5 Best Browsers For Developers In 2023 [Coding, Web Development]

Get the list of stable and light browsers with great development tools

by Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
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  • A browser that allows you to create an amazing website, thanks to the built-in functionalities, is definitely great for development.
  • Another thing that makes an ideal browser for developers is the availability of add-ons to extend features.
  • An easy display of information and comprehensive preview is yet another good selling point for a browser.

Since developers need more than just browsing online, the best browsers for them should be capable of performing certain things.

The possibility to see the code through plugins is, for example, one important feature. Also, the browser should be able to use some of the best extensions for developers, among other tools.

To cover all these requirements, we have put together a list of the best web development and coding browsers for you to choose from.

Is Opera One good for coding?

The Opera One browser is one of the best apps you can use for coding. It is stable and even has a dedicated developer stream where you can find updates in the field.

Also, it is a fast browser with many built-in features that save you from the stress of installing add-ons. It just offers so much for you in terms of coding.

Why do developers prefer Firefox?

Most developers prefer the Firefox browser because of its stability and low resource usage. When several tabs are opened on Firefox, it still uses less RAM and CPU compared to some other browsers.

Another feature that endears the browser to developers is the suite of tools it provides for developers. Good examples of this are the CSS and Javascript debugging tools.

Is Safari good for programming?

Overall, the Safari Developer browser is one of the best programming and web development apps. It is fast and light, assuring you of smooth testing and operation.

Also, it allows you to test how your apps will perform on Apple products easily. Also, it allows you to use extensions to extend its features to meet your requirement. So, you can always use Safari.

Which browser is better for developers?

Opera One – Overall best browser for developers


Opera One has many benefits, making it a great browser choice for all users, including web developers.

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This browser offers a quick and effective experience, thanks to the built-in features. These features are integrations and are the tools you need.

You can easily try and experiment with Opera One, as it releases its latest technologies, such as its modular design and rebranded interface.

Opera One is regularly updated, meaning you can test-drive the latest innovations and browse the internet effortlessly.

Opera One

Test the latest innovations while taking advantage of a speedy and efficient browser.

Firefox – Browser with low resource usage

mozilla firefox browser best for developers

Firefox is one of the best browsers for web development and is quite popular in the field.

This powerful browser is much faster than others, allowing developers to create fantastic websites in no time.

Firefox also comes with a Developer Edition to which you can upgrade and access a next-generation CSS engine (written in RUST).

Moreover, you will also have the possibility to access the host of Firefox DevTools. Using this browser, you’ll also get access to a JavaScript debugger, a Master CSS Grid, and various other features. With these tools, you can effortlessly build your reliable CSS grid.

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Google Chrome – Highest developer tools


Our next recommendation is Chrome, a browser that has gained much popularity over the years. Regarding web development and design, Chrome offers some great features.

The Chrome browser for Developers is one of the products you can ever lay your hands on. With it, you can design websites specifically optimized for the latest versions of the digital world.

Using this browser, you can easily test, in real-time, cutting-edge APIs for web-based platforms.

PHP consoles, screenshot tools, and LastPass control are some of the tools and add-ons that Chrome comes packed with.

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Vivaldi – Efficient browser for developers


Vivaldi is built over Chromium and supports Chrome extensions, which is the first important thing to mention.

It has built-in protection in the form of ad-blockers that keeps you secure against malware disguised as ads and banners.

When it comes to efficiency, Vivaldi stands out. You can display two websites in a single tab, side by side.

You can pin your favorite websites for quicker access and use the universal search command to find what you are looking for in seconds.

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Safari – Best browser for developers on Mac

safari browser best for developers

Safari is a powerful browser and one of the best ways to ensure an amazing performance on your website on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

With the Safari Developer edition, you will be able to experiment with advanced features as well. Moreover, you’ll have the option to add Apple Play to your website, allowing customers more ways to check out online.

All in all, Safari comes with excellent features for increasing conversions to your website.

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Is Chromium good for web development?

Chromium is a simple browser best used by advanced users and developers. Like Chrome, it supports the DevTools protocols.

However, for more reach and compatibility, you should use Chrome and the other modern browsers for developers.

There are several good browsers that developers can use. But if you are looking for the most efficient and professional, you can confidently choose from the options provided in this guide.

If you are looking for a list of the best lightweight browsers for developers, check our detailed guide on the topic to make an informed decision.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have additional suggestions or recommendations.