Microsoft Edge blank, white or grey screen on launch [Fixed]

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  • Microsoft Edge sometimes opens with a grey or white screen due to compatibility issues or a problem with the browser itself.
  • If Microsoft Edge opens with a blank screen, check the browser's settings.
  • When Edge's home page is not working, you can try to reset the browser.
  • Consider using another browser if Microsoft Edge keeps opening with a grey screen.
edge grey white screen
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Microsoft Edge wants to be the replacer for the old Internet Explorer browser. It was developed by Microsoft for the new Windows 10 OS and is included in the operating system.

Does Microsoft Edge open with a blank white or grey screen when you run it? Some Edge users have stated that the browser opens with a grey or white screen and then closes without any error message popping up.

In other instances, blank pages might open randomly in Edge. These are a few resolutions that might fix the Microsoft Edge browser that’s crashing with a blank white or grey screen.

How do I fix Microsoft Edge opening with a blank page?

1. Run the Microsoft Store App Troubleshooter

  1. Type troubleshoot in the home screen search box.
  2. Select Troubleshoot to open a list of troubleshooters in the Settings app.
  3. Scroll to the Microsoft Store App, select it, and press the Run troubleshooter button.
  4. Then you can go through the troubleshooter’s proposed resolutions.

Note: Troubleshooter is a great built-in tool from Windows 10 that can help you fix several issues with your computer.

2. Consider using an alternative browser

opera portable browser

Having frequent trouble with the default browser precisely upon startup is extremely unpleasant, which is why perhaps you should try an alternative solution.

So why not settle for another browser that comes with less to zero loading issues. In this particular situation, we recommend using Opera.

As you get familiarized with the design, you’ll be amazed by the multitude of features that come with this browser and how simple it is to navigate between various tabs and built-in social media chat apps.

The tool comes with customized versions for PC, mobile (including older phones), Mac, or Linux. Besides, you can synchronize the Opera browser across all your devices, to easily manage all the settings.

Starting from the basic version, you can bring your own flavor to the browser, adding icons, sidebars, workspaces, and bookmarks for ease of access and a better-organized workflow.

Add the incorporated VPN that secures your online activity, and you have the perfect browser.



Try Opera today to get a lightweight and fast browser that will speed through the Internet with no interruptions.

3. Clear Edge’s browsing data

  1. Press the Settings and more button at the top right of the browser‘s window.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Press the Choose what to clear button to open the Clear browsing data options.
  4. Select all the data category boxes, and press the Clear button.

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If the grey screen crash closes Edge before you can utilize the browser’s tools, you can still clear Edge’s data with CCleaner. The basic version is free and it can help you with the thorough cleaning of the OS.

Not to mention that you can customize both the cleaning and the optimization process, depending on your needs.

In this particular case, go to the Cleaner tab, check all the necessary boxes under Microsoft Edge, and press Run Cleaner. For sure, your PC will run faster, and hopefully, Edge will open all the way afterward.

4. Reset the Edge browser

  1. Type apps in the home screen search box.
  2. Select Apps & features to open the Settings app.
  3. Next, input Edge in the app list’s search box.
  4. Select Microsoft Edge and click Advanced options to open its Reset button.
  5. Press the Reset button and click Reset again to confirm.

Looking to reset other apps in Windows 10? Here’s a quick guide to help you with it

5. Switch hardware acceleration off

  1. Open Run with the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  2. Enter inetcpl.cpl in Run’s text box, and click the OK button.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Select the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering option on that tab.
  5. Press the Apply and OK buttons.

Hardware Acceleration might provide smoother graphics rendering for pages, but switching it off can also fix numerous browser crashes.

If this resolves the Edge blank screen crash, see how keeping it disabled works for other apps.

6. Uninstall IBM Trusteer Rapport

  1. Input appwiz.cpl in the Run text box and click OK to open Windows 10’s uninstaller.
  2. Enter IBM Trusteer Rapport in the uninstaller’s search box.
  3. Select the IBM Trusteer Rapport software, and press the Uninstall button.
  4. Click Yes to confirm and remove IBM Trusteer Rapport.

7. Roll Windows back

  1. Prees the Windows key + R, type rstrui in the text box , and click OK.
  2. Press the Next button to open a list of restore points.
  3. Click the Show more restore points option if you can.
  4. Then select a restore point that at least predates the most recent Windows 10 update.laptop won’t detect second monitor
  5. To check what software the selected restore point removes, press the Scan for affected programs button.
  6. Click Next > Finish to confirm your selected restore point and roll back Windows 10.

We’re suggesting this because some Edge users stated on forums that the browser started crashing with a blank white screen just after a Windows 10 update.

You can remove minor Windows 10 updates either with the steps mentioned above or using the System Restore utility by selecting a restore point that predates the updates.

To conclude, at least one of these solutions should fix white or gray screen crashes in Edge. In addition, running an anti-virus scan is always helpful.

If Edge keeps crashing despite your attempts to fix it, see more useful advice on trying to troubleshoot it.

Please write us a comment below and let us know if any solutions from our guide worked for you or if there are others that we should include here.

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