Windows 10 2004 black screen bug bothers some users to date

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  • Windows 10 2004 black screen issues have been bothersome for a lot of users over the past year.
  • Many have complained of getting a Windows 10 2004 black screen after login.
  • Many experienced a black screen after the Windows 10 2004 update, yet the cause was the graphics card.
  • So updating graphics card drivers or rolling back to the previous version of Windows 10 may solve the problem.
Windows 10 2004 black screen problems

Since Windows 10 2004 came out on May 27, 2020, it has had multiple issues, some of which were resolved by Microsoft over some time. On the other hand, the new OS brought certain bugs that are as stubborn as they’re weird.

The black screen problem is a perfect case in point. It’s not your typical Windows 10 bugcheck, and as such, it has no error code.

However, these are a few typical scenarios when such a black screen would occur: before or right after logging into Windows, or after installing Windows 10 updates.

On the Windows 10 Subreddit, a user posted a screenshot of a dark Windows Update page with blank lines and no text in some sections.

Some users have installed the Windows 2004 update and a black screen appeared, strangely related to their graphics card. In addition, the bug is so unpredictable that it can affect any app on Windows 10 2004, sometimes at random.

One user arrived at that conclusion after experiencing the problem on the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) platform.

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This user noticed that the black screen appeared on their Acer OJO 500 headset’s display, sometimes every 30 minutes when playing a game.

The black screen only happen in the display headset but the preview on the desktop will show correctly.

The black screen is intermittent. Some time 30 minutes after playing a game.

The black screen can happen even when the headset is placed on the table with no input.

The black screen can also happen during the calibration (moving headset side to side and look down) part.

This user replaced their WMR headset, but the black screen glitch didn’t go away. However, dual booting with Windows 10 v1903 solved the problem.

The majority of Windows 10 2004 users are agonizing over the fact that, without an official point of reference, troubleshooting the bug starts out as a wild goose chase. Yet, there are at least three solutions that anyone can try in this case.

How do I fix Windows 10 2004 black screen issues?

1. Use a debugging software

This is the easiest thing to do, actually, especially since you can’t really pinpoint the cause of the black screen. A debugging software will scan your system and fix any issues or recommend the appropriate actions to take. You might have to run this tool in Safe Mode.

2. Roll back to your previous OS version

  1. Open Settings and choose Update and Security.
  2. Scroll down to the Recovery option.
  3. There, choose Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.

The system will allow you to restore one of the previously saved OS versions. Whenever certain updates cause system issues. Microsoft recommends uninstalling the respective feature or or roll back to a previous version of Windows 10:

So these are all easy-to-use troubleshooting solutions in case the Windows 10 2004 update causes a black screen. We’ve extensively tackled this subject when other details were specified as well:

3. Install the latest graphics card drivers

Normally, Windows updates drivers automatically. But, for various reasons, the process might fail and lead to BSoD issues such as this one.

You can update drivers manually by opening Device Manager, right-clicking on your graphics driver and choosing to update.

But in many cases, the process will say that the driver doesn’t need an update. So again we recommend using dedicated software such as Outbyte Driver Updater for a more in-depth analysis of your system components.

Outbyte Driver Updater will scan your device and show all drivers that need updating. The tool will also suggest viable driver options suitable for your device brand and version.

Additionally, Outbyte Driver Updater doesn’t have to be a one-time tool. You can use it for subsequent updates of all your device drivers since this is a best practice when it comes to your device’s health.

Download Outbyte Driver Updater

We hope that you found a solution for your black screen event in one of these articles. We’d be happy to hear which step helped so don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments.

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