3 Best USB Wireless Gaming Controllers

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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What is the best usb wireless controller

Gaming controller history started with the Atari Joystick in 1977 but the modern controller layout as we know it today began with the NES controller in 1983.

Nowadays, controllers continue to boost up the fun in gaming with wireless technology, force feedback actuators, modern buttons and more.

Whether you enjoy playing on your gaming console or on your Windows 10 PC, we compiled a list of the best USB wireless gaming controllers.

What are the best USB wireless gaming controllers?

  • Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets
  • Wireless stereo sound support
  • Connect up to eight controllers at once
  • Compatible With Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10
  • More expensive than other controllers

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller is the unofficial king of gaming controllers.

Starting with the look and feel, the unrivaled comfortable grip, the custom button mapping, and the wireless adapter that delivers a perfect connection for Windows 10 PCs and even the latest Xbox One X and S, this is the controller you should start your buying list with.

Its new wireless adapter is 66% smaller that the older model, features wireless stereo sound support, and now you can connect up to eight controllers at once.

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As the controller has a built-in stereo jack, you can connect your headset and stay connected with your team in the most intensive games. Now, the controller features a textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back-case so you can have maximum control.

We need to mention that unfortunately, this controller can’t be used with Mac OS, Android, or iOS but look below for other controller options. Also, this controller will need batteries but you will find them included in the box.

  • Compatible with all Windows 10/8.1/7 PCs, Android smartphones, and gaming consoles including Xbox and PlayStation
  • Advanced analog stick for smooth control
  • Two switchable magnetic D-pad covers
  • Dual vibration motors for haptic feedback
  • Slight problems with the analog stick

MSI FORCE GC30 is the way to go if you want to push things to the limit. First, the controller has an analog stick that will provide smoother movements in any game.

This gadget is compatible with the majority of Windows laptops, gaming consoles, and even Android smartphones so it’s pretty much available for any gaming platform.

Of course, FORCE GC30 comes with immersion boosting dual vibration motors that will provide feedback for the game action. Another great addition is the switchable magnetic D-pad covers that can change the way you’re playing to your own desired modes.

As any wireless controllers, it comes with an adapter, a very small one that will compliment any USB port from your laptop or gaming console. However, this one also comes with a USB cable so if you think it boosts your reaction times, you can always switch to it in a sec.

GC30 has a 600 mAh lithium battery that will last for up to 8 hours of gaming.

  • Compatible with smartphones, Windows PCs, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, and MFi Games on iPhone/iPad/Apple TV and even smart TV like Fire TV and Samsung TV
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (2.4Ghz USB dongle) and wired connection
  • Motion control with six-axis gyroscope
  • Turbo and screenshot buttons
  • ABXY buttons are flashing when the battery is almost empty

GamSir G4 Pro comes with a Bluetooth 4 dongle that nests inside the controller so you don’t risk losing it when you travel. What is really exciting about this controller is the motion control due to the built-in six-axis controller so you will be able to add the motion to your smooth button combinations.

Some games have different setups for the ABXY buttons but that’s not going to be a problem for you because with the G4 Pro you can simply pull them out and position them to match the game mapping.

The controller is compatible with PCs, Nintendo Switch, and even Fire TV and Samsung TV but it is also great for mobile gaming. It even comes with a 3.5-6 inch phone holder so you can play everywhere.

G4 Pro also comes with an asimetric vibration motor that coupled with the gyroscope can provide the right feedback for the right action at all times.

The built-in 800 mAh litium battery can power your gaming for more than 8 hours but there is also the option of connecting it via an USB-C cable to continue your session.

Lastly, the turbo and screenshot buttons can be the final touch that you won’t find in all controllers.

We end here our brief but smart selection of USB wireless gaming controllers.

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