New Windows Insider Channels to sync with Office

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  • In an overhaul of its Windows Insider program, Microsoft has announced the syncing of new Windows Insider Channels with Office channels.
  • The new Windows Insider Channels are: the Dev Channel, the Beta Channel, and the Release Preview Channel.
  • Our Windows Insider Program hub brings you up to speed on the latest prerelease OS builds available to insiders. Be sure to check it out!
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Windows Insider Program overhauled

In an overhaul of the Windows Insider program, Microsoft has announced the syncing of new Windows Insider Channels with Office.

The insider program gives users an opportunity to sample prerelease versions of the Windows OS at various stages of development. Since its inception in 2014, it has enabled Microsoft to improve various builds of the OS based on feedback from technical and regular users.

The platform itself keeps evolving, and today, Microsoft revealed that insider rings are changing to channels later this month.

Restructuring Windows Insider Channels

With the current Windows Insider program, you sign up for the Fast ring, Slow ring, or Release Preview ring based on how frequently you wish to access prerelease Windows 10 builds.

But the new model focuses on the quality of the builds rather than the frequency at which they come out.

Insiders can pick a channel that represents the experience they want for their device based on the quality they are most comfortable with. Our intention is to ensure Insiders will continue to receive frequent updates no matter which channel they’ve chosen.

The changes are as follows, briefly:

Dev Channel

The Fast ring changes to the Dev Channel. It will offer the latest OS builds with the newest code. Expect some instability and bugs here and there.

The Dev Channel is ideal for technical testers.

Beta Channel

The Beta Channel is the new Slow ring. It offers more stable builds that are linked to a specific upcoming release.

Release Preview Channel

This channel contains OS builds at their final stage of development just before release to general availability. You can join it to download upcoming versions of Windows 10 that include advanced quality updates and a host of core features.

Apart from that, Microsoft intends on harmonizing the new insider channels with channels for Microsoft Office apps.

So, for each Windows Insider Channel, there’ll be an equivalent channel for prerelease Office apps. Also, the experience, in terms of stability of the product and bugs, should be similar across same-level channels.

Are you excited about the new Windows Insider Channels? Let us know what you think (or ask any questions) via the comments section below.

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