5 best Windows 10 boot repair software to rescue your PC

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by Milan Stanojevic
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Windows 10 boot repair software tools can be lifesavers for worried PC users. There’s nothing worse than your computer refusing to boot. You can’t access your files or send critical emails since all your files and folders are locked. But there are cheap ways to fix that, without having to employ the expensive services of a PC expert.

The problem: Windows 10 fails to boot

Booting issues with Windows 10 are more common than you think. They can be caused by anything, from a single corrupt byte on your hard drive to a buggy boot driver or a missing registry key.

It happens because the MBR (Master Boot Record) is not infallible. It can become corrupt or damaged, or it can simply disappear. This results in Windows 10 runtime errors.

The solution: Windows 10 boot repair tools

Windows 10 has plenty of recovery options, such as Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, and Startup Repair. However, if these tools don’t fix the issue, you have to turn to software specialized in Windows 10 boot repair, system rescue, and data recovery.

For instance, if your problems are caused by malware, you can explore antivirus tools with boot scan. But if critical system files or even the hard drive structure was damaged, malware removal isn’t enough. It’s time to look into solutions to fix your Windows 10 boot.

In this article, we are exploring the best Windows 10 boot repair software for 2020.

5 boot repair tools that can restore your Windows PC


Windows Boot Genius

Windows Boot Genius

Windows Boot Genius is a professional tool that can fix computer booting issues, repair crashed or corrupted Windows, recover lost data, and restore broken partitions.

Thanks to this tool, you don’t have to worry about BSOD or black screen issues while trying to start your computer. You can gain access to your system after fixing it with a boot CD, DVD, or USB disk.

To get started, just put the bootable CD in your CD/DVD drive or plug the USB drive into your PC, and restart your computer to begin the system recovery process. To create a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive, run the Windows 10 boot repair software tool, insert the preferred media into your PC, then click ‘Burn‘.

After the setup is done, make sure to keep the rescue device connected to the PC before restart. When accessing the WinPE environment, you should spot the Windows Boot Genius icon.

Clicking the icon sends the corrupt PC in Windows Rescue mode. Here, you can recover boot files in “Boot File Recovery” mode or locate a master boot code in “MBR Recovery” mode.

Here are the key features of Windows Boot Genius:

  • Create a Windows Boot CD/USB by easily burning bootable .iso file
  • A wide array of boot repair tools – boot file repair, boot sector repair, registry repair, registry editor
  • Reset/change or remove Windows 10 Local and Domain passwords
  • Backup/clone/restore Windows operating system, hard disk, and partitions
  • Recover lost, deleted or formatted data
  • Recover Microsoft product keys for Windows 10, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Wipe data to make it unrecoverable
  • Optimized UI for easy use

Windows Boot Genius requires no kind of expertise, so you can safely use it to create an emergency disk and fix your Windows 10 operating system when it fails to boot.

→ Download now Windows Boot Genius

To create a Windows 10 bootable UEFI USB drive, follow the simple steps from this guide.


Paragon Rescue Kit

Pragon Rescue Kit

Part of Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Paragon Rescue Kit is a Windows 10 boot repair software solution with excellent compatibility and usability features. It works with older Windows versions, too, including Windows XP. This program boasts a wide range of features, works fast and safe, and it has a user-friendly interface.

Here are the key features of Paragon Rescue Kit:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Sector back-up – ideal for making a backup image of an entire hard-disk or system partitions
  • Fast & easy recovery based on need – entire disk, separate partitions, specific files, etc.
  • Create a bootable recovery media with Recovery Media Builder
  • Sector backup to save all on-disk information and also system service structures
  • Backup to local or externally mounted storage
  • Backup to network shares and virtual disks (VHD, pVHD, VMDK, VHDX)
  • Restore entire disks, separate partitions or specific files from previously created backup images
  • File Transfer Wizard
  • Undelete Partition Wizard
  • Network Configurator Wizard
  • Log saver

Like all the other Windows 10 boot repair software solutions presented in this article, Paragon’s tool can create a system recovery environment using a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. Its Boot Correction Wizard is among the most powerful features on the market.

Here’s what you can do with the Boot Corrector Wizard:

  • Repair drive letters in the System Registry of a selected Windows installation
  • Fix “boot.ini” on the selected disk
  • Restore BCD (Boot Configuration Data) files from partitions on a single or all disks
  • Repair the MBR (Master Boot Record) executable code
  • Reorder the primary partitions by changing the primary slots
  • Correct the boot record for a Windows installation
  • Set an active partition, hide and unhide partitions
  • Change serial numbers or partition IDs
  • Display the MBR in a more understandable format, along with partition properties
  • Create, display, save or print a boot correction report

Paragon Rescue Kit has a free and advanced edition, dedicated to both beginners and experts.

→ Download now Paragon Rescue Kit free

→ Download now Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows

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Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD

Fixing only some of the issues Windows Boot Genius does, Ultimate Boot CD is a lightweight option that can help you troubleshoot and rescue your damaged PC. It creates a bootable ISO on a CD, DVD, or USB pen drive. The tool also offers some great diagnostic tools.

Because floppy drives are already a thing of the past, Ultimate Boot CD can run floppy-based diagnostics from CD-ROM or USB drives at a higher speed.

Wrapped in an interface similar to BIOS, the Windows 10 boot repair software utility works by creating a virtual instance of the floppy. It also has a script you can use to access its features from a removable drive.

Developed over the span of over 15 years, Ultimate Boot CD is a bootable collection of the best freeware tools for a variety of rescue tasks. You can easily use it directly from your USB device, without any installation required.

Here are the key features of Ultimate Boot CD:

  • Clone or selectively copy from dying drives
  • Check individual hardware components
  • Update the BIOS to the latest version
  • Determine what’s gone wrong with your hardware
  • CPUID V2.19, ASTRA V6.50, G4u V2.6 and HDClone V.7 support
  • Q&D Unit/Track/Head/Sector
  • Q&D Vital Data Manager

→ Download Ultimate Boot CD


Hiren Boot CD

Hiren Boot CD

Hiren’s Boot CD is a popular system rescue solution, specially made for Windows computers. It has every required tool to make your computer operational again.

This Windows 10 boot repair software tool is actually a pre-installation environment with bonus tools.

This way of dealing with your Windows 10 booting problems offers you a Windows-like visual platform that will run besides your damaged Windows 10 installation.

Made for modern workstations, Hiren’s Boot CD supports UEFI booting and requires a minimum of 2 Gb RAM. With the useful tools inside the BootCD ISO, you can solve many PC issues. Besides, it’s completely free to use.

After the installation is done, the Hiren’s BootCD pre-installation environment sets up the drivers for the graphics card, sound, wireless and Ethernet card for your specific hardware configuration.

One of its most useful features is the support for UEFI booting from DVD and USB flash drives. Hiren’s Boot CD has a ISO2USB portable tool that is specifically designed to accomplish that process easily.

It requires administrator privileges to be able to run it but it’s free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Here are the key features of Hiren’s Boot CD:

  • BCD-MBR tools: – BootIce, EasyBCD
  • Hard Disk tools/ Data recovery – CheckDISK GUI, Lazesoft Data Recovery, Recuva v1.53, etc.
  • HDD defrag – Defragggler v2.22
  • HDD diagnostic – GSmart Control, HDDSCAN, etc.
  • HDD imaging – Acronis TrueImage, Macrium Reflect PE, etc.
  • HDD security – HDD Low Level format Tool
  • Antivirus – ESET Online Scanner
  • System tools – Speccy v1.32, Ccleaner v5.4, Windows PowerShell, etc.
  • Network – TeamViewer, Chrome, PENetwork, etc.

Download Hiren’s Boot CD

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Boot Repair Disk

boot-repair 2

Another excellent Windows 10 boot repair software tool is Boot Repair Disk. Based on Linux, it can be used to easily fix Windows 10 MBR issues.

To use Boot Repair Disk for solving MBR problems, you first need to download Unetbootin software. Then, open Unetbootin, select DiskImage at the bottom of the panel, and hit the three dots button to browse the Boot Repair Disk ISO.

Select the ISO file and press Open. Then, you can select the USB flash drive and press OK. Once the process is complete, remove the bootable media and turn off your PC.

Insert your Boot Disk Repair Disk media into the computer with a corrupt MBR, turn the PC back on, enter the boot device selection menu by pressing F11 or F12 (depending on your system’s BIOS version), and set the Boot Repair Disk USB flash drive as the bootable source.

Once the lightweight Boot Disk Repair environment loads, select the LXTerminal from the taskbar, type “fdisk -1” and press Enter. It should list uour current drives and partitions.

Next, select the B logo in the bottom-right (replacing the Windows Start menu), and head to System Tools -> Boot Repair. The program should start scanning your system. After it’s done, click the Automatic repair option to fix your Windows 10 boot issues.

However, if this doesn’t work, go to the Advanced Options tab and explore the MBR advanced settings.

Download Boot Repair CD

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In this article, we suggested some of the best Windows 10 boot repair software solutions that work in 2020.

Even if you don’t currently have any issues with the boot sequence, it’s still a good idea to download, install, and use one of the programs on this list. This way, you can prepare for the worst case scenario and create an emergency disk meant to salvage your Windows operating system if disaster strikes.

Let us know your opinion about our software picks and if you have other Windows 10 boot repair recommendations using the comment section below.


How do I repair Win 10?

Get started by using the Windows 10 Automatic Repair. However, if it can’t repair your PC, use one of the software tools we described above.

How do I boot into safe mode from BIOS?

Press F8 or Shift+F8 during boot to enter safe mode. But this method only works if you have a legacy BIOS. It doesn’t work with UEFI BIOS and SSDs on Windows 10. You can still boot into safe mode from the graphical interface, though.

When I startup my computer the screen is black?

Find out how to easily fix black screen issues on your Windows PC.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in March 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.