KB3140743 Issues Appear: Failed Downloads and Installs, BSODs, Slow System & More

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Microsoft released KB3140743 update yesterday for Windows 10 devices, and as we showed, this is actually an important release, as it brings some structural changes to some basic Windows functions.

But, since no update, be it for Insiders or regular users, doesn’t come free of bugs and issues, we’ve discovered the first problems being reported. If you have encountered more, don’t hesitate and use the comments’ section at the end to leave your input.

KB3140743 problems on Windows 10

  • The biggest problem with KB3140743 seems to be related with failed downloads and installation failures. User ‘RORodneyColeman_812’ says on the Microsoft support forums that both update KB 3140743 and KB 3139907 failed to install. A couple of other users from other places, such as Windows10Forums and other forums also say cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3135173) failed to install.
  • Another user has been plagued by failed installs, but this time, he says he has received error code 80070003. Luckily, we’ve done in the past a short guide on how you can fix that, so go ahead and have a look at it, as it might prove to be helpful.
  • Other various problems include the disappearance of “My Documents”, issues with Microsoft Money Sunset Business, and a bunch of various BSODs.
  • There have also been reports of problems with Edge and Firefox. User ‘DonaldHertzfeldt’ complains that his Windows 10 computer is now slow after installing KB3140743 update, saying the following “I’ve had Windows 10 for about 6 months now and it’s been working fine with regular updates. Just a short while ago it received and installed update KB3140743 and now it runs super SUPER slow. Virtually everything that used to come up instantly with a key stroke now takes 3 to 5 seconds.”

Update – it didn’t take too long for some more issues to appear, so we’re listing down some of the most important ones we could find:

  • One user is complaining on the Steam forums that the new Windows update KB3140743 breaks his GTA5, saying “the game activate hangs and then i get stuck on a loading
  • Many more other Windows 10 users have been reporting that the update failed to install, giving various error codes, such as 0x80070020, 0x80070bc9 or 0x80073712.
  • One user says that after installing this update, his start menu won’t show up, but once he uninstalls it, everything goes back to normal.
  • Other complaints regarding this specific build involve issues with the keyboard which stops working in some games, Snipping tool and My Computer freeze, problems with the mouse and Xbox one controller, no touch screen, reboot and shutdown problems and more.

For the moment, these are some of the most annoying issues we were able to find with regards to KB3140743 update. If you have come across other similar issues, go ahead and leave your comment below and let us know which these are.

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After Windows 10 installs this update (called kb3140743), my Wi-Fi network adapter completely dissappears from my laptop.
With the kb3135173 and kb3140743 I had same issue: Wi-Fi adapter (Realtek) dissappears from my HP laptop then no driver installation (from the Hewlett Packard website) could help, none).
Anyone knows how to fix this?

Thank you

For me the update can not complete. I tried several times, I always get error code 0x8000fff. In addition, my computer slowed down significantly and response time increased alot.

So I had the network adapter issues since the first attempt at this update took a week but got it working and now kb3140743 shows up Again! But this time in backtoback successful installs, that’s right same update 2 times and now my wifi Is toast (protocols missing isnt the issue this time) and as a bonus my touchpad is gone from device manager, and can’t reinstall the driver or registry keys. Then today Microsoft had the balls to send me a survey on how much I like windows 10. HA! What a joke!

This update made my wifi adapter completely undetectable by my HP laptop, and my wireless USB keyboard also stopped working. The USB3 port by the power cable continued to work, but both USB2 ports ceased immediately. I had to force my laptop into diagnostic mode and uninstall the update in safe mode. Now, as predicted, the computer has once again elected to download this update and is just waiting for me to restart (or for the computer to crash first, as happened the last time).

Everything is slow but the worst part is that it turns my wifi router on, but refuses to listen to it then my wifi router completely goes dark. The system doesn’t even acknowledge when it’s plugged in or taken out of the usb 3.0 port. Nothing like having a perfectly fast computer one day and then a worthless pile of plastic the next. All so I can have something I’ll never use called cortana.

Another issue:
I’m stuck in an infinite loading screen after the update “finishes” installing. The user login never loads. As far as I can tell, it’s update KB3140743, but it may be KB3139907 or both.

The event viewer says these updates failed to change to the “Staged State”, error code 0x800f0816

Going to uninstall both of these and clear the Windows Update cache so these don’t install again. I had the same issue yesterday and had to do a system restore, but it just installed the same updates again.

I am having the same issue with KB3140743. It takes more than 3 horus for the loading screen to go away and login screen to appear. I uninstalled the update and the issue went away. I then allowed the update to install again thinking it may have just been a corrupt install but t he problem reappeared.

My start menu announces a Critical Failure and signs me out if I dare to try to use it. I will see about rolling this puppy back.

Seems to have done something to the xbox one controller intergration as well. After installing the update some games would hang on startup, others would treat the controller as a mouse and some would work fine. Unplugging the controller allowed everything to return to normal. Had to uninstall the update to fix it.

I’m having the same bloody issue. Problem is I installed Windows 10 after this update so it doesn’t appear in my list of updates I can uninstall. Is there a way to manually remove this update?

After the update was installed I I received a bunch of error messages for several programs stating that urlmon.dll is not working with windows or that the file is corrupted. I also received an error message that Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 could not be initialized. My start button did not work anymore, my security software could not start. Attempts to set the system to an earlier stage failed as well as running sfc/scannow. After deinstalling the update all worked fine again but naturally with a new restart it was installed again with the same problems. So I deinstalled it again, downloaded the tool wushowhide.diagcab from a windows website to hide the update so it will not install again. Seems to work.

Same as most others it seems to download but fails to install and after reading some of the issues, liely is a good thing.

I’m experiencing the same problem user DonaldHertzfeldt did. My laptop now is MUCH slower, especially when starting up.

After installing this update I found that I couldn’t open any Office 2013 applications or Edge on both my desktop PC and my Surface.
I’ve uninstalled and set my system to defer updates until MS sort this out. Clearly the patch isn’t fit for purpose irrespective of whether or not it’s considered to be an important one. Too much is broken to make it worth installing.

This morning my laptop can’t open Outlook 2010. So I take my desktop, everything is working.
But after 1 hour also the desktop can’t open Outlook 2010.
I’ve uninstalled KB3140743 on both pc’s and after reboot everything works.
So, is there a way to stop the automatic install of this update?

if you discover the automatic update please tell me how to do that. Several times starting u with the trial to install this update cost me a lot of time and everytime he goes back while not capable to install this update. Please tell me before I let my laptop sink in the Mosel ! 🙂

For me the system language has changed from English to Chinese. And there is no way to bring back to English. Oh nooooo. Contacted Microsoft US, they told that I need to contact Microsoft China. Microsoft China said that I have to pay to get helped… Isn’t that fantastic for a brandnew version of Windows professionnal that I have bought a few monthes ago?

For me it gets stuck on ” Working on updates 100% complete Don’t turn off your computer” after installing KB3140743 and rebooting. Left it for 1 and half hours (knowing very well sometimes big updates can take a while, though it shouldn’t tale that long on an SSD), nothing. Tried it three times (each time restoring to Windows to previous state) hoping that it would work eventually. Now I’ll just hide KB3140743 from installing until an official fix from M$hit comes up.