Where’s the Location of Chrome Bookmarks in Windows 10, 11 & Mac?

You can't change the location since it will result in a browser bug

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  • If you've been wondering where Chrome bookmarks are stored in Windows 11, you've come to the right place.
  • Below, we will also show you how to find the bookmarks folder in Windows 10 and macOS.
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Bookmarks in Google Chrome are simple to organize and quick to retrieve from inside the browser. Whenever necessary, you may quickly add, remove, and rename bookmarks with only a few mouse clicks. You can also find them inside the chrome bookmarks’ location folder.

On the other hand, if you want to move your bookmarks to a different browser without losing them, you will need to locate the file that contains your bookmarks and copy them by hand unless you use the export option to generate a new file.

Follow along as we will show you how to find the location where Chrome saves your bookmarks on Windows 10, 11, and Mac. Keep on reading!

Are my bookmarks saved in Google Chrome?

Chrome maintains each user’s bookmarks in a single location. Therefore, if you are unable to locate the bookmark file, it is possible that you have the incorrect folder open or that you are in the wrong user path.

You may find it in the same folder every time on every machine. However, depending on the operating system (OS) that is being used, such as Windows 10, 11, or macOS, the folder can be located in a different place.

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Where do I find my Google Chrome bookmarks folder?

1. In Windows 10

  1. Open a new File Explorer window by typing file explorer inside the Windows search function.file-w10 chrome bookmarks location
  2. Enter the following path inside the top search bar to find Chrome bookmarks’ location on PC: C:Users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\Bookmarkslocal-google chrome bookmarks location

There you will find all the bookmarks that you have saved on your Chrome browser. If you delete them, the bookmarks will also disappear inside Chrome.

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2. In Windows 11

  1. For Windows 11, start by opening the Windows Search function and typing File Explorer.file-exp chrome bookmarks
  2. Once you open a new File Explorer tab, go to the following location by copy-pasting it inside the search bar: C:Users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\Bookmarksbookmarks chrome bookmarks location

That’s it! Here, you will find all the bookmarks that you have previously saved. You will lose your data inside the browser by deleting the Bookmarks file or the Bookmarks.bak file.

3. On Mac

  1. Open Finder and navigate to the following location: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Bookmarksfinder chrome bookmarks location
  2. There you will find the bookmarks saved on your current user folder. If you wish to discover different bookmarks for different profiles, change the username after the Users folder and before the Library ones.

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How can I change Chrome bookmarks’ location?

Your time spent perusing the web is simplified tremendously when you have a collection of bookmarks that has been meticulously organized.

As of now, you can’t change your Chrome bookmarks’ location since it would throw off the entire system and result in an error. However, you may opt to export them to other browses by following the steps below.

When you export your bookmarks, an HTML file is generated. This HTML file may then be imported into various browsers, and all of your bookmarks will be carried across.

You can move them from one Chrome browser to another or even to an entirely new browser if Chrome Sync is not to your liking.

We will walk you through the process of exporting your bookmarks from Google Chrome so that you may import them into another browser of your choice and immediately feel more at home.

  1. Begin by opening Google Chrome on your Windows or Mac and click on the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.three-dot chrome bookmarks location
  2. Hover over the Bookmarks option and choose Bookmark Manager.bookmark-manager chrome bookmarks location
  3. Next, click on the three-dot menu icon in the top bar and choose Export Bookmarks.export chrome bookmarks location
  4. Performing this action will result in the creation of an HTML file that stores all of your bookmarks. You now have the option to select the location in which the file will be saved. After choosing a location, you will have the option to rename the file before clicking the Save button.

If you wish to import Chrome bookmarks into Firefox, check out the article linked to learn how to do so.

Alternatively, take a look at how to import Internet Explorer bookmarks into Google Chrome.

And lastly, don’t miss out on our comprehensive guide on how to fix Chrome bookmarks issues on your PC.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below and share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading!

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