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Yearbooks are a great way to highlight and/or commemorate the past year in terms of events and other treasured occasions of a school, or other institution. This is especially used with elementary, high and middle schools, as well as colleges.

However, with the advent of social media, the use of yearbooks has decreased, but there are digital yearbooks as well which hold memories of a specific time or moment, with a particular group of people in a school year or particular school – in digital form.

Digital yearbooks have the advantage of incorporating different interactive media forms like audio and video, compared to the old, hardcopy type of yearbooks which only had text and images. These can also be stored on CD-ROM or DVD, or in eBook format.

If you’re looking for the best yearbook software to get you started and save your best memories in a format that can be preserved for future use, here are our favorites for 2018.

Best yearbook software to use in 2018



best yearbook software

Canva is the best yearbook software that is also popular among designers, whether amateur or professional what with its simple templates and easy to use tools and interface.

With Canva, you can design brilliant yearbooks using the online templates and the drag and drop editor to capture memories in an amazing yearbook. You can also chronicle a whole academic year using this tool’s yearbook maker.

Simply drag and drop photos, move around design elements and customize each page to perfection. Let Canva do the heavy lifting in designing your yearbook so you can go back and create more memories. You can also change images from a stock library of more than 1 million images and illustrations, fonts (over 130 fresh fonts to use), backgrounds, and colors for extra flair.

Other features include pre-set filters like Epic, Retro or Cali, which you can apply for consistency in your design, or edit your image down to details using sliders to control lighting and contrast or tint, plus use effects like blur, vignette, and x-process.

Add quotes and captions using the add text tool and customize using the fresh fonts and hues on the color wheel to make it look extra cool. The tool works on the cloud so your teammates can also access the design anytime from any laptop or device and chip in their edits.

Use Canva 


Fusion Yearbook

best yearbook software

This yearbook software lets you encompass everything your school does in a book that mirrors its diversity and style. It comes with hundreds of templates, unique designs, and simplistic features, and is entirely customizable.

Fusion makes creating stunning high school yearbooks so easy, anyone can do it, as it gives you all the tools you need to create high school yearbooks just as special as the people inside.

You get to create beautiful yearbook cover designs without bothering art students to do it for you, by using stunning and professionally designed layouts, and an arsenal of design tools at the tip of your cursor to create phenomenal pages.

Explore over 150 different fonts, hundreds of custom backgrounds, add personality to your photos and pictures using Instagram type of filters and effects, plus you can add clipart or custom-designed graphic elements and get the most of your one of a kind yearbook.

Your designs are also easily accessible from any computer so the school community can deliver content and collaborate as students and also with faculty to create the best yearbook ever without breaking the budget.

There are free images from which you can pick out layouts, shapes, icons, frames and more, or pay $1 for each premium image. And when you’re done, generate a PDF to check and approve for print.

Get Fusion Yearbooks


Yearbook Machine

best yearbook software

This isn’t a literal machine, but a digital powerhouse that lets you create and print beautiful yearbooks for groups, which you can create together online.

It does the heavy lifting from what was a time-consuming and stressful job, what with the fast online content collection, automated page layout and design, plus you can manage printing, quality control and deliver for a hassle free experience.

Build your yearbook anywhere and at any time with this powerful and best yearbook software. It’s simply done in a few clicks, using the MagicFlow page layout tool which takes you content and fits it automatically into elegant professional page designs.

Everything else is covered, and you can pay online via PayPal or credit card, and if you need help, you can enjoy free unlimited support by phone or email. Whether it’s a primary or secondary school, universities, or corporate, military, and other groups, Yearbook Machine will create magical yearbooks for you.

Get Yearbook Machine



best yearbook software

Creating a yearbook is no little job, but with this best yearbook software, it can be more about collaboration and creativity, than stress and deadlines.

Pictavo is great for use by elementary and high schools.

For high schools, you can create events, assign tasks and keep staff on task using the dashboard. With the Ladder view, you can see the yearbook at a glance, assign pages and color code your book’s sections for better organization. You can also work on the go with the mobile capabilities this tool provides.

It comes with an art library with stunning collections that have your yearbook design in mind what with its sophisticated templates, snippets, and style guides developed for high school yearbooks.

For elementary and middle schools, you can see the entire project via Ladder view and color code sections plus tap into Pictavo’s extensive online help so you can plan, stay organized and be confident regardless of whether its your first yearbook design or not.

Other features include the interchangeable and coordinating backgrounds, templates, accents and snippets, so you can create impressive books with little or no experience and effort on your part.

Use Pictavo



best yearbook software

This tool lets any and anyone create yearbooks filled with personal photos and memories that the whole school will remember, using personalized and printed pages with each student’s memories and photos.

It is customizable as you can add photos from anywhere like your device or social media or a file, capture memories throughout the year like songs or where you traveled to, create pages and add photos and memories to one of a kind pages, and finally get a uniquely printed copy of the yearbook.

The advantages of using TreeRing include personalized pages, its strong commitment to the environment, affordable prices, easy software without the stress and time consumption, premium quality when it comes to printing, plus it is collaborative as teams can work on it.

Get TreeRing

See your favorite yearbook software on the list? If not, let us know which one you use, or which one you’ll check out from this list, by leaving your comment below.




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