUTER DATA to microsoft automatically -loose your privacy, WTF? u cant refuse, so the shit its uploading and u lose a effing day to regret forever u accepted their harrassing WINDOWS 10 pushes- even now that im back to shitty number 2 Windows 8.1 they are still harassing me to get 10 ). Coming back to previous version got me in a nightmare, the worse problems ever, now i cant RESTORE at all the system after everything is messing up, no resoration point is offered, its black everywhere i click or ERROR -recovery.exe.Bad Image.- stopping to do ANYTHING. I hate the bullying and the raping of Microsoft,. F O MicoBalls

you sayd l need a bootable Windows 8 disk, either a DVD or a memory stick, but I DONT HAVE IT!
So what I have to do??
Why it is so simple “just clik this fusking bottom” to install 8.1 and have to be so fucking difficult to undo it??
What is a game for those guys? Make my life complicated? Are them loughing? This is horrible!! All the problem they are giving to me.. WHY!!!
I will have simply to take the computer to a computer repair and SPEND MONEY to resolve this .
THANK YOU guys, very funny mother fuckers!

The Windows 8.1 just appeared and I’ve had nothing but problems since. Checked for updates in programmes and the only one I have is KB2949621 Hot Fix. The others aren’t there!

Did you say revert back to windows 8??? You mean it actually gets WORSE??? because I’m currently running 8, and it is undoubtedly THE SHITTIEST, STUPIDEST, MOST MIND-BOGGLING INCOMPREHENSIBLE IDIOTIC FUCKING PIECE OF CRAP I’ve ever dealt with. I don’t see how it could get worse, but apparently I just lack imagination. Something that could make me actually wish to revert back to this system must do something like a tiny trap door opens on the keyboard and out pops a boxing glove to whack you straight in the nuts every two minutes.

They are saying this allowed backdoor certificate authorizations traced back to outdated NSA servers. In which instead of simply invading your privacy the easy old way by going through microsoft and google, now they want to send you a poorly programmed virus by a bunch of old geezers and thus you have all these people below with major bugs, especially after deleting the cerfiticate. So I call microsoft and they say they want to charge me money, to access my computer, to delete a key, to fix a virus they caused, and wont simply tell me the key number to delete. Just like the NSA, windows acts like your friend but is really your enemy.

is nobody else seriously having problems with uninstalling this piece of shit? everytime i pasted what it says to paste into the command prompt; i get this stupid message from windows update standalone installer; for example “feature pack for windows microsoft (KB2938439) is required by your computer and cannot be uninstalled” please tell me i’m not the only one, i want to sue windows for installing this piece of crap update in the first place, they didn’t even give me a choice to tell them i didn’t want it, i had no issues with windows 8


I enjoyed using Windows 8’s keyboard shortcuts and nice app layout, until the 8.1 update. Screwed up all my sound, can’t even get it offline, which sucks for when I’m trying to have a wank, as well as the microphone, which means that I can’t Skype on computer anymore. I hope this gets fixed and soon.

Windows 8.1 SUCKS since the install my browsing and video has the shittiest performance on the planet. Way to go Microsoft FU’ed it up again.

Maybe, I’m an older man? I was working in engineering, 1969-1970 and Microsoft did not have a good reputation with my co-workers? I only began using the internet with Windows ’95 in 1994? I’ve gone through many computers and up-grades since then! When I purchased a Windows 8 computer, I did not like the system at all? I used it and every-time I received the free up-grade message, I refused? One day I returned to my office and the Windows 8.1 was finishing installing? I couldn’t even get to my email? Hell! I’ve gone through many processes, including recovery processes! Even now, I attempt even surfing the web, and I receive messages, my computer is running Windows 8 and attemptiong to get me to install Window’s8.1 again? So, I may be a wierdo? I never upgrade or use any program that is Microsoft authorized? I never use Internet Explorer either! As much as possible, I do away with Microsoft and certainly attempt to get rid of Google pop-ups and their garbage? I prefer a clean web and none of the ads from Microsoft or Google. I will not use Google, Facebook Twitter or any of the scamming, scamming, and stalking or most any of the so-called social networks? Some of us know better! So, I’m 68 years old, retired and been on-line longer than most have even had a Birth Certificate? Perhasps, I’m educated and find myself here looking on how to educate myself more? Help spread the word and do not intentionally up-grade to Window’s 10

my laptop has no DVD ROM driver, so how I can I uninstilled wndows8.1 by method one. My problem is similar with the description in method one. solution plse

So I have a windows 8 laptop and I had to install the update because it just kept bugging me then it done it by itself. I am obviously not very happy with this as I now cannot watch Youtube videos on my device which annoys me. It also tells me that my display driver has stopped working and that the device has recovered from this. I know this is a load of rubbish as before my device automatically installed, EVERYTHING was in perfect working condition. I am EXTREMELY unimpressed with this system. I have already restarted my whole system and lost all of my work seeing as I could not back anything up. So this message is for the geeks at windows… FIX YOUR CRAP SYSTEM OTHERWISE I WILL NO LONGER BE A CUSTOMER OF YOUR COMPANY!

My contempt for Microsoft and what they have done with the “8” series has no limits! My wife, not a computer guru, fell victim to the $36@( Win8.1 update to her Samsung Laptop several months ago. The problems of the pointless rearrangement of order found in Win8 was unproductive, a time waster without reward and bad enough but Win8.1 simply does not function correctly. We have reached a point where I spend more time “recovering” than she does operating. I am considering XP Pro since it successfully operates without all the M-Crap from “Apps” to four digit file extensions. (If I wanted a cell phone I would have bought one instead. I actually have programs) Poor stupid Microsoft they mix expanded memory capability as justification for a 64 bit world, but are selling to twits who are attracted to square color patches on a computer screen and only know of social media. I bet it never even occurred to those morons that there is a vast base out here that would like better software that builds on the past experience and adds some value, rather than change and (now failure) forced obsolescence for their own ends with no benefit to the consumer. I had to smile as I read a Dell brochure on which only 2 computers offered even mentioned 8. All the rest; “7”. Gee… I wonder why? In a way I feel sorry for the computer builders as they face the choices of bad or worse. I wish someone or some entity could put Microsoft in court for the next 1000 years and cost them billions. They have cost typical computer users billions and have accomplished next to nothing for 10 plus years/ Microsoft is a bad company!

restoring doesnt help shit! I get the finish updating to windows 8.1 on my pc and after like 2-3 remind me later’s it stopped giving me that option and makes me install the gay ass OS!

it completely destoried my fucking pc i couldnt update it on time its the worst system you could have come up with and it WILL NOT go the fuck away its horrible!

I agree with the person who said FU Windows 8.1. I followed both sets of instructions and neither worked. When I went to the uninstall updates of page on may computer their oven a dozen KB file the were updated when I stupidly agreed to download 8.1, but none of them were the ones listed in your instructions. So, I went to the command prompt in the text to uninstall thee files. But, every time I issued the command received the message that the file could not be uninstalled because it was essential. I also tried restoring the computer to a earlier date, but that was not possible.

Dudes and Dudettes, I ain’t saying Microsoft windows 8.1 sucks BUT I have a 15 year old HP 8756C Pavilion that uses windows ME and it still runs great! It won’t go on line anymore but it runs as good today as it did when I bought it in 2000 and windows ME was always considered the worst OS windows ever had.
I thought win ME sucked, BUT………………not as bad as windows 8.1

The sequential wusa.exe steps did not work. Windows won’t let each one happen. I cannot install any updates anymore.

Quit trying to shove this piece of crap down my throat…..What part of i do not want it do you not understand??? You got to have a bunch of imbeciles working for you because they all seem to lack comprehension skills !!! I do not want this piece of shit on my computer !!! PERIOD

Am tired of uninstalling 8.1 every now & then for it is awful therefore there shouldn’t be automatic update existing on App Store, it should be completely removed from the store.

WOULD HAVE BEEN FABULOUS TO HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CHOICE ON WHETHER I WANTED TO INSTALL THIS SHEIT SYSTEM ONTO MY (YES MY>>>) LAPTOP> THOSE ARE FULLSTOPS>>> DO YOU WANT TO SEE A NUMBER? * cant use my mouse. oh look now its a full stop. cant open a file. cant use number (I am an accountant… this is my work tool… that I paid for… that I own… and if I dont want an update give me a freakin choice that I can make !!! I am 100 (oh look now theres a number…) I am 100% with the guy that commented before you. to all you techno geaks out there with your automatic updates… stop fucking around on my laptop!

Is there an attorney who can help me sue Microsoft? This update, which I did not request, has screwed up my computer. I’m serious! I want to sue these people!

What young fuckard came up with this piece of shit……It SUCKS and Fucked up my computer……Had too do a recovery to get that piece of garbage off…..Quit trying to shove this 8,1 down my throat, since you took it upon yourself to download it on my computer i will continue too remove it asshole !!!

Well, I have to agree with the majority of the comments below – Windows 8.1 is rubbish! I didn’t want it but it installed anyway this time. I installed it from the update message initially at the cost of me losing use of my graphics card because of incompatibility. I restored my computer which took ages to reset again and reinstall all the things I needed. What I found even more frustrating was that I then kept getting the upgrade message and there was no way to turn it off. Today I left my computer unattended whilst cleaning the house and miraculously, Windows 8.1 seems to have installed itself somehow and I was unable to cancel or do anything with the PC to stop it. WELL DONE MICROSOFT YOU SHOULD BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS AND WASTED TIME WE HAVE HAD. What’s even worse is trying to get hold of Microsoft to sort it out. Shocking

The refresh instructions state I will need to reinstall Windows 8.1 But the instructions on this page
say I will need to reinstall via disk Windows 8. Which is correct? The CD I have from Lenovo is Windows Drivers Pack V2.1. Is this the correct CD to re-install WIndows 8? Confusing. I have spent hours on this downloading drivers from another help page, only to find I can’t copy them to an external drive from my work laptop.

windows 8.1 was a big mistake just getting use to windows 8 when as I was on a site, a band came across the scree with up date to windows 8.1 I tried to cancel it but there as no way I could find Delete or cancel, it said on the left side something like can do latter so I pressed OK .
I have tried the restore to windows 8 on this site but it dose not work
I have just about had enough of the hole B lot.

Another pissed off Windows user here. FFS, Why have all my settings been changed you utter wankers? You idiots force me to update then you change my fonts, my text size, my folder opening defaults, icons, every fucking thing.

didn’t even give me a choice…made my computer turn off and then installed and now the wifi for my laptop won’t connect and the ethernet is slow as molasses…wtf …This is NOT right

I hate windows 8.1. Its like it was forced down my throat. I didn’t want it. kept getting messages on my computer to download. I would always say at a later time. So, they decided to install in for me anyway. I’m not happy at all about this. Tried to call the company so I could find out how to uninstall it. Couldn’t understand the guy from India and when I ask why it was install without my permission he just keeps telling me it’s a upgrade. NOT HAPPY AT ALL………….

I waited almost a year, hoping problems would be resolved. I just “upgraded” this week, and…problem after problem after problem….

The last time I uploaded Windows 8.1, it slowed down my network. Worse it eased out my Gateway logon procedure invalidating my username and password even just to turn on my computer. It insisted that I use my Microsoft username and password to access my computer with the result that whoever turned it on could see my emails. To undo this, I had to order a service pack from Gateway to do a full system restore on my computer. My problem is that a few minutes ago, Windows 8.1 automatically installed itself again on my computer. I don’t know what damage it will do this time or what interference it will do to my Gateway computer, my search engine preferences, my homepage preferences, etc. I consider this a gross invasion of my privacy and free choice.

Arrrgh!! I’ve installed Windows 8.1 and I’ve lost access to my main email account and normal stuff like Programs, My Computer etc. I’m not a techie. I can only access my email now via web mail or on my mobile phone.

WTF do I need an outlook/hotmail email to use my PC? I don’t want a microsoft email. For that I now need to wipe and reinstall everything. The reinstall will NOT be Windoze!!! Linux here I come.

I don’t even know how the revision got on my tablet. I sure dont remember saying I wanted it. If there is a way to get back to windows 8 in the future, let me be fist in line

I wish to uninstall this crappy win 8.1 because at 10:00 a. m. every day it drops my connection on line through my router.
It stays off anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours.
The ISP techs say they cannot find out why this happens.
But at 10:00 every day the on line connection is lost.
Regular as a windows turd hitting the floor.
Today it went down at 10:00 a.m. and did not come back on line till 11:22 a.m.
I bought a machine back a long time back that was sold with a $500.00 off coupon if I used MSN, it went off line after 22 minutes of usage every time I went on line it dropped off line 22 minutes later.
The only thing that stopped this was dropping the MSN ISP, paying back the $500.00 off and going to another ISP.

Windows 8.1 automatically installed itself while updating windows.
I did not want it.

Thanks windows 8.1…thanks a floggin’ lot!

So I upgraded from Vista to Windows 8, and I was happy with the result. SO I figured, hey, maybe MS has their stuff together now so this free 8.1 upgrade sounds like a great idea… Anyhow, I started having little problems with the metro interface that gradually escalated ever since the update. I tried to refresh, but somehow was never given the option to create install media for 8.1 (presumably because I paid for 8 upgrade and not 8.1) and was unable to refresh.
My hard drive recently started having issues due to a faulty power connector which caused some minor file corruption which ultimately after one fateful chkdsk corrupted my main (and only) user profile. So from the temporary user profile I created a new one (with administrator access), and deleted my old one… and oh snap, that’s right, the metro interface is broken and won’t let me switch which user I am logging in with.
So I had to spend 2 hours pouring over all sorts of internet forums from a different computer (so I feel sorry for somebody who only has a single computer) I figured out how to exploit a few minor security oversights in order to hack back in (To my own damn computer!) and restore my administrator access. However the corrupted metro interface problem still persists, and because I now only have a local user account (and connecting it to my Microsoft account uses the metro interface) I am stuck with this provisional user profile that lacks access to my own personal preferences.
So then I downloaded the windows 8.1 installer in order to hopefully create install media from which to repair my operating system install, only to be reminded that the key I do have is invalid (because I paid for windows 8). So whatever. I downloaded the windows 8 installer and upon attempting to download windows 8 kept receiving a “handle is invalid” error.
I spent an hour looking around for a fix to that problem. Microsoft support has no clear answers on how to fix it, and other than that all you can find is links to bogus registry cleaner programs (that are most likely malware). Anyhow, the fix for “handle is invalid” appears to be to go to the properties of your windowstemp folder, disable read only, and then empty it out and restart. After doing that, it downloaded the windows 8 files and allowed me to create a flash drive.
Then I tried to do what this article suggests, and do a refresh, however it gets to the point of asking me to insert the install media (because I guess the windows 8 install media isn’t good enough to refresh windows 8.1, but because I took the free upgrade to windows 8.1 I have absolutely no way of legally obtaining windows 8.1 install media and frankly I don’t want to go playing around on software piracy sites since with the way this simple endeavor has turned out so far I would probably end up getting charged with stealing something (that I already own) and they would lock me up and throw away the key to make an example.
So now it appears that I am going to have to wait until I have a whole day of nothing else to do, back up all my files manually, wipe my system, reinstall windows vista, and then re-upgrade to windows 8, and then make sure I don’t accidentally take a “Free” upgrade to 8.1.
And that’s how you uninstall the windows 8.1 update if you upgraded to windows 8 from an older version of windows and then were gullible enough to accept a “free” upgrade to windows 8.1

following an automatic update my windows has now dissapeered off the face of the planet. im assuming its installed the newer version but i have no clue where to start. all my word doc are now encrypted and i have an application form i desperatly need to send off as in yesterday. can anybody help me….????

I just updated to 8.1…guess I should’ve read these comments first. Now its only boots to the “Recovery” screen, and I don’t have a disk or flash drive (bought upgrade from 7 to 8 online from MS). So, now I basically have a bricked laptop…thank you Microsoft. And this is why I buy Mac’s now.

Thanks a fucking lot! This is useless to me right now. I bought my laptop with Windows 8 on it. I ran the 8.1 update thinking it would be better and helpful. This is my business and personal laptop for my consulting gig. In the end, it has created issues with VPN clients for me that I use with some clients. Their versions aren’t compatible with 8.1. So I ask, how will I do some things I promised in my contract and make money? Good question.

You guys ought to be ashamed of your selves for putting 8.1 on the market. I am like most of your reviewers; I some how downloaded the 8.1 . Biggest mistake of my life. So fix it already!!!!

When 8.1 installed it changed all my passwords, and deleted McAfee, Word, and every other installation I had made. An update that deletes everything is useless.

Dude my disk drive wont work now -___- I bought 3 new RPG games and I can’t play ANY of them and I cant play ANY movies or CDs since I installed Windows 8.1

I have the nasty thought that it might be deliberate that windows 8.1 locks up your pc to stop you returning it to its factory settings, so you are forced to buy 8.1. There needs to be stricter laws on software so there is a fair amount of responsibility to put right the wrongs caused by incomplete software. Disclaimers should not be a free for all, The public are used as guinea pigs to try out unfinished O.S. systems!

8.1 free update has done in my recovery partition so I cannot refresh or reinstall. My Asus X401a note book came with only a recovery partition so now since 8.1 my F9 function is broken after only having the notebook for 3 weeks, when I try Refresh it tells me drive locked, unlock and try again or Recovery Partition missing. I read that if you do not buy windows 8.1 after install of free update it will switch the computer off every 2 hours. Thank you Microsoft for caring!

windows 8 is the worst operating system I have ever seen I have hp 2000 notebook pc and its a total piece of trash as if windows 7 wasn’t bad enough. Microsoft needs a class action law suite put on them for selling this junk and getting away with it!

I cant run my anti virus software, the printers active directory is missing cant print from any programs. Missing .DLL files when booting

8.1 causes my outlook 2003 explorer links to open going thru a cache folder and not directly using explorer.

Windows 8.1 disabled the tablet mode/dual screen mode on Asus Ultrabook. Was unable to use the computer in the tablet mode, dual screen or mirror screen mode as the second screen brightness was changed to a very dim setting and there was no way to get the settings back to a usable brightness. Please fix this bug and make sure it works correctly with this type of notebook.

Windows 8.1 is absolutely horrible. Sadly I am a student and purchased a new computer with this program and it is not compatible with on line math programs we use. I contacted them and they said to get another computer with windows 7 or below. What kind of crap is this? Now I am stuck and need to study for an exam and can’t. I also don’t have the money to go buy another computer with 7 and anyways, most of the new computers come with this shitty operating system. Don’t they check out this stuff before making us use it (that is MAKE US USE IT) b/c they have a freaking monopoly on the market. Now wonder the feds went after them before. It is also sad that you have to keep upgrading or you will have software problems as they become incompatible when os change. I am really in a bad way. Can I downgrade to windows 7?

Although I disagree with most, if not all, of the vulgar language in some of the posts below, I agree with the sentiment. Windows 8 is a disaster, and the 8.1 update is probably the worst thing that’s happened in the computer world since computers were invented. I can’t figure out half the things on my computer anymore. Hell, they even took away the clock in the righthand corner.

just installed and highly regret it ………….
it have added password and i can not access all my files anymore….

I have Sony Vaio. I’ve updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 because my notebook asked me to do it few times a day and it was just anoing. After I installed Windows 8, my coolling fan started to work very loud. I’ve been looking for some advise and I found out that it was caused by additional grafic card. I turned it off, and now cooling fan forks quiet but I can’t change brightness of my screen. Moreover I can’t charge battery full (just to about 80%) and it works much shorter if it’s unpluged (Laptop worked about 5 hrs without plug but now it’s about 1,5 h). That’s all I’ve noticed till now. I want to uninstall Windows 8.1 but I don’t know how. I don’t have a disk of windows 8 with my laptop, it was already installed on, when I bought it. So I can’t use Method 1. Do you have any other ideas how can I have my old, good laptop back again ?

I am exactly in the same situation, I want to go back to Win 8 (from updated Win 8.1) and reinstall drivers in a specific row, for solving the fan issue. Well, when I updated to 8.1 I lost my 8.0 recovery copy which was in the laptop (it came without disk, it was preinstalled). I called Sony, for sending me the disk. First, they say it’s 60 euros. When I call it back – thei update to 90 euros, in an unbelievable robery. So I must pay once again the price of the SAME operating system I bought once.
If any knows any solution for downgrading to 8.0 from 8.1 (without disk, usb or recovery kit on hard disk) pls let us know!

Every time I turned on my computer– there it was “UPGRADE to 8.1”. so I did,, what a mistake that was, Now due to 8.1 lack of compatibility with external device driversity,, I called Microsoft and the support person said “well no one forced you to upgrade…

I’m very unhappy with the upgrade to 8.1 because I can no longer rip music from windows media player. I wish to go back to windows 8 immediately.

When I started in the Corps in 1977 we had the capability to pickup (WE as in intel) Keywords on telephone conversations, back then! Just talk about say “Trident leaving CT” etc.! We had it then!
When Microsoft was being investigated and alleged to hold a monopoly with MICROSHIT! I knew the NSA would work a back door deal! Sure as Dog fecal matter like most diarrhea, it miraculously resolved with out w/o issue nor concerns!

I’m not great with computers but a couple of “tech-savvy” friends told me that 8.1 is better than 8 and i should definitely upgrade…. not talking to those friends again, ever. this sucks.

Can’t play my cd’s, or dvd’s. Can’t download cd’s with all the pictures and music i took off my last pc. And now i find out i can’t uninstall windows 8.1. this sucks… Thanks windows 8.1, can’t tell you how much i appreciate this. How bout given me my $700.00 back…

My computer crashes when I play bf4 (i have a gaming computer with a very good graphic driver) I HATE WINDOWS 8.1 I PREFER WINDOWS 8

I cant sign in to my skydrive using my local account. Faggots at MicroDicksoft want me to give them all my personal info just to get access to my own shit, They must be collaborating with the NSA again.

I bought a tablet with the Windows 8 program. I decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1 due to the fact that I have read a lot of positive things about it. I hate it! My tablet freezes up ALL the time and is much slower than before. I wish there was a way to uninstall it. This version SUCKS!!!!

I bought an HP desktop with Win8 and did all the updates as required but didnt really understand that charms page so used classic shell which looks like the older versions of Windows however when using the charms page the links would open to 1/3 of the projected page not showing their tops or browser url etc and none of the links to those pages worked,I left it alone for a while and just used the desktop and shell that was familiar but gradually I would lose sound and have to switch drivers around or restart to get the sound back. Videos also started in full screen would bounce on their own to small screens. Browsing with Chrome, IE or Firefox would freeze up and or crash and the system grew slower and slower so started warning of low memory however I use less than 12% of the computer and have 8GB Ram so it made no sense.
I removed all my picture files to an external drive and did the Refresh however problems still existed and I didnt know Win8.1 was at fault and re-installed it while doing updates . Then ll compatibility issues began to arise even on things that worked prior to the refresh..
Colassal waste of time – refreshing is almost like factory restore in t hat all my other software vanished after doing it and has had to be re-installed – many were from various websites with no discs so i lost about 2/3 of my previous software.
Luckily my computer is still under warranty however after trouble shooting with tech, they decided I had to send it in for repair so they are sending Fedex here tomorrow with a prepaid box and will repair my computer.They will have it away about 9 days which means hooking up my old 80G hard drive/1G ram Win7 pc which now looking back to compare – the new pc which has 1T hard drive /8GB Ram runs like its on dial up when it works… which is intermittent at best.
I tried to load HP Support for scanning the pc to make adjustments but i gave a failure message instead,
Win8.1 should have had a clearer warning on it and mentioned it was not necessary for Win 8 computers as I assumed it was just the next phase in updates but instead its a trojan horse t hat once in your computer wreaks havoc~!

I have lost 100s of hours online troubleshooting and trying to fix this over the last several months. i agree that B Gates should be responsible however its unlikely any of us would ever receive any sort of rebate or reimbursement for the trouble 8.1 does to even new computers~!

I am now getting ready to disconnect and pack up this pc tower to go to the repair shop….


Englapino This 8.1 is a nightmare, same as usual someone has to fix something that ain’t broke, I want windows 8.1 gone and 8 back even though that ain’t much but at least it did not fu*k my computer up and alter everything without warning ?

Please I installed windows 8.1 ,but after I do that the bluetooth of PC does not work I don not know why!!.

If any one can help me to fix it he/she can communicate with me on my acc. on facebook (

Windows should just admit they f***ed everything up with this OS…. Plain an simple it’s not windows anymore, they’ve pretty much eradicated every thing about win 7 that made it great –
– Easy user account’s, no online bull
– Admin and turning off UAC actually WORKS!!!! –
– Don’t have to create an admin account through command prompt to fix your OS yet still not finding a solution

– ALL programs are compatible
– You could control the power consumption better because you just got the desktop eating cpu not the dashboard as well
– Most apps in the store don’t work for me since the update.

My PC is completely screwed and i’ve only had it 10 days… Don’t have the original windows 8 disc, was not supplied, just the ‘supposedly’ bought 8.1 64bit OEM disc. I thought it was activated, but then realised it wasn’t after using it for a while. After updating to 8.1 the local account dissapeared (which i believe holds all the rights to true admin) and the new account became the main one and linked up to my microsoft account. Now i have no proper admin rights and everything doesn’t save in folder’s like views and columns (which is extremely frustrating!) and all the apps don’t work as said above. Store is also buggered as well as most of the options. File history doesn’t recognize my external drive, my antivirus goes crazy all the time never remembering defaults. My browser ask’s for defaults evertime after updating to FF 26. I’m actually forgetting the rest the list is sooo big.


Why make something that isn’t compatible with your older products? Seriously windows, why can’t you just scrap this crap already and label it mobile OS only, add all the nice features as OPTIONAL upgrades to windows 7 and actually LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS FFS!

I have since stopped my xlive gold subscription in protest to this completely maddening experience i’m going through.

WHY did i choose windows 8???
WHY did i choose windows 8???
WHY did i choose windows 8???
WHY did i choose windows 8???
WHY did i choose windows 8???
WHY did i choose windows 8???

Because im a complete an utter idiot for believing microsoft could sort out this piece of ass from all the negatives upon release and weeks after last year.

I wish I had never installed windows 8. Everything is blurry now and I can’t read a thing. It makes having this computer pointless.

I bought a laptop with Windows 8, but got bugged by popups across the screen asking me to upgrade to Windows 8.1. Once it froze and I had to turn it off at the power switch to get rid of the message. I then went ahead with the upgrade – which took ages. I then found I could not access my laptop without logging on to Microsoft. Now I am getting more angry than I could have believed by the windows store popping up after a few minutes of use or whenever I don’t interact with the key board for a while. When I try to close it I get two blank windows which are slow to close. I tried disabling messages and removing the store from the list of apps, but the problem remains. I tried removing “store” using the powershell, but this was refused. Now when I try to close the store popup window it just expands to take over the whole screen and there is no close button, so I have to open task manager. I did set a restore point before the upgrade, but this is no longer listed.

Yeah 8.1 is bad. My Logitech G9 gaming mouse will randomly disconnect and reconnect and the mouse movements are jittery. Tried reinstalling drivers, reverting to old drivers, different USB ports and still haven’t found a fix. The fact you cannot revert to windows 8 is ridiculous. Common Microsoft, get your act together!

My IT guy at work warned me, but the incessant messages accusing me of running pirated software for Windows 7 (yes, it is there in their so-called error message), made me desperate. I was not told by the person X thousand miles away that I could not go back to Windows 7, even though I paid the full amount for the upgrade. Does this company want nothing but more money and unhappy customers? I detest Windows 8 and so do thousands of others, yet the sales shills discuss none of the fine print when they hawk Windows 8 or 8.1. For shame. I will call that number in Kirkland, WA, tomorrow and tell the rep who called before that she WILL reinstall Windows 7 or give me a full refund. After having been a PC user since 1987, I see that Mac is now by far the better option for first-timers. And I will NOT pay to go back to Windows 7. Where indeed are sympathetic lawyers in all this?

buying a mac next computer. f this new windows. i hate everything about it, i tolerated windows 8,even thought about bring my computer back and getting a mac. now after this 8.1 update BS I will be getting a mac from here on out. thanks for nothing but headaches microsoft- whatever idiot thought making a computer like a phone is a moron.

Microsoft, you need to fire your Project Managers, Business Analysts, and so called programmers. Then you can hire a new staff that knows what they are doing rather than keeping the one’s that are blowing smoke up your a**. Just consider all the customers you have screwed over with 8.1, how we all have to reformat our hard drives to get rid of this worthless crap, and reinstall an operating system that works.

You clearly do not know how to hire competent personnel which is evidenced by your products going down hill since Windows XP. My next purchase will be a MAC. Thanks MS for steering me in the right direction.


Really bad! I already install windows 8.1 but my tablet pc become worst after upgraded. I can’t surf internet,can’t open my store,can’t change my pc setting. This is suck!!!

I bought the windows 8.1 for my fresh build…i want to uninstall the OS completely and go with windows 7 that I bought today…any info on how to uninstall 8.1?

windows 8.1 nothing but trouble. Why is it that software companies are allowed to sell/provide faulty, second rate products when if any other supplier of any other product did that they would be sued/prosecuted until they fixed it. 8.1 is the most miserable trouble producing bit of software that i have ever had the misfortune to use

It’s because they have a bunch of potheads working at Microsoft that believe they are all that.

yeah but at least u guys can get into change pc settings and i also cant get into any of my window app ahhhh

Would have been nice to have known how crummy this new 8.1 “update” was BEFORE spending a ridiculous amount of time installing it, and then trying to figure out how to UNINSTALL it without doing any damage. What a freaking mess. I am regretting buying this entire Windows 8 production.

I had Windows 8 and i installed for free from the website the 8.1:
Skype won’t open even uninstalled and re-downloaded. YouTube won’t open. The Catalyst control center (what’s that for christ) is apparently having trouble getting opened, but i don’t even try to open it.
what am i supposed to do ?
thx anyway

messed up my realdownloader across internet explorer and firefox…. nothing downloads across youtube or other video sites!!!!!!!

Same problem as everyone else..WINDOWS 8.1 SUCKS!!!! My computer won’t do anything!!! I have a love/hate relationship with it now. And I HATE MicroSoft! Don’t put a frickin product out until you have ALL the kinks out!!! DUH!!!! 🙁

I was foolish enough to update without reading on it first and now I bitterly regret that decision. The update broke all my drivers and I’m really not here for reinstalling everything just because microsoft spends too much time trying to make it look cool and not trying to make it work properly. Considering I don’t have installation CD because my laptop came with the os already up and I’m in deep hate with app store, I’m currently playing eeny meeny miny moe whether I should bother hunting it down or just quit windows altogether and join the army of linux-praisers once again to save my future self from ever having to deal with this again. The second option is very tempting.

So when is Microsoft going to rectify this? Why send a message that we HAVE to update to Windows 8.1 but its a non-working program. I guess I should include my address so they can send me a new Windows 8 disk so I can fix my computer. What a joke, Paul Allen and Bill Gates really needed more money…

Thanks for screwing up my laptop Windows. Time to go back to Windows 7 until this laptop breaks and I get an Apple.

i got my laptop last Christmas with windows 8 and i loved it and just like 1 hour ago i saw a new version of it so i thought it would be OK.

1. my gut was wrong
2. my PC has crashed six times well writing this
3. my backup info is corrupted
4. all my apps and games lag to the point that you cant do anything
there probably are many more issues but im not a computer expert or anything like that and refresh dosent work so are there any other suggestions where i don’t lose any data. any answers are good.

My laptop’s wifi wont work w/ Windows 8.1. It was working fine right up until the notice to restart to finish the upgrade. After the restart, no more wifi. Can access internet using the cable, though. I hope this problems gets solved soon.

Why on earth did MS release this “upgrade” with so many defects (read below)? And when will they come up with solutions? Shouldn’t they have tried this out on a few computers w/ windows 8 first? As crazy as it sounds but it doesn’t look like they actually tried this product out… unless they are actually trying to mess up every1..

Like most people have said, my laptop may as well be a paperweight! Nothings functions correctly, my new printer is now just a copy machine, and now useless for my art work! This better be fixed soon, I can not afford a new computer installed with just Win8! This is intolerable! fix this NOW Microsoft!!!

hmmm refresh removes 8.1, but also everything else. if i do that i have to reinstall GBs worth of stuff. but if i dont im stuck with this shit called windows 8.1……ARGH

Fuck the Microsoft Maffia since installing windows 8.1 cannot verify that the software AND computer is mine. Been told after many rings that my software is an hacked version. Time to for another platform.
fucking yanks

With windows 8.1, most of my apps are slower and the coolest part – the photo collage/montage is gone!
Am soooo sorry I upgraded…lesson learned…

Stupid windows 8.1 won’t let me use my touchpad or touchscreen. It stops working after using it for a while! Stupid MS. What am I supposed to do now?


Installed the Windows 8.1 update. Terrible! Cannot sign-in without a password. Can’t use e-mail. I have shoved the updated programs to the background. How could MS bring out this update without testing for problems (I mean significant problems). Oh you did! Hire some other people for testing since the bunch you have right now don’t understand the majority of your consumers.

This is fucking bullshit, stupid fucking Microsoft…I updated because I got the message on my homescreen in ‘store’ about the upgrade, wishing I’d never seen the damn thing.

terrible 🙁 totally messed my whole system up!! Can hardly get online at all, things are SOO slow. HATE it!!!!

DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS 8.1 !!!!! Windows 8.1 sucks more than windows 8 (didn’t think that was possible). it is a piece of S**T update that pretty much takes everything away from you and forces you to buy the complete version to get it all back. example: it does NOT allow you to connect to you personal internet domain! unless you pay $199.99 for the 8.1 PRO. just 1 of many defects!

I also bought my computer with Windows 8 already installed, so I honestly have no idea how to uninstall 8.1.

The update worked great for a few weeks, but as of recently it seems as though the system has gone haywire. When I attempt to shut my laptop down, it informs me that “no power options are available,” so the only way to shut it off is to force shut it off. Also, the start menu will no longer allow me to uninstall/move apps or add new apps.

Any help uninstalling 8.1 or fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated.

I was fine with windows 8 and since I updated to windows 8.1 now some of my applications wont work and its really annoying!!

I want to revert to Windows 8.0. Something with Windows 8.1 is not compatible with Netgear71 or my Comcast provider or Google Chrome browser. Internet keeps on going down. Windows freezes. Sometimes Chrome gives that “wait” or “cancel” option. Rebooting Netgear71 via the Windows internet icon will work…eventually, often requiring multiple reboots.

This frustrating work environment never happened while I was using Windows 8.0. Installing 8.1 was the event that changed my work environment.

Please send me a link to return to 8.0.

Radeon graphics driver (Catalys Control Center) can’t be installed on win 8.1. During driver installation, windows reboots and no driver is installed.

I am a photographer and send out lots of images to clients via email. I installed 8.1 and now I can’t use the “send to mail recipient” feature in Office. It appears to go thru the motions, but nothing shows up in Outlook (and Outlook is open at the time). I need this as a quick way to send lower res photos to people. Not happy about this !!!

My laptop came with Windows 8 installed, so no disk. Had I known 8.1 was a beta version, I never would have “upgraded.” Hah, that’s a laugh. It changed my desktop, removed icons for programs which I now cannot find (e.g. remote access to my work PC), Google Search has become inoperable, the cursor jumps to the top of the screen. I absolutely hate it. I wasn’t all that enamored of Windows 7, but I sure would love to have it back in lieu of 8. Does MS ever listen to consumers? It appears not.

Win 8.1 SUCKS. I regret installing the free upgrade. I installed the upgrade to 8.1 for free from win 8. Mistake. Now I don’t have a bootable win 8 disc to take me back to just win 8. THANKS MICROSUCKS.

Way to go, Microsoft. You really showed Apple how to impress your customer base. Thanks for screwing up my computer, you bastards!

Guys I have the same horror stories like you. But I’ve found a way to get Windows 8 back to computer & in full working order. If you have tried the Refresh PC or System Restore and both won’t even work, try my method. Yes it’s the LONG way to restore but it works.

You’ll need:

1) System image made in Windows 8 before you updated/upgraded to Windows 8.1.

2) Copy of Windows 8 DVD media or installation files in an external hard drive. If you don’t have, try downloading a copy from torrent. They have the exact same installation files.Just don’t use those pirated keygen or codes as it is illegal.

3) Your original purchased Windows 8 license key code.

*** Remember to back up your personal files like photos, documents, videos before you proceed to be on the safe side.

(DISCLAIMER: This method worked for me. If you are unsure do not proceed. I take no responsibility if you encounter problems of any sort.)


1) Log in to Windows 8.1. Run your Windows 8 DVD disc or installation files located in external drive.

2) Key in your valid license key code & proceed to install Windows 8.

3) As usual, let it reboot & finalise the settings configuration. Log in with Local account (or Microsoft account if you prefer). Windows 8.1 would have been overwritten by now. DO NOT do windows update as it is unnecessary at this stage.

4) Boot into Advance Start-up by going to Settings/Change PC settings/General/Advance start-up/Restart now.

5) Your PC will boot into a blue screen. Choose Troubleshoot, then Advance Options, then System Image Recovery.

6) Your PC will reboot into the System Recovery blue screen. Follow the prompts & locate your Windows 8 system image (I assume you have created it in an external hard drive or USB thumb drive).

7) Proceed to recover system image. PC reboots & wait patiently for image recovery to complete. Then log in & you have restored your PC back to Windows 8 in full working order.

8) Now you can do Windows Update to fix (if any) outdated drivers or new security patches.

It worked for me & I’m NEVER going back to Windows 8.1.

For those people who do not have system image, after you reinstalled Windows 8, you’ll have to reinstall all your programs from scratch.

Hope this helps & good luck!

Well, wife made the Restore disks shortly after getting everything up and running in Win8. But tell me since Laptops now days dont come with the CD’s How are we suppose to put in a valid Windows 8 License key??? Last Toshiba we bought that had a disk/Product key was a Vista Machine. Our current Win 7 and now Win 8 (Upgraded to 8.1 w/o permission) Toshiba’s only have the Restore disks we created…

“Our current Win 7 and now Win 8 (Upgraded to 8.1 w/o permission) Toshiba’s only have the Restore disks we created…”

Em looks like you’ve upgraded to Win 8 from a Win 7 machine. You would have to purchase a license from Microsoft to upgrade to Win 8. So the license key code is in the email/invoice Microsoft sent you.

Sorry can’t help with Restore disks troubleshooting. You can always Google it. I find using System Image restore method the easiest, less time consuming & most effective.

Good luck.

Misunderstanding….My wifes New Toshiba came pre-loaded with Win8 and then it Upgraded to 8.1…she did the the Restore disks when she finished setting it up. My Toshiba was Pre-loaded with Win7 & I haven’t changed it. Neither machine came with a Win CD. all we have is the restore disks that it asked us to create. So if I have to do a re-install fm scratch then I have to buy the O/S fm MS? Thats not right..

Hi I don’t work for Microsoft nor Toshiba so I don’t have answers for you.

My suggestion is 1) contact seller for windows 8 disc & license code, 2) take laptop to the seller & ask them nicely to reinstall Windows 8 back for you, 3) live with it & wait for the next update until MS solves most of the problems & 4) throw it away & buy something else.

So many things started messing up after this upgrade. My apps stop responding. I stopped getting my low battery notifications and my computer would just shut down. It takes longer to start, some programs and apps won’t close and I have to go to task manager to end, and sometimes that doesn’t work so I have to shut down. I work on my laptop and all these bugs are keeping me from completing items and cost m $. I should have know MS odd number releases always suck!

Windows 8.1 broke all the local folders that I had permanently mapped to drive letters! Microsoft support said lame crap like “why don’t you use favorites, it should do the same” no it doesn’t, are you brain dead?

Its pure insolence to bring out a patch and change things like “Computer” to “this PC”… its like the plumber coming to your house to upgrade your pipes, but meanwhile, he also changes the “bathroom” sign on the door to “This WC” without asking permission.

The patch also managed to screw up application permissions to the ‘program files’ folder, making various software not run, that already had been a hassle under 8.0…

Microsoft, why are you hell bent on annoying your customers till they finally switch to Linux in exasperation?

Since removing removing Win 8.1 and installing Win 7 looks to be almost impossible, solution might be to buy a new hard drive and start from scratch. Anyone try that? I bought Win 7 Pro. I have a new Aspire desktop that came pre-installed with Win 8. I cannot access the bios thanks to 8.1.

after installing windows 8.1 I can hardly see my screen and no way to adjust brightness. I dont want to have it password protected and cant seem to turn that off either, I just want to go back the way my computer was. Wish I never istalled 8.1

My corporate VPN will not work with 8.1, only Windrows 8 for now. Hopefully they will come up with a fix in the near future and I can re-install 8.1. I would say that if Microsoft really wants people to use their Calendar app, they need to make their calendar app work with accounts other than just Hotmail and Exchange. This is one of the main reasons I went back to a new android tablet instead of the Surface Pro. Android allows me to have my Exchange, Google, Hotmail and ATT calenders all on the same app. Can’t do this with Windows calendar app.


Hi, Auntie :o)
Are you fucking kidding me.
I have to learn to use another Chinese typing method after getting Windows 8.1.
And to get back to windows 8, I have to save all my stuff elsewhere and full reinstall?
Are you fucking serious.
I never even liked windows 8. And I have to waste shitloads of time and effort just to get back to it?
Windows 8 sucked. 8.1 sucks even more.
It is the official last fucking day for ranked games in league of legends,
Ever since I installed windows 8.1, it was then impossible to play league. LAGLAGLAGLAGLAGLAGLAG.
I just need to play a few more motherfucking games to get to a new rank.
Of course I can win with disconnecting every 2 mins in a game.
Thank you.

I have regretted buying a laptop with windows 8 – now I have 8.1. I just found out that my Verizon security package is not compatible and apparently this is the cause of me not being able to send email from my Verizon email because it too is not compatible. No disc with windows 8 and I am not that tech savy. Thankfully I have a tower pc so I can still function.

Totally P****** with Microsoft. Hate the new windows 8.1 and wanted to uninstall it but have found that I cant. I frequently use the website to trace my family tree, but since updating to windows 8.1 I now find that I cannot access a lot of the content on Ancestry which is very annoying because I am now paying a subscription but cant use half of what I am paying for. Before installing 8.1 I had no problems, but now find it logs me out of different apps for no reason, is incredibly slow at times, logs off the internet, the mouse and screen freezes at random times. I HATE WINDOWS 8.1. Please let me go back to windows 8

Microsoft just plan sucks. I have had nothing but problems since buying a new computer with 8.0 and now with the 8.1 update I really hate it. Man, I thought Microsoft was updating to fix not make it worst. Fix IT.

After a month, I went from WINS 8 to WIns 8.1, my graphics got screwed up, I can’t play D2 anymore. How do I settle this issue?

I just got 8.1 on my laptop and I absolutely hate it. The screen resolution is terrible now, all my menus, tiles, windows, etc. are huge, and Google Chrome is so blurry it hurts my eyes. Also it rearranged all my desktop icons. My laptop came with Windows 8 installed, so if I refresh the computer, will it revert to Windows 8 or will 8.1 still be installed?

what a piece of shit. I am so tired of supporting Microsoft. I am really at the end of my relationship with Microsoft. The very last piece of Microsoft shit I will ever waste my time on! really wish I could paid for the amount of time spent getting my stuff kind of work. ASSHOLES!

I just bought a gaming laptop with 2000€ and it had windows 8 installed.
WIndows 8.1 installed without my permission while i was in school. When i came homw i tried to open GTA IV and it said only have 28 fucking megabytes of ram!

Your language is stupid and really nasty and vulgar. I hope you do not attend church because the world does not need immoral persons such as you. Well maybe church would help. Just referring your nasty brain to the comments that stated exactly what you so rudely said and these comment were understood perfectly

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This is annoying.
Jesus said not to judge but never said anything about dirty words.
That being said maybe you should go read a bible, and then go FUCK YOURSELF.

I just bought a gaming laptop with 2000€ and it had windows 8 installed.
WIndows 8.1 installed without my permission while i was in school. When i came homw i tried to open GTA IV and it said only have 28 fucking megabytes of ram!

I totally agree with you! I was working on something and went home for Easter and came back and this stupid Windows 8.1 automatically installed and now my anitvirus that I spent $100 is not compatible! Is Microsoft going to compensate me for that money I spent since THEY were the ones who decided to update this for me?!?!?!

So far everything seems to be running fine, except for the fact that before I updated I had only used 250gb of my 1tb memory and now I only have 204gb left. What exactly is using up all my memory?

Windows 8.1 is horrible. After installing, my laptop is going ridiculously slow…my touch screen doesn’t work anymore…the font is blurry. I tried to restart my laptop to factory settings but now it says that I need the install disk to restore it back…which when I bought the laptop Windows 8 was already installed on it. This is a nightmare.

Fuck you Microsoft.., you fucking retards! For supposedly smart people, collectively I doubt that you could find your arse with both hands!

I have been testing Windows 8 and Microsoft reps recommended getting the 8.1 upgrade, when it became available. I have a new HP all-in-one: Windows 7 ran beautifully and Windows 8 ran well, if you overlook the unnecessary changes. However, 8.1 broke PerfectDisk 12.5 defrag tool and the HP Softpaq Download Manager and has done something with the way drives are read. It can take five to ten minutes to read/refresh an external drive of any sort: hard, flash, thumb…all take a long time to open and often do not read completely. The “gas gage” bar at the top of Windows Explorer, indicating the progress of a drive read can take quite awhile and Explorer may never completely read a drive. Most icons do not refresh, if you View Large Icons. Now, I find there is no way to uninstall this upgrade. Fortunately, I keep my data on an external drive, but do not look forward to installing my applications after the coming rebuild. I am seriously thinking of returning to Windows 7.

Further testing on an HP Elitepad 900 tablet. The 8.1 upgrade prevents this tablet from working, Reinstalling Windows 8 was unsuccessful. I had to reset the tablet to original factory condition and then reload all HP BIOS updates, prior to reinstalling Windows 8.

I to suffer from this bad update. My 3 month old new desktop came with win 8 I was dumb enough to download something free from Microsoft I should have learned years ago nothing is free. I think we should start a class action suit AGAINST Microsoft. who is with me say I.

Please people, stop whining, you know this company of windows are having technical difficulties, you ragers are impatient

Same problem here Sabaku, when I bought my laptop, it didn’t come with a disk, now we need one!!!! Man I wish I wouldn’t have upgraded. Microsoft should send everyone a recovery disk, and an uninstall disk for free for doing this crap.


After WIN 8.1 install, I.E. would not open a favorite website. A Microsoft architect, and friend, told me to switch to Google Chrome, which I did. Problem resolved.

Windows 8.1 is a serious breach of security. MS account, email, your computer together so that anyone can find you not just security of the CIA, FBI, NSA and TSA . Big Brother and any computer hacker can now find and easily hack your computer….. What were you thinking MS? Why would you want a computer to look and feel like an Iphone? I don’t.

Wow these comments are crazy. My wife has been complaining how her computer is so slow! I will never tell her how I secretly upgraded her machine one night while she was out. I have a sick feeling that is the problem. whew! good thing I had a Guinea pig machine. My win 8 is working fine! Not 100% perfect but fine. whew.

ok so im an IDIOT ALSO!! i’m going to spend my day off redoing my computer, I truly hope I have enough cds for all my stuff!! wtf was I thinking> I had NO problems with windows 8 I should’ve left well enough alone…smh.. someone KICK me PLEASE. and wtf is with the spell check on facebook now? freaking asses…..

For those who haven’t already been conned and upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1, just don’t do it!!!!!! Lots of bugs, lots of fiddly problems – and yes, no Windows 8 disk when I purchased the laptop

I use a HP pavilion m6 notebook. The graphics drivers for this device are provided by HP only as it comes with and update for intel HD and a Catalyst version that supports switchable graphics for both, but the Windows updates them both to the latest stand alone driver version. The Catalyst Control centre doesnt support those drivers so it doesn’t work and all my games run on intel HD graphics. If i revert back to an older driver version then I keep getting an unknown Direct X error. I wish I hadn’t upgraded to 8.1

(Swear words and ranting ahead)
Ugh I hate it I wish I had never installed the stupid update – my laptop is now lagging like hell, and I can hardly do anything on it anymore which is a disaster because I use my laptop for school, writing and everything else and with this lag from hell I can’t do shit. I don’t know what i’m going to do. I really don’t. I guess I can only hope they fix it or put some uninstall option in, because now I don’t know how i’m going to do anything.
I tried system restore but it won’t let me go back before the 8.1 update. I tried uninstalling the updates but they’re still there.
I don’t know what i’m going to do, seeing as this is my only laptop and I can’t get another anytime soon. It really messed my laptop up, I regret it so much. And I can’t do anything, I don’t have a CD, my laptop had 8 installed already – there were NO problems before this stupid update! It was running smoothly with 8 and now?
Don’t release previews if you know they have bugs and issues, because more often then not, it screws shit up!

In windows 8 when you clicked on the “Search” app all the apps would come up and you could choose which app you needed. What happened to the page with all the apps on it.

How could you do this. We have all been faithful. Now I need a new PC, since this one is trashed by 8.1 and IE 10, and 11.
These are not working, and prevent us from working remotely. I want WIN 7 PRO for all my PC’s , this never happened than. I would even be willing to go to WIN 98 again, rather than this poorly designed piece of junk. What a shame, since we have used your products since WIN 3.1. Check my email address it links to mine and my wife’s.

WIndows 8.1 and Internet Exploder 11 broke my access to some key software at work meaning that the Windows 8 machine that I bought specifically for that purpose is now a brick. I think I’ll send a bill to Microsoft.

The reason I’m uninstalling is incompatibility with certain programs and applications and a reduction in clarity and resolution. Overall, not a fan.

what a stupid microsoft staff brain, what the fuck are they doing on 8.1, useless staff and make window worst. fuck them off


i cant even load my college math work because it doesn’t run its software. but it runs on windows 8. screw windows 8.1

i have a Lenovo lynx idea tablet and when I installed windows 8.1 and sign in my start screen is completely blank all I see is a purple screen

I did not have any problems with 8.1 until I tried to get in my banking site. I called the bank and they said it was on my end. I did not get a disc with my new computer and the system restore does not even show the install. What do I do?

hello thanks for help in unloading windows8.1. I don’t have a disc or pc stick for my laptop, so will it hurt not to use one. the last time when I had trouble with windows8 I went back to factory settings,windows8 vanished from my laptop completely.

Completely screwed. First destroyed drivers, then random freezes, now blue screen only and no way to do anything at all! Tried reinstalling from scratch starting with Win7, won’t go beyond “Loading files” and not even any way to format the entire disk and pretend it is a new computer.

This THE biggest fuck up since I wote my first computer program in 1963 — and that one worked!!

I have video called my girlfriend every day for the past year and this “upgrade” won’t allow me to use Skype; she will wake up in less than an hour and your shitty ass upgrade is about defile my morning ritual. Why design a crap update you can’t even uninstall. The displeasure I feel with this is so great it has manifested itself in the form of Stress, Headaches, and a sharp pain in my chest. I am 19, there should be no reason for me to be having such pains.

This Windows 8.1 has really screwed up my computer. Microsoft should at least give one a chance to delete an upgrade, especially one with so many bugs. This really gives a bad name to Microsoft and Windows 8 which was bad enough to begin with.

Microsoft screwed me too. my drivers are also broken. I can no longer use my scanner not to mention the freeze ups I have now. was this a legitimate program or a virus test. Thanks a lot Microsoft. You should have to pay to have all of our computers fixed or buy us new ones come on Microsoft. I don’t understand why this program removed drivers when it was installed.

Bye bye MS – I supported you 150% with Win 8, you can shove 8.1. You’ve screwed up Skydrive and taken my right away to choose how I login. Yes, I can use a local account, but you’ve made it pretty useless. Google drive here I come. Linux anyone? (I hate MAC).

In Win 8.1 explorer crashes when rmb is pressed. Also my 3D cad software was not supported. Could revert back with VAIO assist.

I too downloaded the 8.1 it did ok till I was told to do the updates when I got to the last one for the realtek wireless lan update it said componenet must be manually deleted before new updated can be installed, I was under the assumption they meat the old version of my lan program an ye wen I removed it I lost my wireless connection also I did a system restore back to the day before I did the updates and was able to get my old wireless program back but yes still e the windows 8.1 what I want to know is what was meant by yu have to manually removed this component before update will install? what component are they talking about?

The Realtek Wireless Lan update is screwed up. I uninstalled the original driver and ended up with nothing. The update program starts, but then just sits there doing nothing. Luckily, I went to hardware manager and told it find the original driver and got the wireless going again. Win 8.1 is a royal pain in the a$$. I may just reinstall the whole damn system from the backup flash drive.

I am so pissed with Microsoft. Windows 8 is a disaster and 8.1 has completely screwed up my wifes computer. Even my teens wont touch her computer with windows 8. What were they thinking

I agree with your comment with windows8.1 I have found a way around it DOWNLOAD THIS…this changes windows 8 to look like windows xp with a start button also, windows 8.1 is still in the back ground but classicshell operates like widowsxp

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Spend some $$$ on your customers Bill (for once!)

In case you were too dumb to know this then I will explain it. Kids read these comments as well as people who do not use vulgar language. The world still has people with morals and consideration for others. You can speak and comment without the nasty language!

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This bleepin’ Windows 8.1 installed itself without my knowledge or permission and pretty much wiped out all my apps, drivers, etc. It didn’t even have the courtesy to create (or ask if I wanted) a backup or restore point. All I get is a “windows.old” file that’s got nothing of relevance in it. It deleted most everything and even emptied the recycle bin, so can’t find anything there to restore, either. If you use the Refresh or Restore function it puts your ‘puter back to factory stock configuration and you lose all apps you installed from the web. I paid good money for some excellent app subscriptions and Win 8.1 trashed them on me. Shame on you, Microsoft, and hey, Bill Gates, is this the kind of garbage you allow your company to push on the consumers who pay for your mansion and other toys? So much for integrity, I guess…!!! Shoulda bought a damn Apple, and thrown this thing out the Window 8.1—!!!

Windows 8.1 broke my drivers. My network card stopped working. When I tried to reinstall the old driver, it would reboot during the process. Windows update would now get stuck during the update process, until it crashed with a BSOD, watchdog violation.

I didn’t recieve a disk of windows 8 with my laptop, it was already installed on it when i bought it, because you don’t need it,.. well guess again

How i love microsoft,… I don’t want this stupid update anymore because I can’t play any of my games on good quality anymore!! I’m thinking of bringing my laptop back to the store so that they can fix it.

But what i don’t get is that they already knew from the beginning that somethiing was wrong with the update, pleasse explain to me than how it was possible that i updated today??? When I can read all over the internet that they have taken the update out of the store??? I really don’t get it at all!

I didn’t like windows 8 to start with, and now this,… I don’t think that i will ever again buy a micrsoft pc

Zebra, I had a problem too (many programs would not run in 8.1, including System Restore. What I finally did was boot up in Safe Mode (had to figure that out as well as rapid f8 pushes is no longer valid. Found it on Google) and then run System Restore to a date before the damned Windows Update 8.1 was installed as an update. Re-booted and I was back in business but Windows Update does not work and the wusa.exe of 4 previous updates does not work as a remedy either. I hope MS is working on a fix.

Did that also.
It took me a month to reset everything and I lost all data of the calender, and every thing synchronized on cloud.
I just dumped the calender app and used the on board calender.

The wife’s laptop still won’t sign on, she had passkey, passkey resets password, it needs a user administrator password to use passkey, administrator password is the one lost.
You cannot run passkey without the password, so you cannot recover the password. Her Laptop runs but on guest only.

Not a happy chappy am I ……..

Early this year, I bought a notebook with Win8 as standard – after using a PC with Win 7 which did everything I needed with a minimum of fuss, the last 9 months have been a period of continual aggravation thanks to MS trying to force touch screen technology onto a huge number of users who either have no need for or do not want. The “free” upgrade to Win 8.1 has resulted in the following problems:
1. Loss of my Wi-Fi internet connection and LAN connections.
2. Deletion of all my Win8 system restore points without an option to keep these archived for future use if needed and their replacement by a single corrupted System restore point that cannot be used.
3. Repeated notification of damaged system files during shutdown and start up.
4. Untold aggravation from the deletion of the “Start” button and associated menus – the Win 8 tiles are not as convenient and accessible on a traditional computer without a touch screen.

I am hoping the refresh technique mentioned in this article will work as the Restore function does not work – if the refresh doesn’t work, Win 7 Pro here I come; thank heavens for regular backups.

I too have lost everything – my printers and scanners won’t work – the drivers are not functioning – and the router is sporadic. Win 8.1 automatically changed to no system restore points and you have to configure a new one. But guess what? You can’t go back to anything before 8.1 was installed. All those drivers will now tell me they don’t work with 8.1. What am I supposed to do now?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well I agree with most of you. Windows 8.1 really really sucks. It has screwed up the way my computer works making things jerky, jumping out of programs etc. the instructions on deleting this upgrade aren’t clear and I’m assuming if you don’t do it exactly as stated I’ll lose everything. If there was another way to use the computer other than windows I’d certainly give it a try. I absolutely hate this upgrade!!!

I did everything necessary, updated everything, backed up everything, even created a restore disk, including a restore point.
I cannot get back to windows 8. Nothing works right. Nothing will update or load correctly. My antivirus is going crazy blocking everything and I have to add everything. Code injections everywhere. I didn’t have any Trojans prior, but I do now. I have quarantined the Trojan.
There is no restore point prior to adding 8.1. My Sony laptop is now a piece of crap, much worse than it was before. My recovery media is not working that I created prior to upgrading to 8.1. It continues to try to take me back to 8.1 even with my recovery media created in 8.
I didn’t make 2 recovery medias as I have never had to do this with all the HP’s I’ve purchased in the past. I am so dissatisfied with Sony Vaio’s. I can’t believe I spent 1200.00 on a laptop that has constantly been a problem since day one and it seems to be more of a Microsoft issue, but Sony cannot help me other than tell me to search Microsoft for help.
All of my Bluetooth drivers will no longer work. I can’t print now because it doesn’t recognize my printer, which the software has been installed again after upgrading to 8.1. My printer is there in devices, but when I print Windows 8.1 states pretty much that everything has failed to load.
Sorry Reggie, installing 50 applications seems like a small price to pay if I could only get back to factor, out of the box.
I want to throw my laptop out of an airplane!!!!!

I cannot believe it. I read great review about Win 8.1 and wanted to try it so I installed it. Now I have blurry font all over my PC (skype, chrome…). And since I’ve got my Win 8 installed on PC (without disk) I cannot uninstall 8.1 without losing original wins 🙁

Stella: I’m having trouble everyone on here. Has you or anyone found out how to uninstall windows 8.1 & go back to windows 8. And keep all of my information? Any help I can get, please, would help me.

After upgrade from 8 to 8.1. Cannot surf the web, cannot recive e-mails, cannot connect to G-mail, cannot restore the old Windows 8 (original Win 8 DVD not accepted), cannot run windows update. Just a blast … I give up..

I did the same. Now suffering from the same consequences. Can’t even get my Win activated. Says my Legit key aint acceptable. Did you try a fresh install of windows 8? I am thinking about it.

It is affecting Steam and other games as well. All my games crash my computer mid game, which all started conveniently after I installed Windows 8.1.

Gamigo Games wont even get past the script screen. They run a Security Progam call Xtrap that chks O/s…it Blows up saying that the Windows/System32/apphelp.dll is preventing it to run…re-install game client…yeah right that doesnt work either

I feel Chompy and the others pain. I have a Sony Vaio touchscreen with Windows 8 loaded, basically running wonderfully, and I also made the mistake of upgrading and now have Bluetooth connectivity issues, Catalyst Control Center issues, brightness display issues, tons of issues with the new IE11, nothing filling the display screens correctly, and the list goes on. Just got off the phone with Geek Squad, and they just basically chewed me out for upgrading to a beta anything, and said a refresh was my only option, and that worked only 40% of the time. Not sure what I’m going to do.
Why did Microsoft let this go out with so many known issues and no way of going back?

fuck Microsoft so hard over this…who creates a consumer preview downloadable from the app store that automatically restarts your computer and does a complete os install basically. WTF its a start menu and a couple of new apps… Now i have to spend tomorrow wiping my computer to get this “update” off my fucking computer.

I’m sorry you feel that way, I think Windows 8.1 is slightly better than Windows 8. While I didn’t like the so called “start button” they implemented, it is still better than Win 8 in some ways,

Uninstall ‘easily’??? How do you figure that having to reinstall over fifty applications is ‘easy?’

The installed applications are stored in your Store App, so you can find them there. However, this post was referring strictly to uninstalling Windows 8.1 and not bringing your computer to the exact state. You should have created a restore point and a backup before installing.

i did create a restore point…because of some lovely glitch in this beautiful platform, I cant get my system to recover to that date…awesome. I am unable to scan, work on digital art, or do anything other than surf the net 🙁 And I don’t a have a windows 8 disc although that is the platform that was installed on my laptop from the beginning…any other suggestions would be lovely please. Since Microsoft rolled out the free update, can’t they help us and have a link to reinstall plain windows 8?

refresh does absolutely nothing!!!!! this is terrible!!! I am soo pissed that I was dumb enough to mess up a perfectly fine working computer!!!!!