6 best vocal harmonizer software for PC & Mac

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  • Looking for an almost magical device that can turn any voice into angelic sounds instantly?
  • We gathered some of the most powerful harmony engine alternative tools with heavy names including the giant Adobe for you to make your pick.
  • It may be a vocal harmonizer plugin or a fully-fledged harmonizer software, that's entirely up to you. The main task it has to fulfil is to harmonize your voice with the right pitches in real-time.
  • Of course, most of these tools will allow you to further tweak the sound and edit it until you feel your track is ready to be released in the world and propelled straight into the billboards.
Vocal harmonizer software for PC & Mac

Harmonizers are devices that sample incoming audio material, and that will automatically create a few time-stretched versions at different pitches, combining them all to an audio output.

This happens in real time, and you can hear the devices all the time on the radio. Vocal harmonizer software is an excellent alternative to physical harmonizers.

A good harmony engine alternative comes with amazing sets of features that make them fully-fledged harmonizers.

We picked out five of the best vocal harmonizer tools for PC and Mac, and we’re giving you a glimpse of their amazing sets of features.

What is the best vocal harmonizer?

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a world-leading audio workstation used to design, mix, and create crystal clear sound effects. Why should it be your next vocal harmonizer software choice?

Well, let us start with some of its core functionalities. Audition comes as an expansive toolset that includes multitrack, spectral, and waveform display to restore, edit, and mix audio content with precision.

Its interface may look intimidating at first, yet give yourself the needed time and you’ll feel right at home.

We may as well add that it’s easy to master from the start if you have experience with any other editing software.

With dozens of shortcuts available right out of the box, the most common tools are already at your disposal.

Moreover, you’ll find useful its noise reduction tools that can remove background noise like tape hiss or power-line. The wide versatility of how you can remove noise is appreciated by users all over the world.

Expect to get zero crashes while working with it and a pristine sound with a polished mix. Don’t you just like the sound of it?

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Some of the most important key features that you’ll enjoy using:

  • Multitrack features to produce content with multiple audio layers
  • Unmatched audio restoration tools
  • Visual of audio waves to keep the audience entertained
  • Can easily import and export multiple formats
  • Integration with other Adobe apps for a smoother workflow
Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Perfect for all things related to music-making, the ultimate DAW will also prove to be the best vocal harmonizer!
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Harmony Engine

The maker of Auto-Tune Evo created a software solution that is a full-fledged harmonizer called Harmony Engine Evo.

Whether you are an experienced vocal arranger or a songwriter who is looking for a perfect backup vocal, this tool offers you new ways to create the harmony parts that you hear in your mind.

Harmony Engine uses a few innovative Harmony Control modes from fully automatic to individual control of each one of the notes.

Take a look at the most exciting features that are included in this software below:

  • Harmony Engine packs four high-quality, formant-corrected harmony voices that come with vibrato, independent vocal character, and pan settings
  • There are also five channels of the CHOIR Vocal Multiplier that will let you turn each harmony voice into more unison voices
  • The Throat Modelling technology used by this tool allows you to process each harmony voice via a physical model of the human vocal tract
  • The individual humanizing functions offer selectable amounts of variation to each voice for realistic and natural-sounding results
  • With the help of Harmony Engine Evo, you will be able to use all the necessary tools to produce great convincing harmonies

This tool provides four independent harmony voices, a vast variety of robust harmony generating modes, and humanization features for the most natural-sounding performance.

With this tool, you will be able to explore harmonic alternatives that you may have never considered before.

Check out Harmony Engine

Mu Voice

Mu Voice is a plug-in that allows you to tune the vocal recordings, apply various special effects, and add amazingly sounding harmonies when you are mixing your tracks.

This tool uses an innovative technique for vocal processing, and it provides a unique set of features for your recording studio.

Check out some of its best features:

  • There is an intelligent harmonizer that takes into account the musical context of a certain tune, and you will be able to configure each track by setting the octave and voicing
  • The chord panel included in this tool offers an effortless to use interface in order to select scales and chords
  • After you select a scale, you will also get the diatonic series of chords
  • You can also add scales and chords to a chord scheme
  • There is also a mixer included in this tool that lets you mute and bypass some of the channels to control the gain and apply pitch shifts
  • Mu Voice also includes a built-in tuner, and for every track, there is an additional set of special effects
  • In order to keep the massive number of control parameters manageable, all the settings can be saved in the presets, and you will get the chance to add them to the chord scheme.
  • The progression of the chords and presets can be automated easily

Check out Mu Technologies


MHarmonizerMB from Melda allows you to make one instrument sound like various musicians at once.

You will also be able to create harmonies, enhance or widen recordings, add bass drum sub-harmonics, and more.

Take a look at the best features and functionalities that are packed into this amazing software:

  • The tool includes multiple harmonizing algorithms, formant adjustments, up to 120 voices, and more
  • You will be able to enjoy six distinct frequency bands
  • Using MHarmonizerMB, you will be able to modulate any parameter, and each modulator will work as an LFO, enveloper, audio level follower, randomizer, and also pitch detector
  • The tool comes with a straightforward interface that will turn out easy enough for beginners as well
  • You will be able to enjoy a unique visualization engine with time graphs and classic meters
  • MHarmonizerMB uses the adjustable oscillator shape technology
  • More handy features include a safety limiter, automatic gain compensation, smart randomization, and many more
  • MHarmonizerMB is optimized for the newest AVX capable processors

Check out MHarmonizerMB

Style Enhancer

Style Enhancer is a sequencer that is based on Performance Modelling technology. It comes with intelligent and powerful MIDI-data generation and transformation.

This tool includes an advanced system of online MIDI FX, and powerful processing tools that are serving at automating data conversion.

Take a look at some of this tool’s key features and functionalities:

  • You will be able to enjoy playback through multiple MIDI outputs
  • The tool allows excellent melody harmonizing and data generation according to the chord progression
  • You can use various MIDI FX, and these include Modeler; the MIDI FX chains can then be saved for future use
  • The tool comes with great multi-object visualization and straightforward editing of all the events that are implemented in the Piano-Roll view
  • You will also have the possibility to create and save your own SE project
  • Style Enhancer is basically a complete MIDI tool for arranging and composing music in any genre that you want
  • The newest MIDI FX includes the following: AutoPhraser, Chord Generator, Drum Generator, Line Generator, Quantizer, Shaper, Time Morpher, Time-Pitch Adjuster
  • This software is packed with powerful processing tools that are great for automating data conversion

Overall, Style Enhancer is able to ensure excellent and flexible real-time control and generation of MIDI data.

This allows increasing the efficiency of managing your hardware and software synthesizers as well in order to obtain the best sounds that would be impossible to achieve with other tools.

Check out Style Enhancer

Loomer Manifold

Manifold is a software audio effect processor that is able to increase an audio signal. It can produce a fuller, more prominent, and livelier sound.

The input signals are split into 20 individual voices, and each one of these is detuned and placed around the stereo panorama. The voices are then recombined with surprising results.

Just take a look at the most important features packed in this tool:

  • Manifold can produce a vast range of effects starting with subtle modulations and finishing with the most extreme detuning that makes the weakest of input sources powerful
  • The tool will process only a specific frequency range by using the lowpass and highpass filters
  • The flexible panning allows the effect to produce sounds that can be focused in the center of the stereo image
  • The MIDI Learn mode is useful for integration with any MIDI hardware controller
  • This tool comes with optimized audio algorithms that will not overload your processor
  • Manifold also boasts rock-solid stability and this tool is basically ideal for live work
  • The software has a simple and intuitive interface, and this makes it suitable for beginners as well
  • With its total parameter automation, Manifold is perfect for a studio environment.

Check out Manifold’s official website

Here is where our list of top picks for the best vocal harmonizer plugin tools comes to an end.

All the tools that we have discussed above come with robust sets of unique features and every one of them has to offer its original functionalities and advantages.

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