Best USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapters [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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best USB-C headphone adapter

You’re probably aware of the issue over replacing or keeping the headphone jack we’ve known for ages, with the type C USB connector.

Well, it is actually happening, at least not as aggressively as to almost phase out the jack completely, but it’s still disappointing.  However, there’s good news if you still need to charge your phone while listening to your favorite music, but you’ll have to carry around a dongle with your device thanks to the USB headphone adapter.

A quick glance at Amazon reveals that the USB-C headphone adapter is not quite common yet, nor is there much in terms of user reviews, or bestsellers for that matter.

We’ll look at the best USB-C headphone adapter you can get in the market right now, because most devices are coming with the type C port, and it is just as well that you follow suit, right? But you can still hang in there while reputable brands manufacture some.

If you’re not ready to wait, don’t want to buy USB headphones, and you must have your music right now, here are the best USB-C headphone adapters you can buy today.

Best USB-C headphone adapter deals


Dreamvasion USB-C adapter

dreamvasion usb-c adapter

This USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter is compatible with virtually any USB-C mobile devices and laptops, as well as any 3.5mm headphones. It also supports a series of useful features, including volume control, pausing and playing audio play.

The Nylon braided wire and aluminum alloy connectors make it more durable ensuring you’ll enjoy your favorite music tracks for a long time.

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Adabunny (suggested)


best USB-C headphone adapter

This audio adapter has been improved such that it not only plays audio from your device on your car stereo, headphones, Bluetooth speaker with 3.5mm aux ports, but you can also charge your device at the same time.

It doesn’t support music control or phone call control though, but its still worth it.

Built with oxygen-free copper, this is the best USB-C headphone adapter for high fidelity sound quality and high speed charging. It delivers an excellent premium audio experience, plus it is double sided so it is a plug and play cable.

Its TPE shell and aluminum alloy jack ensure dust-free, tangle-free, anti-oxidation, and durable product, which is high-grade but lightweight so you can carry it around with you everywhere you go.

It is compatible with USB-C devices that have a type-C connector, plus it comes with a 12-months warranty and friendly customer service.

       – Buy Adabunny  USB-C headphone adapter





best USB-C headphone adapter

This audio adapter also has a 2-in-1 stylish design for a better audio experience on your device, and stability in performance.

You can charge and listen to music simultaneously, while enjoying the simplicity and convenience this adapter delivers.

Its reversible type-C interface lets you connect without hassles when you need to charge your device or transfer files, regardless of which side you put the connector into. Its high quality and durable shell is made of aluminum material that is corrosion and wear resistant.

If you have a USB-C device and you want an audio adapter, this is the best USB-C headphone adapter you can use with your type-C enabled devices such as phones or tablets, plus you get a 30 days return with no reason warranty, and a 90 days replacement if you encounter any quality problems with this adapter.

    –  Buy Akwor USB-C headphone adapter




This is the best USB-C headphone adapter as it is tiny, lightweight, made of durable ABS rubber and copper material, so it is easy to carry and convenient as you connect to your 3.5mm headphone to your device.

It is compatible with devices that have the type-C connector, with a reversible design that helps you plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation.

You can use it to listen to audio files, pause play and even answer your phone, but you cannot adjust the volume.




best USB-C headphone adapter

While we’re not sure how this audio adapter got its name, it still ranks among the best USB-C headphone adapter gadgets you can buy.

Features include a Realtek Chip/DAC for improved headphone audio quality ensuring quality sound for the best listening experience, compatibility with type-C enabled devices, and hi-res rate 44.1/48KHZ and 16/24 bit resolution.

It is portable, solid, and built with high quality material inside and outside, so it’s durable, convenient plus you don’t need to charge it.

It also features a mini DAC headphone amplifier for type-C enabled phones.

–  Buy Airsfish USB-C headphone adapter


Akwor adapter


best USB-C headphone adapter

This audio adapter features a reversible connector with a special design for type-C enabled devices, such that you can plug and unplug easily without the hassle of checking if you have plugged in correctly.

It is an aux converter perfect for you to connect your 3.5mm headphone to your USB-C devices that don’t have a headphone jack, plus it reduces electromagnetic radiation caused by Bluetooth headsets.

Made of nylon braided, high quality and durable material, this USB-C headphone adapter is portable, convenient for your headphone and USB-C devices, plus you can use it to listen to audio files, paus play and even answer your phone, but you cannot adjust the volume.

It also comes with a money-back warranty and friendly customer service.


Tontion (recommended)


best USB-C headphone adapter

If you’re looking for a headphone adapter that supports simultaneous charging and listening to music, then this is the best USB-C headphone adapter you can buy.

This adapter comes in a stylish 2-in-1 design for a better experience with your device and stable performance.

Features include a reversible type-C interface so you can charge your device or transfer files regardless of the side you connect into, high quality and durable aluminum metal shell, which is wear resistant and corrosion resistant.  It also has a high-tech audio chip to ensure longer usage, pure sound quality, and fast charging, and it is compatible with devices that have the type-C connector.

Enjoy simplicity and convenience with this USB-C headphone adapter whose cable is nylon braided. It is suitable for type-C phones, tablets and PCs, which means if you have a type-C device with no headphone jack, you can still use your headphone with this adapter.

    –  Buy  now Tontion USB-C headphone adapter

UPDATE: This accessory is no longer available for purchase.

Are you ready to get the best USB-C headphone adapter today? Let us know your favorite pick in the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2017 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.