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  • The free movie apps for Windows 10 are perfect for those days when you want to cheer yourself up.
  • If you’re looking for free movie streaming apps for PC, we help you out with an amazing collection.
  • Tubi and Popcorn Time are great choices. However, you should also check some great paid apps.
  • Neflix and Hulu are some of the best when it comes to paid content that can entertain everyone.
Free movie apps that you can download

If you’re looking to watch free movies on your Windows 10 tablet or PC, then you definitely need to check out these apps. Read below to find more about them.

Everybody loves movies. Some prefer comedy and some prefer horror or thriller. Nevertheless, we all like those quiet family nights when we gather around the screen with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a good flick.

Movie lovers who own a Windows 10 device have an extra reason to be happy  – they can enjoy some really amazing free movie apps for PC which allow them to watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

This list is updated with the apps that allow you to watch movies during a trial version or old movies and shows.

You will have to pay a subscription fee for some of them if you want to access a larger movie database or the newest films.

While the online movie industry is growing, there are many regulations and fees, but we will try to give you a list of the programs that will let you watch movies for free on your Windows 10 PC.

Get a VPN for unlimited content

Before starting, you have to know that many of these services work better if you have a VPN and change your geo-location: it allows you to watch movies that are not free or available in your country.

We recommend Private Internet Access for watching movies because it’s very reliable and fast.

Besides changing your geo-location, it allows you to access foreign game servers.

It hides your IP from attackers and persons who need your personal data, and secures you against cyberattacks while surfing on the Internet.

Get Private Internet Access

What are the best free movie apps for computers?


Sports fans rejoice! fuboTV is a great streaming platform for sports and not only.

If you’re interested in all American sports league transmissions from NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, and even college football, this is going to become your best friend. fuboTV even covers European and MLS soccer!

You will have over 100 live channels to stream from and more than 30 of them broadcast live sports.

If you’re looking for great coverage, look at this list of channels:

CBS and the CBS Sports Networks, FOX, TNT, NBC, regional sports networks, FS1, NBCSN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, NBA TV, beIN Sports networks, Golf Channel, Pac-12 Networks, Big Ten Network, Olympic Channel, and more.

Of course, they are adding new content and channels all the time.

fuboTV is not free but it does have a free trial period and a subscription fee that won’t break the bank.


fuboTV must be the best streaming platform for American sports lovers. Over 100 live channels of sports!
Free trial Visit Website

Tubi – Free Movies and TV

We’re going through tough times but movies and shows are our best friends. We start our list with Tubi – Free Movies and TV, a free app for free and unlimited streaming.

However, this service bought by FOX in early 2020 is ad-supported so you will be interrupted from time to time, however, not as frequently as on TV.

Other than that, Tubi is a really complex app that lets you select your content, set the moment when you want to watch it and there is something for every taste.

Cheer yourself up with a great comedy, or try your feelings with an award-winning drama, find a nice program for the kids or enjoy a famous classic, you will find all that on Tubi.

You will even find more niche content like anime, Korean dramas or European shows, everything for free.

You will find new movies and shows every week so you will always have fresh content to watch every time you open the app.

How we test, review and rate?

We have worked for the past 6 months on building a new review system on how we produce content. Using it, we have subsequently redone most of our articles to provide actual hands-on expertise on the guides we made.

For more details you can read how we test, review, and rate at WindowsReport.

Tubi even has a category caller Not On Netflix that speaks for itself. You will find series and movies that you will not find on the Famos platform but they are highly rated on IMDb.

If you’re an anime fan, you will have your beloved series including Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, and many more.

When you first access Tubi, you will probably be overwhelmed by the quantity of content that you will want to watch but that’s OK, you don’t need to take notes.

You can your personal queue and bookmark any interesting movies that you want to watch next.

And if you want to know what’s coming next, you can access the featured section and get the most anticipated titles.

Tubi also has Chromecast support and Airplay View for Android devices as well as TV integration. through Apple TV, Roky, Xbox, Playstation, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, and more.

Get Tubi

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a great alternative to Netflix for all users who are not in countries that allow streaming services. Almost every movie can be found on this app.

Its main page is always full of the best blockbusters and if you love everything that’s new in the cinema world, you are at the right address.

However, you can still access some of the old good movies on this multi-platform.

It is a very popular service because it is totally free. It uses a BitTorrent protocol for streaming in order to be free, a fact that raises several questions about its legality.

What you need to know is that this app uses sequential streaming and does not download unauthorized copies using the P2P protocol.

Is it legal and safe to use Popcorn Time? It all depends on your location. Some countries have surveys on persons and organizations that use P2P protocol, so you should be careful.

Even more, you can always stay safe with a good VPN or a proxy service. Basically, it is your choice, so do a deep research on your country’s politics on this question if you really want to use Popcorn Time.

If you need a great VPN for Popcorn Time, here are the best ones available right now.

If Popcorn Time has any problems with the VPN, take a look at this guide to solve them quickly.

Get Popcorn Time


If you’re a fan of horror or cult movies, PopcornFlix will be a great surprise.

That is because even if it doesn’t have the content quantity that you can find on Netflix or HBO Go, you will find a great selection in the two categories mentioned above.

PopcornFlix is a completely free streaming service, but it’s ad-supported so you’re still paying in a way for the content. The service is completely legal and doesn’t require any subscription.

As for the content, it features some interesting movies and series from all over the world.

You will find all sorts of content, including some of the movies from big studios but also independent films and documentaries.

Actually, PopcornFlix is a pretty big source for independent movies because it’s run by Screen Media Ventures, an independent film distribution company from New York.

The company states that it has the largest independently owned film libraries in the industry so you’ve got a big reason to start with this one if you’re looking for independent entertainment.

Get PopcornFlix

Movies & TV

This great app from Microsoft is actually one of the best ways of watching the latest movies and TV shows that you can rent in the Microsoft Store.

It’s a fast, straightforward, and elegant app in its simplicity but it works like a charm.

The Movies & TV app will help you go through your movies and shows, including the ones you recorded with your family and friends, so you can’t get better than that.

Technically, it’s not a streaming platform and you actually have to go the extra step in renting the titles.

However, all the content is also supported in the Movies Anywhere platform that has access to a huge quantity of content from all the major Hollywood studios like 20th Century Studios, Fox, Sony Picture, Disney, and Warner Bros.

With Movies & TV, you can access 3 source destinations including your Video folders, Removable storage and even Media servers.

In the Video folders section you can organize your movies and shows as you please, by adding new folders to have everything neatly arranged.

With the Removable storage, your PC will automatically detect if you have any such device attache and you will be able to browse its contents.

In the Media server section, you obviously have to set up an external storage device as a media server first.

Although the Movies & TV app is completely free, you will have to rent the content.

Get Movies & TV

Movies Anywhere

As we were saying in the Movies & TV app, that also supports the Movies Anywhere platform.

It’s technically a free platform that actually brings together organized all your movie purchases from Microsoft, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Movies and TV, Vudu, and Comcast Xfinity TV.

So, for instance, if you bought a movie from Microsoft Movies & TV, and you link your account to Movies Anywhere, you will see it in all the other early mentioned platforms, but most importnantly, in the Movies Anywhere app.

As we’ve mentioned before, this platform is supported by major studios including Disney, Sony, and Warner Bros so that means that any movie you buy or rent from one of the studios will automatically show up on your Movies Anywhere account.

Get Movies Anywhere

Offline Video Player

You’ve got the movies on your drive but they are all over the place? Then you need a good movie organizing app and that must be Offline Video Player.

It’s completely free to download and use and it’s extremely easy to work with. once you download and install it, at its first run, it will scan all your internal or external drives, including SD cards or USB sticks and detects all your movies.

Then, the app goes online to pick up the movie posters and even their descriptions and then organizes them into groups. After that, of course, you can drag and drop movies everywhere to make your own selections.

Done! You are ready to watch your quality movies on your Windows 10 device.

⇒ Get Offline Video Player

What are the best paid apps to watch movies?

And now let’s see what are the best premium paid apps to watch movies on Windows 10. These tools bring additional features and options compared to the free software listed above.


Netflix is the world’s most popular subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies so it’s really hard to think that someone doesn’t know about it.

It runs on extended supported devices including mobile, PC and TV, and it has its own rating system so you can have a more clear picture about the title before starting watching it.

Also, in time, Netflix learns your preferences and it provides suggestions according to them.

Another huge advantage with Netflix is that you can start watching a movie or a show on a device and finish watching it on another device.

You can get the app for free as part of your Netflix membership. If you are not a Netflix member, you can still benefit from a one-month free trial period.

What to do if Netflix is not available in my country? If that’s what bothers you, be sure that we’ve got a solution.

VPN is our ALL nowadays, so use one and try to change your location to a country where Netflix’s trial is available. Be sure that you choose a Netflix-reliable VPN.

If your Netflix audio is getting out of sync, check out this step-by-step guide to solve the problem in no time.

Get Netflix


Hulu offers unlimited access to the best TV shows, original series, all-time favorites, and hit movies.

As far as commercials are concerned, two options are available: the Limited Commercials plan and the No Commercials one.

Once you download and install the Hulu app, you will be able to search your movies even with the help of Cortana.

Like with Netflix, Hulu allows you to resume your movie from where you left it on all your supported devices. You ca also add your favorite movies to the queue for instant access.

Unfortunately, you don’t get any free content from Hulu, you will need a subscription but you can use the 30-day free trial period available if you are new to Hulu.

What to do if Hulu is not available in my country? Try to use a reliable VPN service for Hulu and enjoy your favorite TV shows!

If the Hulu app isn’t working on Windows 10, take a look at this awesome guide to solve the issue easily.

Get Hulu


This apps allows you to stream over 3,000 Hollywood hit movies, concerts, comedies, and documentaries.

You also get unlimited access to uncut movie versions and commercial-free content.

The app is free with your EPIX subscription through your TV service provider. If you don’t have an EPIX subscription, log on to for a 14-day free trial period.


So what are you waiting for? Grab the popcorn and hit the play button!

If you have any other suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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