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  • The handle is invalid error affects Windows 10 users when they try to log in to their computers.
  • The main causes for this error are a recent Windows 10 update or some system files got corrupted or damaged.
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How to fix the handle is invalid on Windows 10
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If you’re getting the ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE error code with The handle is invalid description, follow the troubleshooting steps listed in this article to fix it.

This error affects Windows 10 users when they try to log in to their computers. The error message prevents users from connecting to their accounts and actually using their PCs.

There are two main causes for this error: a recent Windows 10 update didn’t install correctly or some system files got corrupted or damaged. Here’s how one user describes this problem on Reddit:

So I just installed the upgrade and it was working just fine for a while .
But now it went bat sh** crazy and BSOD […] I tried restarting the PC and it gives The Handle is invalid. […]
Another issue is when I press shutdown after the Handle invalid it stay on and wont shut down.

On Windows 10, this error also blocks the print process, leaving users unable to add a printer or use the one already installed.

The handle is invalid error also affects older versions of Windows, preventing users from installing any updates or software on their computers.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to fix this error on Windows 10, as well as on older Windows versions.

How do I fix the Handle is invalid error?

1. Press the restart button

restart-your-pcIf you can’t access your user account due to this error, try restarting your computer several times. Many users confirmed that this simple action solves the problem.

If you don’t want to perform a hard reset, you can hold down the Shift key and click the on-screen power button, select the restart option while holding the Shift key, and then select Continue to Windows 10.

This will force Windows to repair damaged or corrupted update files.

Is Windows 10 stuck on restart? Learn how to fix this problem quickly

2. Boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the security updates

  1. Hold down the Shift key and click the on-screen power button
  2. Select the restart option while holding the Shift key
  3. Select Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, choose Startup Settings , and hit Restart
  4. Select Safe Mode after restart.
  5. Go to Update & Security, click on Windows Update and click on Advanced options
  6. View your update history and uninstall the latest updates
  7. Restart your computer.

Note: Many users report that cumulative updates KB3135173 and KB3124262 are actually the culprits, and uninstalling these two updates fixed the problem.

3. Update Citrix VDA

This solution works only for users running Citrix VDA. Some Windows updates are incompatible with Citrix VDA 7.6.300, causing The handle is invalid error. To fix this, download the cumulative update VDA 7.6.1000.

If you’re using VDA v7.7, download the newer versions of the tool, VDA 7.8 or higher, which contain the fix. For more information and a step by step guide, go to Citrix’s support page.

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