Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update breaks many phones

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The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is finally available for download, but many users who have already installed it on their phones would probably advise you to think twice before you press the upgrade button.

When Microsoft announced it had begun rolling out the Anniversary Update for Windows phones, users rushed to install and test out the update. Unfortunately, they were in for an unpleasant surprise: the Windows 10 Mobile AU has broken their phones. Many users are complaining they can’t launch any apps because their terminals always bring them back to the start screen.

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update breaks many phones

Just updated my Lumia 640 and the phone has stopped working. Any app I try to open just  brings me straight to the home screen. Can’t even make a phone call. Any answers please.

Users have also noticed their phones are running on a local account after installing the update, instead of their regular Microsoft accounts. This could probably explain why they can’t use their devices anymore. Moreover, those who have been able to get into  the Settings menu found the menus are all in code.

Fortunately, according to users, a hard reset fixes this issue. However, if you’ve encountered this problem and decided to perform the hard reset, prepare to wait for a couple of hours for the process to complete.

Have you installed the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update on your phone? Did you encounter any issues or is everything running smoothly on your terminal? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.



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