8 of the best antivirus with USB scanner for 2018

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antivirus with USB scanner

Users who want to scan their USB flash drives for any malware or threats before opening the files therein may find an antivirus with USB scanner very handy.

With the USB scanner, you’re able to automatically scan any USB drive that is inserted into your computer or laptop with a simple click and see whether your USB is infected or not.

Here are the best antivirus with USB scanner that will protect your computer from viruses and other malware threats that can easily sneak in through a USB stick or device.

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Best antivirus with USB scanner for Windows 10



antivirus with USB scanner

This leading, powerful antivirus created the USB immunizer as a response to the growing malware issues, especially the autorun-based malware, which has been a nuisance e-threat globally.

Some of the autorun-based malware that have troubled USB drive users for years include the Trojan.AutorunInf, the Conficker worm, and/or Worm.Autorun.VHD.

Bitdefender introduced the USB immunizer becoming one of the antivirus with USB scanner so that users can benefit from the powerful action it takes against malware detected once USB drives are inserted into a computer.

The USB immunizer disables threats before they access the computer and once installed, it constantly monitors and watches for newly inserted USB devices and immunizes them on the fly.

In the event that you plug in an infected USB drive accidentally, and it hasn’t been immunized, your computer won’t auto-execute the malware located in the USB device.

You can immunize a USB device as soon as it is plugged into the computer if you have the USB immunizer running, by ticking the automatically immunize USB drives box under Options tab, and each non-immunized USB drive plugged into your computer will be automatically immunized.

However, the USB immunizer only lists removable media as they are most prone to infections such as the autorun.inf type.

Download Bitdefender’s USB Immunizer



antivirus with USB scanner

BullGuard antivirus scans portable drives like USB drives for threats or malware that may be attached to files being transferred to your computer from the drive, which can spread infections.

Through its USB detector, BullGuard detects and scans USB flash drives for any threats or malware immediately they are inserted into the USB ports, thereby protecting your computer from contracting any malware or viruses.

Users who share files often using USB drives may need to use this antivirus with USB scanner as it offers more than just protection for your USB, as you can also enjoy their amazing customer service and extra level protection to your computer.

Get BullGuard USB detector (free download)



antivirus with USB scanner

This antivirus with USB scanner comes with the Panda USB vaccine, a free antimalware to block malware spreading to your computer through USB flash drives.

With the increasing number of malware that spread via USB flash drives and other removable devices like memory sticks, digital cameras and other devices, Panda’s USB Vaccine offers a double layer of preventive protection that allows you to disable the autorun feature on computers as well as USB drives.

USB Vaccine disables the autorun file so it cannot be read, modified or replaced by malicious code. It is a useful tool that offers a high degree of protection against infections from removable drives and devices.

When applied to a USB drive, USB Vaccine permanently blocks the innocuous autorun.inf file, preventing it from any action that may modify it, but, you can use the drive normally by copying files to and from it. However, files will be prevented from opening automatically.

Get Panda USB Vaccine



antivirus with USB scanner

An infected USB drive can ruin your computer when it is inserted without being scanned for any threats.

In order to protect your computer from the dangers of viruses and malware, you need to have an antivirus with USB scanner.

Kaspersky PURE comes with three scanning options: Quick scan, Full scan, or Do not scan. To configure the automatic scan of USB drives upon insertion, click Settings and select General Settings in the Scan section.

In the Scan removal drives on connection section, select either quick scan, full scan, or Do not scan options, the latter which will not scan removable drives on their connection.

You can also specify the maximum drive size to scan.

Get Kaspersky PURE



antivirus with USB scanner

Whenever you plug an unknown USB drive into your computer, you’re risking your system because malware can spread or get into the drive itself.

Avast antivirus with USB scanner has pre-defined scans installed such as the ability to scan any USB device connected to your computer to detect potential auto-run programs that may try to launch when the drive is inserted.

If you want to carry out a manual scan of USB drives instead, you need to select the Scan tab which will open the Scan screen.

The Quick scan option performs a scan of the C:\drive which usually detects majority of malware found in files with dangerous extensions, while a full system scan performs a detailed scan of all your computer’s hard disks.

Avast checks every file to determine its type and whether it should be scanned.

Get Avast with USB scanner



antivirus with USB scanner

ESET antivirus with USB scanner is designed to secure your USB drive using the USB DriveSecurity to protect your system and networks.

The award-winning ESET NOD32 antivirus engine detects and eliminates malware and other internet threats before they’re transmitted onto your portable drives, which means any files placed on your USB drive are malware-free and safe to share with others.

DriveSecurity operates from the USB drive itself so you don’t have to install anything on a host computer.

Now you can share files, play games, or even collaborate knowing your USB drives are safe. You can also use public or shared computers knowing your drive and sensitive data on it is safe from any attempts to install spyware or worms.

It is fast, convenient, and compatible with Windows.

Get ESET DriveSecurity


Trend Micro

antivirus with USB scanner

Trend Micro antivirus with USB scanner features real time virus scan with its USB Security tool so that if a threat is detected, an alert screen displays and the infected files are isolated immediately.

USB Security also auto-updates on pattern files owing to the dynamic nature of threats, and automatically updates its pattern files, though you can also get manual updates.

It also keeps an interactive reference log of virus detection results where you can restore or delete any file on the quarantine list.

When it detects a virus, it cleans the infected file(s), but if the clean fails, the file(s) is automatically quarantined and you get a notification about it.

Get Trend Micro USB Security



antivirus with USB scanner

Sophos antivirus with USB scanner is useful for scanning removable devices as it detects devices upon insertion, and when you access a file, Sophos antivirus runs an on-access scan subject to the configuration you set up on your computer.

If you want to run an additional scan when you insert a USB drive, you can right click on the USB drive, and then select Scan with Sophos antivirus. You can also set up an on demand scan and select the removable device you want scanned.

Get Sophos

Which antivirus with USB scanner do you use? Did it make the list? Share with us your favorite, and your experience with it in the comments section below.



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